13 November 2019 18:31

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Disney+, the company's streaming service, has finally launched all over the world - except in the UK. The service offers a wealth of Disney content, including new originals like The Mandalorian, but UK fans have to wait until the official UK release date of March 31. Thankfully, you can cut your wait short with a Black Friday deal on a PureVPN subscription - which will allow you to start watching Disney+ content immediately. VPN (or Virtual Private Networks) are services that would allow you to watch content from elsewhere in the world. You'll still need to pay a Disney+ subscription fee, but you'll be able to use it to watch content from other regions in apps like Netflix or Hulu, too.

Watch Disney+ in UK for less with this huge deal

Using a VPN also improves the security of your online activity by obscuring your IP address - the numbers that identify your computer's location.