20 May 2020 02:33

DreamHack is bringing 16 of the best teams in European Counter-Strike together for a one-month $160,000 tournament.


DreamHack is bringing 16 of the best teams in European Counter-Strike together for a one-month $160,000 tournament. This year's DreamHack Masters Spring includes a star-studded lineup with Astralis, Natus Vincere, FaZe Clan, and more. The tournament is simply stacked. Contrary to previous years, DreamHack Masters Spring will take place online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This shouldn't diminish the high level of competition, though.

How to watch DreamHack Masters Spring 2020: Europe

Here's everything you need to know about DreamHack Masters Spring 2020, including the format, teams, schedule, and streaming options. Format Group stage: Four round-robin format groups. Each group has four teams. Group winners advance to the upper bracket. Second and third-place teams from groups proceed to the lower bracket. Playoffs: Double-elimination bracket. All matches are best-of-three. Grand final is best-of-five. The team from the upper bracket will have a one map advantage going into the grand finals. Teams Astralis (invited) device duphreeh Xyp9x Magisk JUGi Coach: Zonic Complexity Gaming (invited) oBo blameF RUSH k0nfig poizon Coach: keita ENCE (invited) allu sergej Aerial suNny Jamppi Coach: Twista FaZe Clan (invited) rain olofmeister coldzera broky Coach: YNk Fnatic (invited) KRIMZ Brollan flusha Golden Coach: Samuelsson G2 Esports (invited) kennyS JaCkz AmaNEk nexa huNter- Coach: maLeK Heroic (invited) stavn b0RUP cadiaN TeSeS niko Coach: HUNDEN Mad Lions (invited) acoR sjuush Bubzki roeJ AcilioN Coach: peacemaker mousesports (invited) chrisJ ropz karrigan woxic frozen Coach: Rejin Natus Vincere (invited) flamie s1mple electronic Boombl4 Perfecto B1ad3 North (invited) aizy gade cajunb MSL kristou Coach: Jumpy Ninjas in Pyjamas (invited) REZ Lekr0 Plopski twist nawwk Coach: THREAT Team Vitality (invited) apEX RpK ZywOo shox misutaaa Coach: XTQZZZ GODSENT (closed qualifer) kRYSTAL Maikelele STYKO zehN maden Coach: Devilwalk Team Spirit (closed qualifer) somedieyoung chopper iDISBALNCE mir magixx Coach: Certus BIG (DreamHack Open Leipzig 2020) tabseN tiziaN XANTARES syrsoN k1to Coach: tow b Schedule The group stage of DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 kicks off today at 7am CT. Three best-of-three matches will t be played per day through May 30. The playoffs begin on June 8, with the grand finals concluding a week later on June 14. Where to watch The best place to watch the tournament is on DreamHack's official Counter-Strike Twitch broadcast. There, you can find commentary from Hugo Byron, JustHarry, launders, and Scrawny, with analysis from vENdetta, Pimp, potter, and bleh.