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Why did Heather Rae Young come to former Christina from Tarek El Moussa?

Heather Rae Young is reflecting on the journey she's walked from Playboy magazine standout to successful luxury real estate agent and star on the popular Netflix reality series "Selling Sunset," centered on the day-to-day lives of the ambitious team of female sellers at the Oppenheim Group in Los Angeles. 'FLIP OR FLOP' STAR TAREK EL MOUSSA 'HANGING OUT' WITH 'SELLING SUNSET' STAR HEATHER RAE YOUNG: SOURCE Young said she initially was against forging a career in real estate, but after realizing her penchant for building relationships--and with much persistence from those in her circle, she decided to take the leap after modeling, and the risk paid off in big ways. 'SELLING SUNSET' STAR CHRISTINE QUINN SAYS FANS WILL SEE 'DIFFERENT SIDE' OF HER IN SEASON 2 "Real estate felt like a good transition for me because I'd met so many people and I'm really good at building relationships and making contacts," she explained. The reality star said she felt "empowered" posing for Playboy, calling the moment "a celebration of [her] body" and added the experience aided in helping her develop a love of self--but also the hunger to prove detractors wrong, in real estate and beyond, who might prejudge her based on her past. "I think we're not taken seriously, or we're perceived as stupid or we don't know what we're talking about," Young said of practicing competitive real estate in a male-dominated arena.

"I'm lucky to be partnered with Jason [Oppenheim], 43, because he is well-known in the real estate business, and he treats me like an equal. TAREK EL MOUSSA, HEATHER RAE YOUNG MOVE IN TOGETHER DURING CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: 'IT'S BEEN CHAOS' Season 2 of "Selling Sunset" will dive into Young's new public relationship with HGTV and "Flip or Flop" star Tarek El Moussa, 38, whom she met on the house-flipper's boat, El Moussa told Fox News in March--and Young is excited for the prospect of seeing how the series plays out, adding that her connection to El Moussa has "been amazing." I have so much support from Tarek, and the fact that we're both not only in the television world but in the same industry helps us connect on so many levels beyond our relationship," she told Playboy.com. Although Young said she's had to sometimes step away from the life and times of hustling in Los Angeles to get her mind right, she said she is better for it and sees her career as a blueprint for others fighting for a piece of the pie to keep fighting and growing as professionals and as women. TAREK EL MOUSSA DIDN'T WARN EX CHRISTINA ANSTEAD BEFORE INTRODUCING HER TO NEW GIRLFRIEND HEATHER RAE YOUNG And this young girl comes in, and sometimes they just think I'm stupid," she said. "I would never take it back," the Selling Sunset star told Playboy of her experience with the brand Heather Rae Young On How Playboy Impacted Her Life and Career: 'Posing Nude Has Not Hurt Me' Heather Rae Young may currently be making headlines for her role in Netflix's Selling Sunset and her relationship with HGTV star Tarek El Moussa, but the real estate expert has been used to having all eyes on her for many years now.

Before starting her career as a high-end real estate agent, the 32-year-old was a model by trade, landing her big break as Playboy's Miss February back in 2010. Image zoom Heather Rae Young, right, pictured with Ne-Yo Matthew J. As a self-proclaimed "small-town girl" from Big Bear, California, Young says shooting for Playboy taught her how to be good in front of crowds, and how to work a camera — something that has come in handy while filming her reality show Selling Sunset. The Netflix series, which is now streaming its second season, follows her and her coworkers at The Oppenheim Group in Los Angeles, a real estate firm that specializes in high-profile and high net-worth clientele. Young says real estate was a natural next step for her after Playboy because of both the connections she made, as well as her ability to foster positive relationships with others.

"I studied my ass off, I passed the test and then within my first three months of doing real estate, I sold a $7.2 million house and a $1.5 million condo," she recalls of her career change. That said, Young says there are still times when she finds it hard to be taken seriously, especially in real estate, which she says "is still a man's game." Men will meet me and say, 'Wow, you're actually smart.' And I'm like, Well, what did you think? We're not slutty like people think." RELATED VIDEO: Tarek El Moussa Was 'Broken' Before New Girlfriend Heather Young: She 'Makes My Life Better' She hopes Selling Sunset shows viewers that women are rising in the real estate industry, and that there's nothing a man can do that she can't do better. A month before the second season of Selling Sunset started filming, Heather Rae Young met Tarek El Moussa on a boat in Newport Beach. (He's the cohost of HGTV's Flip or Flop.) And while Heather knew who Tarek was ("I had watched his show a couple times"), she admits that he had no idea about Selling Sunset.

I don't even think he had heard about my show at the time," she says. Netflix's Selling Sunset follows the professional and personal lives of Heather and other real estate agents at the Los Angeles brokerage The Oppenheim Group. While Heather "would love" for Tarek to be on Selling Sunset, she explains that his contract with HGTV prevents him from starring on another network. There's time," Heather says. While Heather is down to show her relationship with Tarek on camera, she isn't so sure if she would film her wedding for Selling Sunset, unlike her costars, Mary Fitzgerald and Christine Quinn, whose weddings were documented in season 2.

We're going to be filming a reality show.' We get to show people these beautiful properties and an insight into our lives. We get to work in one of the best places for real estate in the world and see gorgeous, multi-million-dollar homes in the Hollywood Hills. "I'd love to work on something with Tarek since we are both in the real estate field. Tarek El Moussa of "Flip or Flop" is used to selling hot properties, but on his new HGTV show, "Flipping 101 with Tarek El Moussa," one of the houses he works on literally catches fire! In the episode "A Baptism by Fire," El Moussa teams up with mother-son team Audrey and Anthony, who are hoping to make a family business out of house flipping. It feels dark," El Moussa says, looking around, "but I do like the high ceilings, I like the staircase layout." These are small, cosmetic changes, but El Moussa knows they can make a big difference. El Moussa is impressed by the size of this five-bedroom, three-bathroom home, but he hates the size of the kitchen. "This is like an apartment kitchen," El Moussa says of the small space. El Moussa knows that buyers will expect a huge kitchen in this large home, so it's important that they impress with the space. While this renovation runs into a big problem when it catches fire, there is one flammable feature that El Moussa says could help the house sell. You don't find that very often," El Moussa says of the fireplace. With a large master bedroom, complete with a luxurious fireplace, El Moussa knows that the master bathroom has to be impressive. While El Moussa sets his sights on a large shower, Audrey says that she'd like to also add a tub. However, El Moussa disagrees, saying that a tub will take up unnecessary space in the bathroom and it won't add extra value to the home. "In a master bath, most buyers would rather see a big shower," El Moussa says. He explains that they can use that closet space to make a big shower, then build a new closet on the other side of the bedroom wall. While closet space may be a big selling point, a luxurious shower is more important to many buyers. El Moussa calculates that with a $925,000 purchase price, $50,000 in pre-fire renovation, $85,000 in interest, and $60,000 in closing costs, these two would have to sell the house for $1,120,000 to break even. Still, Audrey and Anthony learn a lot from El Moussa. Heather Rae Young stopped by Daily pop before season two premiere of Sell ​​Sunset on Netflix, opening up about more than just what's on the show. Luxury real estate agent is currently dating HGTV Tarek El Moussa, and she revealed it to E! So I wake up with my best friend every day," Heather said, describing what it is like to be quarantined with Tarek. Tarek shares two children with his ex-wife and ex Flip or Flop co-star Christina Anstead, but Heather said she didn't hesitate to hug them.