23 November 2019 00:33

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Colby Covington Ultimate Fighting Championship Dana White

the game changers

Joe Rogan said he would have a balanced debate about the film Podcaster and comedian Joe Rogan has revealed he would be happy to interview James Wilks - the producer of The Game Changers - on his show. Rogan made the comments during a recent podcast with paleo diet advocate Chris Kesser. Kresser appeared on the show to, in his own words, 'debunk some of the biggest claims made in The Game Changers'. 'I would be happy' Discussing some of the claims made in the film, Rogan said: "What's going on is what you see in a lot of these videos, where only one person gets to talk. "One person who has a specific agenda gets to cherrypick the data and distort it, and then put it on the film.

"You can accuse us of doing that right now, because both of us are clearly on the same page, and I would be happy to have James [Wilks] come in with you afterwards."