19 September 2020 04:32

Dragon Ball Z Goku Vegeta

Balance patch notes can often times be difficult to digest or fully internalize — especially if you don't play the characters in question — but seeing the changes in motion is a great way to get quickly caught back up to speed. Fighting game content creator Rooflemonger recently released a great visual guide for Dragon Ball FighterZ's new Season 3.5 update which breaks down every major change to the iconic roster of characters from Super Saiyan Goku to those who were in desperate need of buffs like Jiren and Videl. One of the early big winners of the new update appears to be Tien who got a wide range of buffs to bring him closer to how strong of a selection he was back in Season 1 for a while. Jiren had largely been regarded as one of if not the weakest character ironically in DBFZ, but Bandai Namco and Arc System Works looked to change that for Season 3.5 with the longest set of buffs though Rooflemonger believes his biggest one may be down light attack. Raditz (Photo: Bandai) We didn't get a lot of time with Raditz when it came to developing his character, appearing as the first villain of the Dragon Ball Z series, and perhaps in death, the brother of Goku might have found a different route.

With Vegeta having become good, perhaps Raditz could be brought back to the life on the side of angels by following the example of his prince, gaining a serious power level boost through some tough training, as we'd love to see Raditz finally become a Super Saiyan! Zamasu (Photo: Toei) Dragon Ball Super's Zamasu was about as evil as a being could be, believing that humanity was a plague on the universe and fused with the alternate version of himself in Goku Black. Towards the higher end, you have the Saiyan Saga Hero Start Deck, giving you over 50 cards based on Dragon Ball Z's first saga. This is a little harder to come by, and can run you up to $60 or more, but you get a wider selection of cards, including more rares and uncommons, and several characters from which you can choose to build your deck around. Many full, four-level sets of heroes and villains can be bought for relatively cheap, letting you get all the cards needed to make a deck of your favorite Dragon Ball protagonist.

In Season 3, they wanted to make sure characters like GT Goku, with his spirit bomb mix, weren't allowed to run rampant all over the meta once again. Others were frustrated by playing online and called for changes to stronger characters like Z-Broly and UI Goku, out of fear of the meta they would bring--the scars left behind by GT Goku still had not healed. With the new patch having dropped just recently, we've put together a list of 3 things you need to know before hopping into Season 3.5 of Dragon Ball FighterZ. In this patch, characters have seen buffs to their tool kits and assists. Teams without a top tier are always fighting an uphill battle in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

GT Goku was a solid character who had great mix and oki, but the main reason he was on so many teams was due to his beam assist. Horizontal beams allowed you to run in and gain the advantage on the floor, effectively baiting out super dashes and having enough hitstun that you could convert full screen. The combo system in Dragon Ball FighterZ didn't really allow for much character specific spice. Tien didn't really have anything going for him other than absurd damage at the cost of your own life, so players opted out to pick characters such as SSJ Goku who had better frame data and neutral. Point characters like Piccolo, that needed assists, can now be played as anchor.

UI Goku got away with murder this patch, but if they changed one thing about him--he would still have the same jab that travels across the screen. Nerfs can be extremely detrimental to a character's complete gameplan--like the SSJ Vegeta assist changes or the infamous Goku 2M nerf. Someone who loves great buttons rather than mix would have picked Bardock over Kid Buu. With more characters going up the ladder, we will definitely see more diversity in teams at Majors along with the emergence of different styles of play. Characters that were regarded as lower tier have gotten some significant changes so expect to see a lot of the new patch winners in some teams, and a lot more variety altogether! What they lacked were general mechanics that allowed them to play the game at a higher level--from Videls missing reflect (and terrible recovery) and poor damage, 17's weird rekkas that couldn't mix, 16 being nerfed from the best to the worst because of his sheer pressure, and Jiren's design as a counter character that couldn't counter successfully. The loyalists still stayed with him, since he had a great assist, but when that was taken away, we completely lost one of the most entertaining characters in FighterZ. Season 3.5 has brought our boy back - giving him better oki, great combo extensions (ability to super dash after a gliding powerbomb), a killer new assist (that allows him to shoot 4 arms) and an OTG from his Hell Heat for even more damage. Jiren was one of the characters that had great hype surrounding him after his duel with UI Goku in the Dragon Ball Super anime was still fresh. Season 3.5 comes with system changes, allowing you to become the complete fighter you were meant to be. Character representation is a huge deal, especially in a game like Dragon Ball FighterZ which is full of beloved characters that many players are attached to for one reason or another.