10 August 2019 15:49

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Prince Andrew groped young woman at flat belonging to billionaire paedophile, court documents allege

Prince Andrew was accused of groping a young woman's breast at the home of wealthy financier Jeffrey Epstein, according to newly released legal documents. The allegation surfaced in a cache of legal papers unsealed by a US judge in a defamation case involving Ghislaine Maxwell - a British socialite alleged to have supplied Epstein and his well-off social circle with underage girls. Virginia Giuffre, an alleged victim of Epstein who also claimed she was forced into a sexual encounter with Prince Andrew, sued Ms Maxwell in 2015. In the legal documents, released on Friday, Johanna Sjoberg, another alleged Epstein victim, said Prince Andrew touched her breast while sitting on a couch inside Epstein's Manhattan flat in 2001. It is ranked by Nasa as the fourth ancient observatory in the world AFP/Getty 1/50 9 August 2019 Waves hit a sea wall in front of buildings in Taizhou, China's eastern Zhejiang province.

Located at the top of a department store, the zoo has been controversial for keeping animals in tiny, concrete cages EPA 40/50 1 July 2019 A protester breaks in to the Legislative Council building in Hong Kong during a protest on the 22nd anniversary of the territory's handover to China from Britain Reuters 41/50 30 June 2019 Riot police use rubber pellets to disperse LGBT rights activists as they try to gather for a pride parade, which was banned by the governorship, in central Istanbul, Turkey Reuters 42/50 29 June 2019 A member of the LGBTQ community participates in the Metro Manila Pride parade in Marikina City, Philippines Reuters 43/50 28 June 2019 Explosive charges blow up the remaining sections of the Morandi Bridge in Genoa, Italy after it partially collapsed last year killing 43 and injuring dozens AFP/Getty 44/50 27 June 2019 A forest fire flare up in Ziltendorf near Frankfurt, Germany as mainland Europe suffers an intense heatwave AFP/Getty 45/50 26 June 2019 One of the world's most hazardous volcanoes, Mount Ulawun in Papua New Guinea, erupts spewing lava and ash high into the air AFP/Getty 46/50 25 June 2019 A Russian Soyuz MS-11 space capsule carrying astronauts returning from the International Space Station lands in the steppes of south-east Kazakhstan AP 47/50 24 June 2019 An aerial view shows a crater on a barley field near Ahlbach. It is believed the incident took place at the mansion of Jeffrey Epstein, a wealthy financier who is facing federal sex trafficking charges in New York. Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre sued Maxwell in 2015, after she alleged he defamed her by claiming she was a liar. Virgina Giuffre (previously Virginia Roberts) alleges that she was intimate with Prince Andrew at the London home of Ghislaine Maxwell in unsealed files (Picture: Rex features) In the legal documents, released on Friday, Johanna Sjoberg, another alleged Epstein victim, said Andrew touched her breast while sitting on a couch inside the billionaire's Manhattan apartment in 2001. Court documents made public this week allege that Prince Andrew did a lot more than just party with Epstein.

According to NBC News, Virginia Roberts Giuffre testified during a deposition that Epstein and his then-girlfriend/assistant Ghislaine Maxwell ordered her to provide sexual favors to multiple men, including Epstein and Prince Andrew. "She was shaking": Court filings describe system Jeffrey Epstein allegedly used to procure girls — The Washington Post (@washingtonpost) August 9, 2019 It was no secret that Prince Andrew was mentioned as part of the sex scandal with Giuffre—the BBC reported on it in 2015—but he and Buckingham Palace have continued to deny he was involved with Giuffre or any other underage girls, per The Washington Post. FILE - This March 28, 2017, file photo, provided by the New York State Sex Offender Registry shows Jeffrey Epstein. A partial transcript of the September 2016 deposition was included in hundreds of pages of documents placed in a public file Friday, Aug. 9, 2019 by a federal appeals court in New York. Those and other claims about financier Jeffrey Epstein unsealed in court filings Friday lay out disturbing details both about his alleged activities and the number of people in his orbit who could have observed them, raising new questions about how the sex abuse charges against the multimillionaire were previously handled.

Epstein, who is now facing federal sex trafficking charges involving the alleged abuse of dozens of minors, previously pleaded guilty in Florida state court to two felony counts, serving about 13 months in jail. The newly unsealed documents - part of a now-settled defamation case brought by one alleged victim, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, against a woman she said recruited her - depict an organized system to regularly provide Epstein with girls. In a 2016 deposition included in the filings, Giuffre said she was a "teen sex slave" who traveled to his homes in New York, Palm Beach, New Mexico and the Caribbean and was directed to give massages and have sex with Epstein and his friends at will. In the court documents, Giuffre named a number of prominent men she claimed she had sex with at Maxwell's instructions, including Britain's Prince Andrew; former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson, a Democrat; and former Senate majority leader George Mitchell, D-Maine. Giuffre was part of a sprawling network of young women allegedly targeted by Maxwell to give massages that led to sexual relations with Epstein and his friends, according to the court documents.

The documents also include images of telephone messages from Epstein assistants summarizing calls from people procuring girls.