22 May 2019 12:14

Derek Hatton Labour Party Militant

South Thanet Labour Party candidate Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt, from Ramsgate, wins fight to be cleared over alleged antisemitism row on Twitter

Former UK prime minister Gordon Brown has urged the Electoral Commission to launch an investigation into the role of 'dark money' in the European election campaign. Brown points the finger at the Brexit Party, which allows people to make donations of less than £500 via PayPal. He warns of 'multiple, small, anonymous donations' being used as a 'cover for dirty money'. NEW: here's *actual* evidence that Nigel Farage's Brexit Party is accepting foreign donations via PayPal. Dollars, yuan, Swiss francs, roubles..you name it, they'll take it. I checked this with the Electoral Commission a few weeks ago and their response was that it's legal: "Political parties can receive sums of money from foreign nationals if it's under £500." — Alex Spence (@alexGspence) May 19, 2019 For instance, the anti-Brexit Led By Donkeys billboard campaign, which highlights the past claims and statements of pro-Brexit politicians, has been praised by many leading Remainers. A Guido Fawkes investigation recently revealed that Led By Donkeys has breached legal spending limits by over £70,000 during the EU election campaign so far.

Under electoral law Non-Party Campaigners are subject to a legal spending limit of £159,750 (in England) during the regulated period which began on January 23rd But according to their own figures @ByDonkeys appear to have spent over £230,000, more than £70k over the legal limit pic.twitter.com/MM9Sx6sKs7 — Guido Fawkes (@GuidoFawkes) May 17, 2019 In the end, Remoaner politicians and much of the Remainstream media seem irked by the fact that pro-Brexit outfits are allowed to spend any money or campaign at all. What's more, while parties and campaigns need money to get their message across, most people are not so easily led that their votes can be bought via online advertising. For instance, last week, the biggest spender on political Facebook ads was Change UK, spending £52,676 to the Brexit Party's £27,311. Ross joined the station last summer from political blog Guido Fawkes where he'd been chief reporter. The new role sees him become Political Editor, National Stations – and means he will be responsible for coverage across talkRADIO, talkSPORT and Virgin Radio.

I am excited to have a wider remit to shape coverage across Wireless' three national stations, including talkSPORT and Virgin Radio, at such a pivotal time in the UK's modern political history." The next months and years will see UK politics become even more important to the national debate, and Ross will shape our coverage as talkRADIO, talkSPORT and Virgin Radio all continue to grow." Labour took nearly two weeks to launch an investigation into a party member who called for a "march" on a synagogue. Reacting to the suspension of a fellow member of the Brighton and Hove Labour branch for sharing allegedly anti-semitic posts on social media, Ms Bishop said: "We can't allow this to go on. PoliticsHome has learned that a local party member reported the comments to Labour's Compliance Unit on 16 April. After Ms Bishop's comments were revealed by the Guido Fawkes website, Labour sources confirmed that she had been suspended pending an investigation. A spokesperson said: "The Labour party takes all complaints of anti-semitism extremely seriously and we are committed to challenging and campaigning against it in all its forms.

But Euan Philipps, spokesperson for Labour Against Anti-semitism said: "It appears the Labour party were informed two weeks ago of the reported threat by a Labour member to arrange a march on a synagogue in Brighton, yet no action was taken. The Labour party seem to be playing fast and loose with the safety of British citizens, a situation that cannot be allowed to continue." Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt, from Ramsgate, was rejected by Labour's National Executive Committee last year and is now bidding for the party's top brass to reconsider after she was exonerated this week following an investigation. The party's National Constitutional Committee (NCC) cleared Dr Gordon-Nesbitt yesterday after she posted on Twitter appearing to defend a colleague accused of antisemitism, sparking claims she was supporting anti-Jewish feelings. She is now seeking reselection as the Labour candidate for South Thanet saying reasons behind the committee deciding not to endorse her "seem to have evaporated". "For nearly a year, I've been living with the suggestion that I might have done something that could prove detrimental to the Labour Party.

An investigation was launched just two weeks after Dr Gordon-Nesbitt was selected to stand in South Thanet relating to three tweets she wrote from the Centre for Cultural Change account - a think-tank she contributed before being selected as a candidate - in September 2017. They appeared to defend Jackie Walker, a fellow former South Thanet Labour member and ex vice-chairman, who was accused of antisemitism. Dr Gordon-Nesbitt defended the posts saying they had not "intended to imply that antisemitism doesn't exist in the Labour party" before issuing an apology. Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt was cleared of charges for bringing the Labour Party into disrepute She said at the time Westminster blog Guido Fawkes had taken the comments "out of context" and implied she was antisemitic. Speaking this week, Dr Gordon-Nesbitt added: "Now that my name has been cleared through the disciplinary process, the next step will be to approach the National Executive Committee which refused my endorsement as parliamentary candidate and see if they will reconsider." In January, Dr Gordon-Nesbitt launched a fundraising appeal to help her fight to be reinstated and threatened to take the Labour Party to court.

The Labour Party has been plagued with allegations over antisemitism which leader Jeremy Corbyn has repeatedly denied. But campaign group Labour Against Antisemitism says the decision to clear Dr Gordon-Nesbitt "makes a mockery of Jeremy Corbyn's claim that the party operates a zero tolerance policy towards antisemitism". The group, which describes itself as working to make Labour "as safe place for Jewish people by eradicating antisemitic abuse within the party", is also calling for an investigation into the party. Denny Taylor, spokesman for Labour Against Antisemitism, said: "Should Ms Gordon-Nesbitt now be confirmed as Labour's prospective parliamentary candidate for South Thanet it will seem to send a further message: that the Labour Party is deaf to the concerns of the Jewish community and incapable of tackling antisemitism. "We urge the Equalities and Human Rights Commission to launch a full investigation into the party without delay." Almost three years after the Brexit referendum, both politicians and pundits constantly fret about the UK sinking into an US-style culture war, where politics is merely shorthand for morality, and where what you say is always less important than where you come from and what you look like.

In the last few days, Toby Young has gone from an outspoken journalist, writing things seemingly just to annoy people, to openly berating 16-year-old climate change activist on Twitter. Former Peterborough MP Stewart Jackson has become the latest person to deny rumours he may be the Brexit Party's candidate at the forthcoming city by-election. Ms Onasanya was jailed earlier this year for perverting the course of justice and expelled by the Labour Party. Nationally he has been a fierce critic of Theresa May's handling of Brexit, while locally he was president of the Peterborough Conservative Association until March when his stint ended. Right-wing political blog Guido Fawkes published an article today saying that it had heard Mr Jackson's name bandied around as a possible candidate for the Brexit Party at the June 6 by-election. Mr Jackson told the PT: "Many people have enquired as to whether I will be the Brexit Party candidate in the Peterborough by-election. "I have signed Conservative candidate Paul Bristow's nomination paper and I will not be standing as the Brexit Party candidate. Nigel Farage's Brexit Party is second favourites to take the Peterborough seat, according to the bookies, as it contests a parliamentary election for the first time. And the huge interest in the by-election has already seen speculation that both former Labour and Respect MP George Galloway, and Brexit Party candidate (and former Tory) Annunziata Rees-Mogg, are seeking the party's nomination. The Brexit Party is holding a rally in Peterborough tonight which Mr Farage is due to attend. Peterborough by-election: Annunziata Rees-Mogg denies reports she plans to stand for Brexit Party Nigel Farage to hold Brexit Party rally in Peterborough