13 August 2020 02:41

Creative Assembly's new strategy game A Total War Saga: Troy is set for release on August 13.

How to download A Total War Saga: Troy for free on Epic Games Store tomorrow

The Total War series and its spinoff Saga series, which TROY is a part of, are 4X strategy games with a turn-based campaign strategic layer where players focus on diplomacy, territorial conquest, resource management, research, and city development. When two hostile armies meet on the campaign map, players will transition to the real-time element of the game, where they deploy troops from their armies onto colorful and varied maps and do battle. The campaign mode is the centerpiece of any single player mode in the Total War franchise and this time the game is set during the mythical Homeric Trojan War (roughly 13-12th centuries BCE) where players choose from a roster of eight heroes split evenly amongst the Achaean and Trojan Alliances. While playing a Menelaus campaign in TROY, I witnessed a game-breaking situation where I activated an Epic Mission quest that required me to be present and at peace with the owner of the Cretan city of Knossos. The last major feature unique to TROY's campaign is the Divine Will mechanic where players can build temples and pay resources to offer sacrifices to one of the great Olympian Gods for their favor to provide powerful boons and grant access to mythical units and Epic Agents.

Regarding performance, A Total War Saga: TROY generally ran smoothly in campaign and in battle on my setup (RTX 2080 TI, i9-9900K). The potential was there, but TROY ends up being a run of the mill, standard Total War experience and as a customer, reviewer, and player, it's important to demand more from this venerable series. Total War Saga: Troy free release time news When A Total War Saga: Troy was first announced by Creative Assembly, gamers were ready to find out that it was going to be another Epic Games Store exclusive on its August release date. Developers Creative Assembly have confirmed that Total War Saga: Troy has a release date set for August 13, on the Epic Games Store. That means that if you want to download and play the new campaign, you will need to have the Epic Games Store launcher installed and an account set up.

And like those other games listed above, Total War Saga: Troy will also be available for free, albeit, for a shorter time. Epic Games has confirmed that the latest Total War Saga will be available to download at no extra charge during its first 24-hours on the store. From what has been shared so far, the Total War Saga: Troy release time has been set for 2pm BST on August 13, 2020. Alternatively, you can log in into the Epic Games Store via a web browser and add it to your account, although you will need to the launcher if you want to play Troy. There will also be an option to add free DLC to your game after Troy has been launched and will require you to have a Total War Access account, and linking it to your Epic Games account.

The Total War Amazons expansion is set to launch in September and will add a number of new characters and units to the game. Creative Assembly's new strategy game A Total War Saga: Troy is set for release on August 13. There's a big twist, though: this brand new full Total War release is free on the Epic Games Store for the first 24 hours. If you don't have an Epic Games account or if you're not quite sure how to go about downloading a free game from the store, this quick guide will help you get A Total War Saga: Troy on August 13 – as well as any other free games that Epic has on offer. When is Total War: Troy free to download on the Epic Games Store?

How to get A Total War Saga: Troy for free You don't need it to add the game to your account (though you can do that for ease), but you do need the launcher to play A Total War Saga: Troy. A Total War Saga: Troy is yours to download forever on the Epic Games Store, assuming everything goes as planned. How to get free A Total War Saga: Troy DLC After you've grabbed A Total War Saga: Troy on August 13, you'll be able to get some free DLC for the game too, themed around the Amazons. This might be worth doing if you're thinking about actually playing A Total War Saga, Troy, and not just adding it to an endless pile of free Epic PC games you'll never have time to play like we are. The Total War Saga franchise combines careful strategy with the quick thinking of real time battles.

With A Total War Saga: TROY, players now have the chance to be a part of history, reliving epic battles from Greek mythology. Players will be living the events of the Trojan War played out in real-time strategy battles, building an empire and a heroic backstory of their own. A Total War Saga: TROY is available on the Epic Games Store August 13