09 August 2020 22:37

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Next it's evacuating 100 people off a ride because of an intruder, then moving a frog because it's making guests too wet on a log flume. For the first time ever, cameras have been allowed behind-the-scenes of the UK's most popular family theme park to reveal just what it takes to keep the incredible site running. With 51 rides and attractions, 200 themed rooms in two hotels, thousands of models across a 150 acre site and 90 million leg bricks - there's a lot to keep staff busy. While it's most people's dream job, the workers do have to deal with some very unusual issues that guests don't normally get to see. On one of the hottest days of last summer, cameras were there as families flocked in their hundreds to capture footage for Channel 5 series Inside LEGOLAND: A World of Wonder.

Legoland's flabbergasting secrets - intruders, meltdowns and toothbrush cleaning

Guest came to earn their driving licence at the much-loved LEGOLAND Driving School before cooling down on the water slides and dodging the fountains at Drench Towers. Having previously derailed on a corner due to the track buckling, the team race to check whether the ride is safe for families to hop on. As the heat rises, so do tempers, with one woman furious at the lack of help at guest services. However, there's a far bigger problem to deal with on the Vikings river splash rapids ride, which comes to a sudden halt with more than 100 guest in the rubber dingys. There is panic when an unruly guest is spotted trespassing in a restricted area - putting themselves and other riders at risk. Safety is paramount, particularly on water rides, so staff have no other option than to press the emergency stop button. There's also a very different problem on another water ride - Pirate Falls - as guests are emailing in to complain they got too wet. Before the park opens to visitors, the animation team rush down to check what's causing the problem - and get flustered by a set of frogs. Animator Chris, who is also responsible for getting smoke to come out of the dragon's nostrils, uses rocks to change the angle of the water cannon onto the log flume. But a set of pesky LEGO frogs are still squirting too much water onto the rider area. Viewers will also get to meet Legoland Windsor's expert team of Model Makers who between them are responsible for building, refining and updating the thousands of LEGO® models across the Park. Newest member of the Model Maker team, Will, embarks on his first day in one of the most sought-after roles at the Park. They head off to miniland in the heart of the park, which has representations of 12 countries, four continents and is made up of 45 million bricks. The team uses exactly the same LEGO bricks that anyone can buy at home, but the addition of glue helps protect the models against the elements and from guests' fingers. After initially struggling with the massive puzzle, while under the pressure of being watched by guests, they manage to erect the new fences. Things don't always go to plan when trying to maintain the 90 million bricks used across the park - with that number growing every day. After fixing the hippos' teeth, model maker Nicki and creative co-ordinator Paula help them move to a new home across by the lake. It's a tough task to keep them intact as each model is made from 5,000 LEGO bricks. However, a hippo manages to lose part of it's ear during transit, meaning it needs a bit of tender lobing care afterwards. (Image: Channel 5) Viewers will also find out which household item Housekeeper Michelle can't live without for cleaning the 2,000 LEGO models found in the Hotel's 209 rooms. After a bit of dusting of the royal family, it's time to get out some very unique tools of the trade. Michelle shows off her very sophisticated" dish brush and "very posh" nylon-tipped automated brush for bigger parts. But she admits the best tool she owns, which she uses for tiny bits, is a simple toothbrush. "My friends and colleagues think I'm absolutely crazy because I actually enjoy cleaning the LEGO. "Some boys and girls are very fascinated I'm cleaning LEGO with a toothbrush. My top tips are warm water, not too much soap and a really good toothbrush." The series will also take viewers on the journey of designing, building and launching a brand-new rollercoaster as the Park prepares to reveal the world's first ever DUPLO rollercoaster – the hotly anticipated DUPLO Dino Coaster. With over 100 hours of footage captured, no stone is left unturned as cameras follow the Animation team perform a sky-high six monthly dentist check-up on the technic dinosaur made from over one million LEGO bricks. The Ride Services team diagnose what's troubling the Jolly Rocker pirate ship and the Events team race against the clock to display 3,000 pumpkins across the Park in time for Halloween. Marianne McGoldrick, Marketing Director at the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort, said: "We've been welcoming families to LEGOLAND Windsor for over two decades and we thought it was about time we let the nation go behind the scenes to see what's involved, and the secret tricks and tips, in keeping a 150 acre theme park and two hotels running around the clock. "Having reopened at the start of July, we've already helped thousands of families have some much-needed fun after a difficult few months and we hope that Inside LEGOLAND: A World of Wonder will inspire plans for a Great British day out or staycation this summer." *Inside LEGOLAND: A World of Wonder starts on Sunday on Channel 5 at 8pm