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Holby City spoilers: Jac Naylor faces TRAGIC ordeal as former stars make surprise return?

Jac (played by Rosie Marcel) has had to deal with one of her former college rivals, Kian Madani (Ramin Karimloo), reappearing in her life as the new surgeon at Holby City. With her former nemesis wanting to put the past behind them, Jac will surely be hoping for some easier times on the horizon on the BBC medical drama. After 10 years away from Holby, Joseph and Faye will be making their way back to their old haunt for a special episode to commemorate the medical drama's 20th anniversary, following the events of the crossover event with sister show Casualty earlier this year. After Faye left Holby, Joseph struggled being a working father at the hospital and in the midst of a romance with Jac, he ended the relationship to accept a job overseas, leaving the surgeon heartbroken. Speaking of returning to the wards of Holby, Joseph Byrne star Luke, 41, said in a statement released by the BBC: "It's been an absolute joy to slip back into the surgical scrubs, see so many familiar faces and reconnect with the likes of Rosie Marcel, Patsy Kensit, Jaye Jacobs, Bob Barrett, Guy Henry, Hugh Quarshie, Belinda Owusu and Alex Walkinshaw to name but a few of the mega talented folks working on the wards.

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Holby City spoilers: Jac Naylor faces TRAGIC ordeal as former stars make surprise return? Holby City spoilers: Jac Naylor will be reunited with Joseph Byrne and Faye Morton It's also really exciting to be working with Rosie and Luke again; we always had a fantastic time together on set and that's not changed at all." Teasing what's to come from the episode, executive producer Simon Harper said: "Holby's 20th anniversary year continues apace with the return of these two huge, iconic characters after a decade away. "Continuing our current trend to go off format where story earns it, this unique episode concentrates entirely on this classic Darwin trio with all their past tensions and rivalries bubbling to the surface, leaving poor Fletch having a lot of catching up to do!" Viewers will be able to see the scenes unfold this autumn but in the meantime, another former character made their shocking return in last night's instalment. Holby City spoilers: Joseph Byrne and Faye Morton will make their return after 10 years away Holby City aired the start of Isaac Mayfield's explosive return story tonight (May 14) as he came face-to-face with his ex-boyfriend Dom Copeland for the first time in years. Unfortunately, Isaac's return has come at the worst possible time as Dom is on a downward spiral following the revelations that Ange is his biological mum and that his husband Lofty had cheated on him.

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Next week's episode will deviate from Holby's usual house style to feature some intriguing flashbacks, which will pick up from where we left Isaac and Dom tonight. The past inserts, featuring Dom's reunion with Isaac, will be interspersed with scenes from the present day, where the villainous doctor returns to the hospital with his dad, Jon. As the pair discuss the past, Isaac reveals that he was subjected to a torrent of abuse in prison and promises Dom that he is a reformed character now. Isaac's seemingly genuine words are enough to earn Dom's temporary trust, but has he really changed? When Isaac's dad Jon is brought into the wards in the present day, a flashback scene will reveal that he had actually engineered the entire situation during his initial meeting with Dom. Not wanting anyone to know the truth about Isaac's return, Dom agrees to treat Jon in exchange for his ex's silence. But while Isaac insists that he merely wants the best care possible for Jon and Holby is the only place for that, there's a question mark over whether that's actually the case.

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As all hell starts to break loose, it's actually Ange who steps in and warns Isaac away – despite previously vowing to take a step back from her duties as Dom's biological mother. Tonight's episode saw the Dofty ship well and truly rocked when Lofty confessed to cheating on Dom during his time away. Lofty's rather out-of-character behaviour appeared to be the final straw for a devastated Dom, who now faces some difficult decisions as a result. Isaac's return was never going to come without its complications, and fans should expect plenty as the story continues to unfold. With Isaac back on screen until early summer, next week's episode is just the start – with many more twists and turns still to come.

Lives will be changed forever next week as someone makes a dark return to Holby City and tension boils over for some of the staff when new secrets come to light... Chloe, played by Amy Lennox, will desperately struggle to come to terms with the idea that Dom (David Ames) is her half-brother. There's intense drama in tonight's Holby City as Ange (Dawn Steele) plans to take Chloe (Amy Lennox) out for dinner and tell her the truth about Dom being her son. 1. Ange tells Dom (David Ames) that she plans to tell Chloe that he's her brother that evening, and that Chloe is in the right frame of mind to cope with the news. You'd think Holby medic Dom would be pleased to see his hubby Lofty. Finding out he's adopted and that consultant Ange Godard is his real mum, Dom's had plenty to deal with while Lofty (Lee Mead) has been away, so it's safe to say they've got LOTS of catching up to do. Dom tells Lofty there's been lots going on and that he wanted to tell him in person. It's clear Lofty has something important to tell Dom, too.