28 October 2019 20:38

Dixons Chimney Carlisle Cumbria

EMERGENCY services scrambled to Dixon's Chimney on October 28 2019. What happened at the local landmark in the early hours? Here's what we know. 1 A rescue operation was taking place to free a man who is trapped at the top of Dixon's Chimney What's happening at Dixon's Chimney? A man in his 50s was found dangling at the top of Dixon's Chimney in Carlisle from 2.20am.

What’s happening at Dixon’s Chimney in Carlisle?

He is believed to have climbed up the ladder to the top of the chimney. It sparked a major rescue mission and a helicopter and huge cherry picker was called in to help free the man. Footage showed his right leg stuck between the structure's wall and the metal ladder at the top of the disused mill. Officers were finally able to reach him at 4.45pm. But Cumbria Police confirmed he was pronounced dead at the scene. Superintendent Matt Kennerly confirmed the man had "stopped responding". Local Scott Mattinson, 24, told the News and Star: "We heard a noise at about 10.30pm last night - some sort of wailing; like something in distress. MOST READ UK NEWS Breaking CHIM TRAGEDY Man dies after getting trapped upside down on 290ft chimney for 14 hours IN THE DOCK Essex driver Mo Robinson 'part of global people smuggling ring for 10 months' DEEP FREEZE Temperature to PLUMMET to -7C tonight before more snow hits Britain this week Exclusive AMAZIN! Students sting Amazon for THOUSANDS after discovering reusable discount code glitch EYE FOR AN EYE Killer who beheaded baby with tot's mum sentenced to death by firing squad THROW AWAY THE KEY Lee Rigby killer attacks nurse after being asked to turn down music LOTT-SA MONEY EuroMillions winner scoops biggest ever jackpot of £170m after claiming prize what the fork Posh students mocked for spending £300 a week on food… including £12 on pesto FLAT PACKED Students slam £150-a-week 8x10ft 'pod' university flats as 'not fit for humans' GOBSMACKED Granddad's priceless reaction as watch he bought for £35 is now worth £40,000 "We thought nothing of it at the time." But he said about 1am he and his fiancee Nadene, 25, woke up to hear "shouting". Roads around the local landmark were closed during the rescue operation.