22 October 2019 10:50

Dennis Quaid, 65, has reportedly already found a new girlfriend since breaking up with Santa Auzina.

Dennis Quaid’s New Girlfriend Laura Savoie Is Reportedly 39 Years Younger Than Him

She's a student working toward her PhD. As we all know, relationships and marriages in Hollywood don't usually last that long. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Ross, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell — it's amazing that couples like these manage to make things work, despite being in the spotlight constantly and having a slew of tabloids try to tarnish it. Dennis Quaid? That's right, one of our favorite actors, who split from his third wife in 2018, is off the market once again.

Who is Laura Savoie? Here are a few things to know about the new lady in his life. 1. She's 40 years younger than him. Though Savoie is not in the business like most of his exes, she's still quite young. At 26 years old (Quaid is 65), Savoie is four decades younger than her new man.

2. She's a student. She received her undergraduate degree from Pepperdine University and was the valedictorian for her class. She then received her master's degree from the University of Notre Dame. Currently, she's in the process of getting her PhD in accounting at the University of Texas at Austin's McCombs School of Business, with a graduation date of 2021. While she's getting her PhD, Savoie is still working and gaining experience.

Before she dated Quaid, Savoie was linked to Jeremy Piven, whom she dated while at Pepperdine University. Quaid was last linked to his girlfriend, Santa Auzina, when the two were photographed in December. Though it's unclear how soon after their breakup he started dating Savoie, she hasn't been shy about their relationship. Before she set her Instagram to private, she posted photos of the pair with captions like "Never been happier" and "Love this man." In her free time, you can find her obsessing about cats, wine, and all things Vanderpump Rules. Dennis Quaid Finally Opens Up About His Battle With Demons After Decades of Silence Dennis Quaid made it big in the 80s, and today, he's a household name among multiple generations.

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His battle with personal demons dominated headlines for a short time, but today, the 65-year-old actor is on the up and up. Quaid recently broke out of his typically introverted shell to speak about his journey of redemption; it has a lot to do with one of his more recent film ventures, 2018's I Can Only Imagine. The actor and musician grew up in Houston. He started out life as a religious Texas boy who spent every Sunday in a Baptist church. "My brother and I, Randy, were both baptized on the same day," Quaid shared in a behind-the-scenes short for the movie. Quaid found his acting career taking off in the 1980s with starring roles in Breaking Away, The Right Stuff, and Innerspace. Quaid found himself immersed in a personal crisis fueled by substance abuse. Times were hard, but his journey back to physical health taught him humility and an appreciation for life. However, one thing seemed sadly diminished: his relationship with God. In his late twenties, Quaid started trying to reconnect with his lost faith. The I Can Only Imagine Bible Study [Official Trailer] – Featuring Bart Millard of MercyMe In the I Can Only Imagine Study, Bart Millard, who suffered a painful childhood at the hands of his father, shares his own personal story with you. He saw God transform a lifetime of hurt into a beautiful and enduring purpose. When Quaid scored a leading role in Christian drama I Can Only Imagine, he opened up to the cast and crew about a Gospel song he had started writing for his mother, a "traditional type of lady," 25 years previously. But he never finished "On My Way To Heaven" because something was holding him back. What was missing was the presence of God. Quaid was cast as Arthur Millard, the abusive father of Bart Millard, lead singer of Christian band MercyMe. Quaid's challenging role explored the art of forgiveness and the troubling reconciliation between Bart and his real-life father. "One of the things that drew me to this movie was I know these people," Quaid shared with Fox News. "I just know these people." But the film provided more than just an acting challenge for Quaid; his search was over. He finished his mother's song, and it was even included as part of the movie's soundtrack. Quaid finally learned how to forgive himself for the sins of his past. "I started having the thought of not judging anyone else, and that included myself," Quaid shared in an interview at the National Religious Broadcaster's convention in 2018. "You just let God take that over." "It frees you up in life." Dennis Quaid delivers one hell of a fun performance in Deon Taylor's The Intruder (read Trace's review), a movie that doesn't quite live up to Quaid's insanity but is nevertheless a fun watch thanks to Quaid's insanity. If you missed it in theaters, it's now headed home! The release will be loaded up with bonus features including a "shocking alternate ending"… Making a Modern Thriller Featurette: Discover how the cast and crew brought Charlie Peck and the world of Foxglove to life with looks into the scripting process, cast, location scouting and more! Discover how the cast and crew brought Charlie Peck and the world of Foxglove to life with looks into the scripting process, cast, location scouting and more! Gag Reel: Being a homeowner is no laughing matter – but check out the cast of The Intruder having more than a few laughs during the making of the film! Being a homeowner is no laughing matter – but check out the cast of The Intruder having more than a few laughs during the making of the film! Feature Commentary with Director Deon Taylor, writer David Loughery, Producer Roxanne Avent, Meagan Good, and Michael Ealy. In the film, When a young married couple (Michael Ealy and Meagan Good) buys their dream house in the Napa Valley, they think they have found the perfect home to take their next steps as a family. But when the strangely attached seller (Dennis Quaid) continues to infiltrate their lives, they begin to suspect that he has hidden motivations beyond a quick sale. Dennis Quaid, 65, has reportedly already found a new girlfriend since breaking up with Santa Auzina. Dennis and Santa were spotted holding hands as recently as May 15, when The Daily Mail noted that the two had wrapped up a dinner date at a restaurant called Craig's. The actor also noted earlier in the month, "I never rule out anything – but currently not," when asked if he would think about proposing to his then-girlfriend. Auzina is 32-years-old, so their age difference was 33 years. That seems like nothing compared to the age difference that Dennis has with his new girlfriend, Laura Savoie. Unlike Auzina, who is a model, Laura is believed to be a Ph.D. student. She's currently 26-years-old, reported Radar Online. Prior to her Ph.D. studies at the University of Texas at Austin, Laura studied at the University of Notre Dame. Prior to that, she attended Pepperdine University and was the valedictorian when she graduated. The student appears to have a private Instagram page and shared a photo of herself with Quaid that she captioned, "Never been happier." And it appears that this isn't Laura's first time dating an actor as she was previously connected to Jeremy Piven from Entourage. On the other hand, fans may have been surprised to hear that Dennis has found a new girlfriend so quickly. After all, he dated Auzina for several years, starting in August 2016. But it's not too surprising, considering that he only had a two-month break between dating Auzina and divorcing Kimberly Buffington. Quaid previously opened up about his relationships to ET. I was just going to be single and that was just going to be it when it came to love — and then Santa came along. It's fun to be single up to a point, but I like being in a relationship, I really do." In addition, Dennis spoke about his cocaine addiction from years ago, proving that he's okay with sharing some of his hardest memories with fans. "Obviously, from the outside you can look at it and go, 'Oh, having parents who are in the business makes it easier — and in certain ways it does — but the reality is you're never going to be anonymous in the beginning," said Stiller, son of comedians Anne Meara and Jerry Stiller. "There are moments in this movie where you go, 'There's a little Dennis or Meg there,' but he's got his own thing going on, and comedically, he has his own persona. Everybody talks about it for a second, but very quickly, these actors find their way."