11 February 2020 14:22

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rebecca black

Rebecca Black just posted a candid statement about her mental health where she detailed the depression she faced when she was younger. Black, now a YouTuber, rose to notorious fame with her single "Friday" in 2011. It quickly became a meme because of Black's unusual way of singing and the simplistic lyrics. But it wasn't so funny in reality, because Black had to leave school because of how much she was bullied. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories.

'Friday' singer Rebecca Black shared the advice she'd give her 13-year-old self alongside a photo that shows how much she's changed

Rebecca Black, who rose to viral, meme-able fame with her single "Friday" in 2011, posted a candid statement on her social media where she revealed how long she's been battling her mental health. She said she wished she could go back to when her song was uploaded nine years ago and talk to her 13-year-old self who was "terribly ashamed" and "afraid of the world." "To my 15 year old self who felt like she had nobody to talk to about the depression she faced," she wrote. "To my 17 year old self who would get to school only to get food thrown at her and her friends. To my 19 year olf self who had almost every producer / songwriter tell me they'd never work with me [sic]." Black was bullied out of school in 2011 shortly after her song came out because people would mock her lyrics and the way she sang. "When I walk by [other kids will] start singing 'Friday' in a really nasally voice," she told ABC at the time. "Or, you know, they'll be like, 'Oh hey, Rebecca, guess what day it is?'" Black said she was even writing to herself now for the days where she looks in the mirror and feels "disgusting." "I'm trying to remind myself more and more that every day is a new opportunity to shift your reality and lift your spirit," she said. "You are not defined by any one choice or thing. Time heals and nothing is finite. It's a process that's never too late to begin." She said she knew her post was a bit weird, but it felt good "if nothing else" to say it. She uploaded the statement next to a still from her "Friday" video and a new selfie of her today, emphasizing just how much she has changed since then. YouTuber mega star Gabbie Hanna replied to her post, saying, "BETTER F---IN SNAP AND SHOW EVERYONE UR ARTISTRY" with eight clapping emojis. Black is also now a YouTuber with over a million subscribers. She still makes music but also vlogs about her life and mental health. In one recent video, she answered fans' questions about her mental health. She said her early 20s had been some of the weirdest and informative years of her life, and how moving out to live on her own is when her life began. She said as a teenager, she had "no sense of self" and was trying to fit into everyone else's idea of who she should be. "I really lost touch with the girl I was growing into and I let my anxiety over what everybody thought of me take over," she said. "So peeling back those layers again, and trying to get back to feeling like a real person and trusting myself and being truly confident in the person that I am, that's been a very long road and I still have a lot to go." Read more: A music video about the coronavirus is going viral Jeffree Star previewed his new Blood Lust eyeshadow palette and makeup collection in an Instagram teaser The best 2020 Oscars memes included Billie Eilish reactions, Eminem confusion, and plenty of love for Bong Joon Ho Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau's break-up was worth more than $600 million in media value — here's how their careers benefited from the whirlwind romance TikTok's influencer home Hype House has some notable similarities to Jake Paul's Team 10 YouTuber collective