19 March 2020 12:39

Coronavirus Lockdown Coronavirus

London mayor Sadiq Khan has said bans may be needed to stop people gathering in bars, restaurants and continuing to mix together in defiance of expert advice. He also said people's civil liberties may have to be curtailed to stop more lives being lost to the Covid-19 virus. Giving evidence before the London assembly, Khan was asked about a Paris-style formal ban, ordering people to stay indoors except in certain limited circumstances. He said: The advice from the government is just advice. I think that provides a mixed message.

UK coronavirus live: Williamson refuses to rule out government putting London in lockdown by weekend

It's clearly not been clear enough. We may move to a situation where we move from advice to bans. Khan meets the prime minister and senior officials later today amid speculation tougher measures will be introduced and concern the outbreak is so far worst in the capital. "We are nowhere near the peak," Khan said.