14 May 2020 22:40

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Health and social care workers will be prioritised for new "incredibly important" coronavirus antibody tests and could receive them within weeks. Prof Jonathan Van-Tam, England's deputy chief medical officer, promised the tests that show if someone has previously had COVID-19 will be rolled out "rapidly". The blood tests by Swiss pharmaceutical firm Roche have been approved for widespread distribution in the UK by Public Health England, which has found they have an accuracy of 100%. What does 'staying alert' mean? They were cleared by Porton Down and should help indicate if a person has gained some degree of immunity against the virus, helping ease lockdown measures.

Coronavirus: Roche antibody test to be rolled out to health and social care staff 'within days and weeks'

Prof Van-Tam confirmed at the daily Downing Street coronavirus briefing: "I anticipate that it will be rapidly rolled out in the days and weeks to come - as soon as it is practical to do so. Advertisement "I also anticipate that the focus will be on the national health service and on carers in the first instance." Image: A finger prick is needed to complete the test He added "the chances of a false positive are extremely low with this test" so "this is a good test that will stand us in good stead moving forwards". Prof Van-Tam cautioned it could take up to 28 days after someone is infected before the test can properly confirm if a person did have the virus. It will "take time" to monitor how much people with antibodies have immunity from the virus and if they do, how long that immunity lasts for, he explained. Transport Secretary Grant Shapps also said the news the tests could be distributed soon was "very exciting" given they are "very, very reliable". They were heralded by Prime Minister Boris Johnson as being a "game-changer" for lifting lockdown because someone who finds out they have COVID-19 antibodies can be "safe and confident in the knowledge that you are most unlikely to get it again".:: Listen to the Daily podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Spreaker Downing Street has confirmed when the tests are rolled out they will "certainly" be available on the NHS. Asked on Thursday if those with antibodies could get "immunity passports", Mr Johnson's spokesman said the government was mulling the idea of health certificates. He said it was an "important breakthrough that we have a test that highly specific but work will continue" to check the length and level of immunity antibodies might offer. But a report prepared by the government's top scientific advisers sitting on the body SAGE warned if antibody tests come into widespread use some employers might start discriminating against those who haven't had the virus. "This might include not permitting those testing antibody negative to return to work, or only taking on new staff with antibody positive test results," a paper compiled on 13 April said. Roche says it can supply hundreds of thousands of the tests each week. They can be checked on fully-automated equipment already widely installed at NHS sites across the UK.


Harry Armstrong May 14 2020 22:46
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Jacob Foster May 14 2020 22:51
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Andrea Bell May 14 2020 22:56
A group of self-described "health care freedom advocates" from the Philadelphia area have proposed a bill to allow insurance providers to sell policies that don't include coverage of any type of abortion
Carole Singh-Parkes May 14 2020 23:01
I'm not sure what to think about it. I think the idea that we can rely on the government to protect us from terrorists is fantastic. I think that the idea that we can rely on a private sector that is a little bit more cautious and a little bit more careful is fantastic. I think the idea that we can rely on the government to provide us with everything that we want and have it delivered at a time when we need it is fantastic
Jasmine Graham May 14 2020 23:01
I've read a lot of those comments. I don't agree with them. Why? The big thing is, if you're going to be out there with a blood test, it's good practice to be able to interpret it. The big problem is, people are interpreting them as being positive for something too specific
Kyle Newton May 14 2020 23:06
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Josephine Hamilton May 14 2020 23:16
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Dr. Gareth Lee May 14 2020 23:16
I got my first antibody test result yesterday and I was very relieved. It came back positive for Ebola. I'm a little nervous with only a few days left to get it all checked out, but I'm feeling pretty good, and I'm sure I'll be fine
uprice May 14 2020 23:21
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Jonathan Stokes-Peacock May 14 2020 23:26
Thanks for reading! Check out our other articles: Are you on Facebook? Check out the photos of my cats and dogs. A team of scientists led by Anshul Gupta of the University of California, San Diego, has discovered that the microbiome of the human gut resembles that of a healthy human
Patricia Smith May 14 2020 23:31
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Brandon Winter May 14 2020 23:31
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Dean Blackburn May 14 2020 23:36
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Leigh Turner May 14 2020 23:36
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Jayne Swift May 14 2020 23:46
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Mary Potter-Ward May 14 2020 23:46
ST. LOUIS (AP) -- A St. Louis jury on Wednesday convicted two white police officers in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager in a suburban St. Louis suburb in August. The jury of eight men and six women deliberated for about three hours before finding Officer Jason Stockley and Officer Darren Wilson not guilty on all counts. The jury was all white
Dr. Arthur Jarvis May 14 2020 23:51
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Harry Smith May 14 2020 23:51
A few hours later, I received the results. Before I shared them with my parents, I asked my son to take a look at them. The results were encouraging. The antibodies I had been given weren't showing up in his blood. "What?" he asked. "We didn't know that." "No one ever told you that?" I said. "We didn't know that until today," he said
Lynda Smith May 14 2020 23:56
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Tony Macdonald May 15 2020 00:01
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Jade Barton May 15 2020 00:01
If you would like to share your thoughts on antibodies, please send an e-mail to www.whpp.org
Bryan Marsh May 15 2020 00:06
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Bruce Singh May 15 2020 00:06
I think that our current test system has a lot of flaws. The greatest is what we call "blood typing." The blood test results are not reliable. It's really hard to get an accurate blood type without the person's blood. There are no drugs that can be tested for, so we cannot get a reliable blood type without the person's blood
declan82 May 15 2020 00:11
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Martyn McDonald May 15 2020 00:11
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Antony Martin-Higgins May 15 2020 00:16
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nashjoel May 15 2020 00:16
If you are interested in finding a test, you should first get a consultation. If you already have a blood test, then you can also use it for your antibody test. What if I am pregnant or breastfeeding? If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should also discuss the testing options with your healthcare provider
Sian Lowe May 15 2020 00:21
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Dr. Amelia Armstrong May 15 2020 00:31
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dharding May 15 2020 00:36
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