23 October 2020 16:36

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CrossFit Games: Jeffrey Adler, Justin Medeiros Preparing to Reach New Highs During Unique Competition (Exclusive)

He will have to defeat four other contenders, including Canadian Jeffrey Adler and Rookie of the Year Justin Medeiros. Fraser drew most of the attention as the defending champion, but Noah Ohlsen, Samuel Kwant, Adler, and Medeiros all faced questions about how they will defeat him. Four Americans and one Canadian are gearing up to see who becomes the Fittest Man on Earth®, for the 2020 Reebok CrossFit Games Finals that begin tomorrow. If Fraser wins, he gets one title closer to a GOAT record for the CrossFit Games, and if he doesn't, history is made another way when a four-time winner gets checked by one of his four opponents. Mat Fraser came out of Stage 1 of the Finals with 656 points, almost 200 clear of Noah Ohlsen who left Stage 1 with 488 points.

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Justin Medeiros left Stage 1 with 480 points, Samuel Kwant with 449, and Jeffrey Adler with 420. So although even Jeffrey Adler thinks that beating Mathew Fraser seems unlikely, as the man in the number 5 spot Adler is a tough contender to go against as well. Overall Adler did well his rankings hovered around sixth and seventh for the Friendly Fran and 1RM Front Squat, but placements for the Damn Diane, 1,000 M Row, and Handstand Hold fell in the double-digit categories. There's no question Adler's at least thinking about beating Fraser, but even improving those stats will give him a new personal best. Samuel Kwant finished Stage 1 of the 2020 Reebok CrossFit Games in fourth place with only 29 points ahead of Adler, and that's going to be on his mind.

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He's already this year beat his own personal best by jumping from thirteenth place to fourth to make it to the finals. To head into the 2020 Reebok CrossFit Games Finals in third place is a unique pressure that Medeiros probably can't stop thinking about. Medeiros came out of Stage 1 with his best stats finishing third for the Front Squat, second in the Nasty Nancy, and fourth in the Awful Annie. He's a two-time Second Fittest Man on Earth, and he must be tired of coming just behind Fraser every time. This will be Noah Ohlsen's seventh time at CrossFit Games, and we know he can improve with time.

Ohlsen only came ahead of Medeiros final scores from Stage 1 by 8 points. That's the mentality Noah Ohlsen needs to stay in if he wants to unseat a four-time champion Mat Fraser. Even so, what is Mathew Fraser facing as he heads into the 2020 Reebok CrossFit Games Finals? Going into the 2020 Reebok CrossFit Games Finals, it is hard to say Mathew Fraser's beatable or what weaknesses if any he has. He finished first in all 2020 Stage 1 events but in the 1,000 M-Row he came in eighth, and the Handstand Hold second. But out of the remaining 3 contenders, if there is one that should give Fraser and Ohlsen a run for their money it is probably Medeiros.