16 October 2020 00:37

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THERE ARE fears that Fungie the beloved Dingle dolphin may have passed over the 'rainbow bridge' as he has been missing for two days. The intelligent creature has not been seen in his usual spot in Dingle bay for two days, leading dedicated Fungie photographers and friends Jeannine and Rudi of 'Fungie Forever' to release a heart-wrenching post admitting he may have passed away. Taking to Facebook this evening, 15 October, Jeannine and Rudi, who have been making almost-daily trips to see Fungie for almost 30 years, wrote "We have all [known] that one day the day would come that Fungie would not show up in his beloved bay". The post went on to detail how Fungie has not been seen in two days, and despite multiple boats taking part in the search, they confirmed "Fungie is missing". "On Monday morning we spent a wonderful couple of hours with Fungie in the tranquillity of the bay," Fungie Forever wrote.


"We all keep hoping for a miracle but the bay feels really empty without him." We all have been knowing that one day the day would come that Fungie would not show up... Posted by Fungie Forever Photo's of the Dingle Dolphin on Thursday, 15 October 2020 Fungie was a part of our lives for 29 years. "But Fungie was part of a lot of peoples lives. Admitting that they appreciate this will "come as a shock to a lot of people", Jeannine and Rudi said they cannot say for sure if Fungie "is alive or dead". but keep Fungie alive in your hearts..


and he will live forever." Fungie set a world record in 2019 as the world's longest living solitary dolphin and is a firm favourite with locals and tourists alike ever since arriving in Dingle some 36 years ago. To read Fungie Forever's emotional post in full, or to see the many hundreds of photos and videos taken of the dolphin over the years, you can visit their Facebook page here. One of Kerry's most famous residents, Fungi, is reportedly missing. According to the Dingle Peninsula Fishing and Hunting group, the friendly dolphin was last seen on Monday. Dingle Boat tours, along with two other boats, conducted a long search of the coastline with no appearance from the missing mammal.

On a post to their Facebook page 'Fungi Forever' said they cannot give any more information but they are hoping for a miracle. Fungi has been a friendly and familiar face in the Dingle Peninsula for over 30 years and is known for entertaining tourists and locals alike. There are concerns for Fungie the Dingle dolphin, as the famous mammal has been missing for two days without any sightings. The Fungie Forever Facebook page posted tonight that it was feared "we have lost our best friend." But harbourmaster Nigel Collins told the Irish Independent he felt it was "too early" to worry the dolphin, "a national treasure" had died. "This year has been bad enough without jumping to conclusions Fungie has died," he added. "It came to my attention Fungie has gone missing," Mr Collins said. "But this has happened before and usually he comes back a few days later. "I seem to remember Fungie went missing before at this time of year. No one wants to hear he's missing. "We want to see him come back. It would be a major blow to Dingle if we lost him. I think though, it's early days yet." It's understood the beloved dolphin has been missing for two days. The mammal has captured the hearts of local people, fisherman and visitors to Dingle and has been entertaining tourists and locals for decades. But there was concern earlier this year that Fungie was getting older. He's believed to be in his 40s and the oldest living solitary dolphin on the planet. "I heard a boat that went out a couple of days ago didn't have a show and there was some concern," he said. "But it's just too early for me to be too worried, given this has happened before. "When he dies he will be missed so badly. But I remember a couple of years ago he was gone three or four days. "He's been very active all Summer, not like a sick dolphin, or one reaching the end of his life. "People are missing him but I hope he'll be back." Expand Close Fungi, Dingle's resident dolphin / Facebook Whatsapp Fungi, Dingle's resident dolphin A post on the Facebook page read: "Sadness… We have all known that the day would come when Fungie would not show up in his beloved bay. "For the past two days … (we) have been searching for Fungie. "On Monday, we spent a wonderful couple of hours with Fungie in the tranquility of the bay. "We are all keeping hope for a miracle but the bay feels really empty without him…. Fungie was part of our life for 29 years." Fungie was reported to have been lonely during the Covid-19 lockdown, as he had been so accustomed to entertaining tourists. The bottlenose dolphin has resided off the coast of Dingle in Co Kerry for over 37 years. Fisherman Jimmy Flannery started to keep the dolphin company daily during the lockdown, as a result. Mr Flannery told the Irish Independent in May, how the mammal had adapted to human company over the years and he loved the attention visitors brought. Expand Close A swimmer's view of Fungie... Photo: Nuala Moore / Facebook Whatsapp A swimmer's view of Fungie... The dolphin is a key part of Dingle's tourist industry and draws visitors from across the globe annually.