20 October 2020 00:48

Dolphin Dingle Fungie

Hopes for Fungie are fading with searches continuing for the missing Dolphin. Fungie hasn't been seen in 6 days - the longest he's ever gone without human contact. Dingle boatmen have a number of theories re Fungie's disappearance: Theory 1: Fungie has gone out to sea following feed. An easterly wind off the land tends to drive sprat and other feed away from the coast. Possible, but Fungie has never been missing this long.

Search Continues For Missing Fungie As Hopes Fade

pic.twitter.com/gPyhH3KehC — Seán Mac an tSíthigh (@Buailtin) October 19, 2020 Sonar Technology Used To Search For Fungie A widescale search took place at the weekend to find Fungie. That was involving fishing boats and Mallow search and Rescue. The team used SONAR to scan the sea bed and sent divers below to look for clues to no avail. Jimmy Flannery from Dingle Sea Safari and Dingle Dolphin Tours says it's not looking good: "The boatmen are exhausted." "They're searching for a friend who has gone missing." "So we'll just live in hope." "I won't be able to pass a pod of dolphins ever again, not wondering if our beloved Fungie is in the middle of them." Fungie has been living in Dingle Harbour for 37 years. However the fan favourite has never gone missing for this long. He's a solitary dolphin - which means he doesn't live with a pod, but loves human contact. Nuala Moore is an open water swimmer who trains in Dingle: "There's a great spirit and a great warmth around him." Adding to that Nuala says, "he has a great smile, I'm sure you've seen photos of him." "So for me personally it's lovely to have another living breathing thing in the water with me." Fungie is missing. That's it 2020, I've had enough. #Fungie — Conor Foley (@ConorFoley32) October 15, 2020 The search for Fungie will continue over the coming days. However Met Éireann has warned of bad weather on the horizon, which could hamper the operation. Header Image: File Photo of a dolphin, it's not Fungie.