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Diwali 2019

Check out the Diwali Lakshmi pooja muhurat, time, samagri list along with how to do Diwali pooja at home. Diwali is not just the festival of lights but it is also tied to Lakshmi pooja. On this day many businessmen perform Lakshmi puja to Goddess of Wealth because it is believed that Goddess Lakshmi emerged from Ksheer Sagar, or the ocean of milk on Diwali and offered wealth, prosperity and happiness to all humankind in the New Year. On Diwali Laxmi pooja, new account books are sanctified and a new financial year along with new business ventures is undertaken by all. Other than that people exchange gifts with their near and dear ones and then get together in the evening for Laxmi pooja.

The five-day-long celebrations this year started on October 25 onwards with Dhanteras. Chhoti Diwali is on October 26, followed by Diwali on October 27 the main festival is celebrated. Happy Diwali 2019: Pooja timings or pooja muhurat Deepawali or Diwali is the third day and main day of the 5-day festivities. Lakshmi puja muhurat: 06:43 PM to 08:15 PM Pradosh kaal: 05:41 PM to 08:15 PM Vrishabha kaal - 06:43 PM to 08:39 PM Diwali 2019: Diwali Lakshmi pooja samagri Diwali Lakshmi pooja samagri Here are the Diwali Lakshmi pooja samagri you need for puja (as per drikpanchang.com): New Murti (Idols) of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi One red silk cloth for Goddess Lakshmi, One yellow cloth and Inkpot with pen Five big earthen Deepak (lamp) Haradi () Daru-Haradi (-) Horse Stable Elephant Stable How to do Diwali Laxmi pooja at home Many people keep a day-long fast for Diwali Laxmi pooja after waking up early to pay a tribute to their ancestors. The Laxmi and Ganesh pooja for Diwali involves keeping idols or images of deities Lakshmi and Ganesh on a raised platform with a covering of red cloth.

The proper Puja Vidhi for Diwali laxmi Pooja consists of 16 steps called Shodashopachara Puja. Here is the detailed process of How to do Diwali Laxmi pooja at home (as per drikpanchang.com): Begin Diwali Laxmi Pooja by meditating on Bhagawati Lakshmi while focusing on the Laxmi statue in front of you. Following Mantra should be chanted while meditating on Bhagawati Shri Lakshmi: Ya Lakshmirdivya-Roopairmani-Gana-Khachitaih Svapita Hema-Kumbhaih, Sa Nityam Padma-Hasta Mam Vasatu Grihe Sarva-Maangalya-Yukta Tejomayi Maha-Lakshmi! Shri Lakshmi-Devi Aavahayami After invoking Laxmi, take take five flowers in Anjali (by joining palm of both hands) and leave them in front of the idol while chanting following Mantra: Pushpanjali Mantra in Hindi Preetyartham Prati-Grihyataam Shri Lakshmi-Devyai Aasanarthe Panch-Pushpani Samarpayami After offering flowers-made seat to goddess Laxmi, chant the following mantra: Shri Lakshmi-Devi! After welcoming Laxmi, offer her water to wash the feet while chanting the following: Padyam Grihaan Deveshi, Sarva-Kshema-Samarthe, Bhoh!

Bhaktya Samarpitam Devi, Maha-Lakshmi! Shri Lakshmi-Devyai Padyam Namah After Padya offering, offer water to Laxmi for head Abhishekam while chanting following Mantra. Namaste Dev-Deveshi! Namaste Shri Maha-Lakshmi, Dhanada-Devi! Shri Lakshmi-Devyai Arghyam Swaha After Arghya offering, offer water to goddess Laxmi for the bath while chanting following mantra: Snapitasi Maya Devi Tatha Shantim Kurushva Me Shri Lakshmi-Devyai Jalasnanam Samarpayami After Snanam, offer Panchamrita bath to goddess Laxmi while chanting following mantra: Shri Lakshmi-Devyai Panchamritasnanam Samarpayami 9. Gandha Snana () Now offer scent bath to goddess Laxmi while chanting following mantra: Shri Lakshmi-Devyai Gandhasnanam Samarpayami After Gandhasnanam, offer bath to goddess Laxmi with pure water while chanting following mantra: Shri Lakshmi-Devyai Shuddhodakasnanam Samarpayami Now offer Moli () as new clothes to goddess Laxmi while chanting the following mantra. Diyamanam Maya Devi Grihana Jagadambike Shri Lakshmi-Devyai Vastram Samarpayami Now offer honey and milk to Shri Lakshmi while chanting following Mantra. Shri Lakshmi-Devyai Madhuparkam Samarpayami After Madhuparkam offering, offer jewellery to goddess Laxmi while chanting following Mantra. Shri Lakshmi-Devyai Abhushanani Samarpayami After Abhushana offering, offer red sandalwood to goddess Laxmi while chanting following Mantra. Maya Dattam Grihanashu Chandanam Gandhasamyutam Shri Lakshmi-Devyai Raktachandanam Samarpayami Now offer vermilion to goddess Laxmi for Tilak while chanting following Mantra. Bhaktya Dattam Maya Devi Sinduram Pratigrihyatam Shri Lakshmi-Devyai Sinduram Samarpayami Now offer Kumkuma as symbol of Akhand Saubhagya to goddess Laxmi while chanting following Mantra. Shri Lakshmi-Devyai Kumkumam Samarpayami Now offer auspicious Abira-Gulala to goddess Laxmi while chanting following Mantra. Abirashcha Gulalam Cha Chova-Chandanameva Cha Shringarartham Maya Dattam Grihana Parameshwari Shri Lakshmi-Devyai Abiragulalam Samarpayami Now offer scent to goddess Laxmi while chanting following Mantra. Om Tailani Cha Sugandhini Dravyani Vividhani Cha Maya Dattani Lepartham Grihana Parameshwari Shri Lakshmi-Devyai Sugandhita Tailam Samarpayami Offer unbroken rice to goddess Laxmi while chanting following Mantra. Maya Nivedita Bhaktya Pujartham Pratigrihyatam Shri Lakshmi-Devyai Akshatan Samarpayami Offer Chandan to goddess Laxmi while chanting following Mantra. Gandha Samarpan Mantra in Hindi Shri-Khanda-Chandanam Divyam, Gandhaadayam Sumanoharam Vilepanam Maha-Lakshmi! Chandanam Prati-Grihyataam Shri Lakshmi-Devyai Chandanam Samarpayami Offer flowers to goddess Laxmi while chanting following Mantra. Pujayaami Maha-Lakshmi! Shri Lakshmi-Devyai Pushpam Samarpayami Now worship those Gods who are body parts of goddess Laxmi herself. Om Kamala-Vaasinyai Namah Hastou Pujayami Om Shriyai Namah Shirah Pujayami Now worship Ashta-Siddhi near to goddess Laxmi. For that take Gandha, Akshata and Pushpa in left hand and leave them near to Shri Lakshmi Murti with right hand while chanting following Mantra(s). Ashta-Lakshmi Puja (-) Ashta-Lakshmi Puja should be performed with Akshata, Chandan and flowers while chanting following Mantra - Om Aadhya-Lakshmyai Namah Om Vidhya-Lakshmyai Namah Om Saubhagya-Lakshmyai Namah Om Amrit-Lakshmyai Namah Om Bhoga-Lakshmyai Namah Om Yoga-Lakshmyai Namah Now offer Dhoop to goddess Laxmi while chanting following Mantra. Aaghreyah Sarva-Devanaam, Dhupoayam Prati-Grihyataam Shri Lakshmi-Devyai Dhoopam Samarpayami Now offer Deep to goddess Laxmi while chanting following Mantra. Deepam Grihaan Deveshi! Bhaktya Deepam Prayachchhaami, Shri Lakshmyai Paratparaayai Trahi Maam Niryaad Ghoraad, Deepoayam Prati-Grihyataam Shri Lakshmi-Devyai Deepam Samarpayami Now offer Naivedhya to goddess Laxmi while chanting following Mantra. Sharkara-Khanda-Khadyaani, Dadhi-Ksheera-Ghritaani Cha Aaharo Bhakshya-Bhojyam Cha, Naivedhyam Prati-Grihyataam Yathamshatah Shri Lakshmyai-Devyai Naivedhyam Samarpayami Om Pranaya Swaha Om Apanaya Swaha Om Samanaya Swaha Om Udanaya Swaha Now offer water to goddess Laxmi for Achamana while chanting following Mantra. Achamana Samarpan Mantra in Hindi Now offer Tambool (Paan with betel nuts) to goddess Laxmi while chanting following Mantra. Karpurailaa-Samayuktam, Tamboolam Prati-Grihyataam Shri Lakshmi-Devyai Mukh-Vasartham Poogi-Phalam-Yuktam Tamboolam Samarpayami Now offer Dakshina (gift) to goddess Laxmi while chanting following Mantra. Hiranya-Garbha-Garbhastham, Hema-Veejam Vibhaavasoh Shri Lakshmi-Devyai Suvarna-Pushpa-Dakshinaam Samarpayami Now offer symbolic Pradakshina (circumambulate from left to right of Shri Lakshmi) with flowers while chanting following Mantra. Yani Yani Cha Papani, Janmantar-Kritani Cha Shri Lakshmi-Devyai Pradakshinam Samarpayami Now perform Vandana and offer flowers to goddess Laxmi while chanting following Mantra. Jaya Jaya Karunaabdhe, Shri Maha-Lakshmi Trahi Shri Lakshmi-Devyai Mantra-Pushpanjali Samarpayami Now offer Sashtanga Pranam (Pranam which is done with eight limbs) to goddess Laxmi while chanting following Mantra. Sashtanga Pranam Mantra in Hindi Anena Pujanena Shri Lakshmi-Devi Preeyataam, Namo Namah Now seek pardon from goddess Laxmi for any known-unknown mistakes done during Puja while chanting following Mantra. Puja-Karma Na Janami, Kshamasva Parameshwari Maya Yat-Poojitam Devi! Anena Yatha-Militopachaara-Dravyai Krita-Poojanena Shri Lakshmi-Devi Preeyataam Shri Lakshmi-Devyai Arpanamastu Read: Happy Diwali 2019: Images, wishes, rangoli design, Whatsapp messages and quotes for Diwali Read: This Diwali, spread happiness with some unique range of gifts and hampers Read: Diwali 2019: How to book deep home cleaning service on UrbanClap Screengrab from 'Ghoomar' song of the movie Padmaavat. Like every other festival, there are a set of customs and rituals which are performed on Diwali. While cleaning and decoration of houses are done in advance, the festivities start with extending greetings and goes on to performing Pooja and distribution of sweets. However, like all other celebrations----Diwali too doesn't wrap up without dance and music. While you can dance on any Bollywood track which fits the mood, we have found 5 Diwali tracks for you: 1. Happy Diwali (Home Delivery- Aapko...Ghar Tak) You can start off with this song from Vivek Oberoi-starrer 2005 movie Home Delivery. Here's another track based on Diwali from 2001 Govinda and Juhi Chawla starrer movie 'Aamdani Atthani Kharcha Rupaiyaa'. Diwali is a day of family reunions. 4. Deep Diwali Ke Jhute The song was sung by Bollywood great Kishore Kumar. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and Instagram for latest news and live news updates. T 3530 - Diwali greetings to all.. Wishing all my loved people a very Happy Diwali from the Iranis! Happy Diwali???? It's the festival of lights and scores of Bollywood celebrities thronged the social media on Sunday while extending out Diwali wishes to their fans and followers across the world.Megastar Amitabh Bachchan wished everyone with monochrome throwback pictures with Jaya Bachchan and daughter Shweta Bachchan Nanda lighting 'Phuljhadi'."Diwali greetings to all.. (please accept this as a response to all the greetings received; it will be impossible to reply to each individually), he captioned the snaps.Veteran actor, Rishi Kapoor also wished the fans on the special day."Wishing you a very Happy Diwali", he wrote in Hindi.Boman Irani, who is impressing fans with his latest release 'Made in China' took a unique way to wish fans on the auspicious day. "Celebrate this Diwali with diyas over crackers! Wishing all my loved people a very Happy Diwali from the Iranis!", he captioned the video.Malaika Arora also shared a video on her Instagram handle to wish everyone a very Happy Diwali. "Happy Diwali doston!! Khoob pyaar", she wrote.To double the charm of Diwali, Dharmendra also shared a throwback picture on his Twitter handle to wish Diwali. "Friends.......friends.......dear friends.......HAPPY DIWALI......., Promise yourself to make the world beautiful. Love you all", he wrote in Hindi.Manoj Bajpai also extended his wishes on Twitter. "My Dear Indians a Happy Diwali to you and your loved ones. Stay Blessed", he captioned.Sunny Deol also wished his fans and followers a Happy Diwali. "Wishing you and your family, a very Happy Diwali", Deol wrote in Hindi.Diwali, also known as Deepawali, is one of the most widely celebrated festivals in India.Watch this space for more updates!