06 January 2020 04:36

Dre says he needs money to keep quiet and leave town, and Ghost offers $250,000.

The midseason finale of Power season six left fans in shock after Ghost (played by Omari Hardwick) was shot by an unknown figure. Despite the latest episode of Power failing to reveal who shot Ghost, the episode did confirm his death and rule out some suspects. Fans knew the next five episodes would be told from the perspective from each of the suspects, and by the end of this episode, two of the characters are ruled out as being Ghost's killer. The episode focuses on Dre (Rotimi) and why he was doing leading up to Ghost's death. Desperate for cash, councilman Tate seems to be his last hope as he offers him $100,000 in exchange for killing Ghost.

Power returned on Jan. 5 and as promised, the show rewound the clock on the day that Ghost was shot. The first of the last five episodes, "Still Dre," was dedicated to none other than the series' reigning snitch and what he was doing before, during, and after the shooting. Told from his perspective, it showcased things we didn't really know about the character, but it seems the writers' humanization of Dre really didn't work. The opening scene shows Dre at home in papa mode while explaining to his girlfriend Tina why they should stay in New York. He then looks at the TV and learns that James/Ghost left Tate's campaign and is running for lieutenant governor with Walsh.

Dre confronts him about planting the phone and taking Ghost down, and Saxe says it's going to take time. He then breaks the news to Saxe that Ghost is running for office. Dre, who's obviously scared, tells Saxe to fix things and walks out. While they're discussing product and distribution problems, Dre says he's done with the Serbians, but a voice calls out, "But we're not done with you." Finally! Dre barely escapes after using his homeboy O.Z. as a shield (insert head shake).

2-Bit and Spanky were just brought in from being picked up at Tommy's warehouse and are being interrogated by Rodriguez separately. That person who Dre needed to see is his mother. He says he'll snitch on Tariq unless she throws him $50,000, and she tells him to kick rocks. Dre and Tariq link up and junior brings Dre about $10,000, saying he'll get the rest, but he needs Dre to get a gun for him. Dre counters with a request to see Ghost in return for getting the piece, and Tariq is reluctant at first because he and his pops are not even on good terms. Dre gets his way anyway. The two jet off to Ghost's office at Truth and he asks Tariq, "Why you would you bring our enemy here?" Tariq explains that Dre threatened to snitch if he didn't, and Ghost orders him out the room. Dre starts whining about Ghost setting him up for Jason's murder and Ghost pretends he didn't know about Jason's death. Dre says he needs money to keep quiet and leave town, and Ghost offers $250,000. Dre complains, but Ghost says take the deal, and he'll text him in an hour with a meeting place and time. We saw this scene play out already from Ghost's perspective, so we know how this goes. Next, Ghost gives the speech about Dre being a wannabe gangster. Dre finally leaves. He figures it was Dre. Spanky looks concerned. Meanwhile Dre goes to shake down Tate for new IDs and license plates and gives up dirt on the St. Patricks, particularly the fact that Tariq killed Ray Ray. Dre loves being the emperor of the rat kingdom, and Tate agrees to help. He's then seen smiling and talking to his girlfriend on the phone, telling her he's picking up the money and paperwork. 2-Bit and Spanky are transferred from holding to a jail cell in orange jumpsuits. This is where 2-Bit gets the call from Ghost to put out a jailhouse hit on Dre. In return, he'll financially take care of his and Spanky's families while they're locked up. Like clockwork, Dre shows up in jail and 2-Bit positions himself with a shank. Not believing Dre will be back in lockup, 2-Bit tries one last effort by calling Tommy from the burner phone. During this conversation, B.G.'s death is finally acknowledged and Tommy didn't know he was dead or that Dre did it. Tommy refuses to help 2-Bit with Dre because he has the feds on his neck and they're investigating him over Poncho. Dre escapes, but then gets lured back in While being transported by FBI agents for witness protection, Dre tricks them into stopping the car so he can pee. She goes off about how he's always been evil, and he runs down a whiny soliloquy about the terrible way she treated him as a child. It looks like he's about to cry. Dre then snatches the gun and turns it on her and adds that he purposely kept his daughter away from her. He spills $100,000 on the desk and says he needs Dre to kill James St. Patrick "tonight." Dre is hesitant because he knows it won't be an easy job. Dre tries to buck up and demands all of the money on the spot, but Tate does not back down and uses the IDs and tags as leverage. Dre finally agrees, saying, "You ain't got nothing to worry about, 'cause you just paid me to do something I'd do for free." He leaves, gets in the car, and gives the new identities and cash to his girlfriend. He explains that he has to take Ghost out under the agreement with Tate, but she seemingly talks him out of it because they have the cash and IDs. He agrees and drives off, but changes his mind and argues, "I gotta do this," and turns the car around to go to Truth. Who shot Ghost? Dre smugly heads back out to the car, but the cops roll up and arrest him for the crime. Of course, Dre crosses paths with 2-Bit and Spanky in the dining hall who are happy to see this dude back in jail. 2-Bit tells him it's a gift from Ghost. Without a guard in sight and nowhere to run, he begs for his life, telling them Ghost is dead. 2-Bit says the money from Ghost is just a bonus. We partner with third party advertisers, who may use tracking technologies to collect information about your activity on sites and applications across devices, both on our sites and across the Internet. You always have the choice to experience our sites without personalized advertising based on your web browsing activity by visiting the DAA's Consumer Choice page, the NAI's website, and/or the EU online choices page, from each of your browsers or devices. Even if you choose not to have your activity tracked by third parties for advertising services, you will still see non-personalized ads on our site.