22 June 2020 02:36

Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Shane Dawson

More than a year after the explosive feud between James Charles and Tati Westbrook that captured global attention and shook the YouTube beauty community to its core, Shane Dawson released a lengthy statement about his own role in the drama. Dawson has been one of the biggest YouTubers throughout the platform's existence and is currently best known for his documentary series about controversial social media stars, including Jeffree Star, one of the main players in the feud that became known as "Dramageddon 2.0." Star has appeared in two of Dawson's series, and the latest was a lead-up to the pair's record-breaking "Conspiracy" makeup collection, which Dawson referred to as "one of the best experiences" of his life in his Twitter rant. Shane Dawson made a statement tonight on twitter addressing questions pertaining to his involvement in the canceling Of James Charles last year, and also why he has decided to leave the beauty community. While Dawson didn't have a public role in the drama between Charles, Westbrook, and Star, he later alluded to it in the trailer for his "Conspiracy" launch series with Star — but was criticized for not actually addressing it in the series. In his statement, Dawson wrote, "Putting drama in the trailer was something i [sic] regret more than anything in the world and I'm mad that I chose tea over my morals." Over the past two months, those suspicions have been building in the beauty YouTube commentary and "tea" community thanks to Star reigniting accusations about Charles in an April 2020 podcast.

In denying those claims, Dawson also announced his departure from the "beauty world." In his four-page rant, Dawson began by addressing the "questions" that have been circulating in the YouTube commentary and "tea" community about the "Bye Sister" video that sparked the feud between Charles and Westbrook. Dawson wrote that he knew Westbrook "was thinking about making a video" but he said he had no idea the video was "gonna be that intense." Dawson praised "Bye Sister," writing "that s--- will be in the history books," although Westbrook deleted the video and apologized for making it and directing abuse toward Charles because of it. In a follow-up statement, Dawson wrote that his praise of "Bye Sister" did not equate to him thinking Charles deserved the online bullying that followed it, and Dawson wrote the "humbling" should have happened "OFF camera." Many of the initial replies criticized Dawson for seemingly defending Star's accusations against Charles, who Dawson wrote: "was a young egocentric power hungry guru who needed to be served a slice of humble pie the size of the f---ing Empire State Building." Charles also stated that the mass cyberbullying and online abuse that followed "Bye Sister" and Star's allegations contributed to him wanting to commit suicide. Another two elements of Dawson's rant that received widespread criticism were his continued defenses of Star and his announcement that he was "out" of the beauty community. They are all attention seeking game playing egocentric narcissistic vengeful two faced ticking time bombs ready to explode," Dawson wrote.

" [...] Yes, jeffree is in that list of dramatic gurus (and he would admit that) and he will always be family to me and I love him despite those characteristics. "Shane" and "Shane Dawson" trended on Twitter for more than 12 hours after he tweeted and deleted his rant and follow-up, and the most-liked tweet to emerge besides Dawson's own tweets was one that criticized him for "trying to out" Daniel Howell and Phil Lester. The same day Dawson tweeted his rant, he also announced the restock of a mini version of the "Conspiracy" palette he debuted with Star, and he posted videos of himself promoting his makeup products, even though he was practically simultaneously saying he was leaving the beauty community over drama. Shane Dawson doesn't want anything to do with the beauty world anymore. The YouTuber was close friends with Jeffree Star and launched their highly profitable Conspiracy Palette last year, but after all the "toxic" drama in the beauty world including Star, James Charles and Tati Westbrook, Dawson is out.

Late Saturday night, Dawson posted, and then deleted, a long statement calling out the beauty influencers. "This all happened over a year ago and I'm really sick of hearing about it and having people constantly using it as a way to keep my name and other names tagged together in drama videos," he said. RELATED: Jeffree Star & Shane Dawson Spill The Tea On Kat Von D & And More "As for my channels, I'm done with the beauty world. I love what I was able to create with Jeffree and I'm sure people are going to assume I only did it for money but that's not true. I need to get back to why I started YouTube back in 2005 and that was to make things that bring me joy (not drama) and to make movies one day." And then he called out Jeffree Star, saying he loves him, but doesn't agree with the way he handles things: "Yes, Jeffree is in that list of dramatic gurus and he would admit that, and he will always be family to me and I love him, despite those characteristics.

The YouTuber teamed up with entrepreneur Jeffree Star for some makeup releases, but now rumors claim that Dawson and Star also helped Tati Westbrook with her viral clapback at James Charles last year. The beauty YouTubers' feud went viral in 2019 due to Westbrook's video calling out Charles. Now, Dawson and Star are accused of adding fuel to the fire last year and encouraging Westbrook to make the long video in an attempt to ruin Charles' career. In a now-deleted statement titled "my final thoughts on the beauty world," Dawson explains that while he was aware the video was coming, he did not tell her to make the call out clip nor did he warn Charles it was coming. After stating that he had a great experience working with Star on the Conspiracy palette, Dawson made it clear that he wants out of the makeup mogul world. However, Dawson admitted that maybe he shouldn't have brought up the situation in a trailer for "The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star." "Putting drama in the trailer was something I regret more than anything in the world and I'm mad that I chose tea over my morals. In screenshots of the deleted tweets from PopCrave, Dawson told viewers to enjoy the drama of beauty gurus but stop trying to cancel them. Though Dawson says he still enjoys makeup and beauty videos, he is keeping that in the offline part of his life. "I need to get back to why I started YouTube back in 2005 and that was to make things that bring me joy (not drama) and to make movies one day," he wrote. Despite saying he wanted out of the feuding, Dawson's note may have sparked more drama.