15 February 2020 04:57

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Trae Young reflects on meeting Obama

Trae Young is already an NBA star and he's not planning to stop there. The sophomore point guard is having a terrific season, individually speaking, but it's not a secret every NBA fan believes he needs help to lift the Atlanta Hawks. Recently, during an appearance on ESPN's The Jump, Young was inquired about this situation by Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen. After praising him for his shooting skills and the improvement he's made in his game, Pippen went straight to the point and asked him how long a player of his caliber can handle losing. "Not long.

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Not long," he replied. "My mind is focused on winning and figure out a way to help my team win and that's my main priority, just try to help my team win and obviously it's been tough, last year and this year so far, we haven't been able to really find that edge that helps us win. A lot of people look at the fact that I'm super young. I'm just trynna help our team win, trynna find a way and I think it will come." Young has all the talent in the world to take the Hawks to be important in the league once again. However, that's not going to happen if he doesn't get the help he needs to transcend in the Eastern Conference.

nba all-star game

This season he's averaging 29.2 points, 9.2 assists and 4.4 rebounds per game while shooting 44.3 percent from the field, 36.9 from deep and 85.2 from the free-throw line. This kid is already doing big things in the league, but he needs something or somebody else to make a bigger impact on the Hawks. There's no skirting around it: the Atlanta Hawks are one of the worst teams in the NBA. At 15-41 on the season, they're 14th in the East and are lottery-bound yet again. The lone bright spot has been Trae Young, who in his sophomore season and played well enough despite his team's record to earn his first All-Star nod in Chicago this weekend.

nba all-star game

Young's talent is undeniable. He's one of the most electrifying young players in the league, and his ability to score and shoot from anywhere makes him a nightmare for defenders. Still, the concern is that the constant losing can take its toll on an up-and-coming player like himself. Young is well aware of that pitfall, and in an appearance on The Jump in Chicago prior to his All-Star duties, he answered a pretty tough question from Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen regarding just how much more of it he can take before it starts to have a negative impact on his development and his team. For Young, the answer is, in no small measure, having an open line to the front office and being able to discuss their on-court needs moving forward.

Trae Young joined #TheJump and Scottie Pippen asked him: "how long can a player of your caliber take losing?" pic.twitter.com/OmJHKD4IIp — Rachel Nichols (@Rachel__Nichols) February 14, 2020 "The best part about our front office is that they're very open," he said. "Especially with me, about helping me get better, helping our team get better. We're just all trying to figure out our way to help this team, this organization get better, so I trust our front office in making the moves, and they've made some moves already." The deal lhe's referring to is the massive, three-team, 12-player deal that sent Clint Capela to the Hawks before the trade deadline. It's a move that won't make much of an impact this season but is definitely in line with future thinking. Right now, however, Young can leave all that behind for a few days and just enjoy the experience as a first-time All-Star and everything that entails. Trae Young shared his impacts after meeting President Barack Obama in NBA Cares occasion in Chicago. The Hawks' leader was amazed that Obama is enjoying Young's video games as well as likes his design of play. "[He said] he simply likes enjoying me. He views me constantly as well as he stated exactly how it's mosting likely to transform for theHawks It's insane he understood all the various aspects of me." Young stated. The NBA's All-Star Weekend is always an opportunity to watch the best players in the game put on a show. So it's only fitting at Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young unleashed another nutmeg on his opponent in the Rising Stars Challenge. While defense is hard to come by in this fun All-Star event, New York Knicks rookie RJ Barrett thought he might have a chance to guard Atlanta's star guard. That's when Young pulled out his iconic move and left Barrett in his dust with the stadium erupt with delight in seeing Young pull off another nutmeg. Different city, same Ice Trae ❄️ pic.twitter.com/Mo7zqllF2n — Atlanta Hawks (@ATLHawks) February 15, 2020 It's going to be quite a busy weekend for Young. While most players get to enjoy time off, he's competing in the Rising Stars Challenge on Friday, the Three-Point Shootout on Saturday and will play for Team Giannis in the All-Star Game on Sunday. This likely won't be the last nutmeg we see Young pull off in these games either.