02 January 2020 12:33

EastEnders Honey Mitchell Emma Barton


Last night saw Elizabeth Bancroft (played by Sarah Parish) follow her estranged son Joe (Adam Long) to the hotel he was staying in with his shady girlfriend Annabelle Connors (Charlotte Hope). But she didn't just stalk her son, she also watched him enjoy passionate sex with his partner. After following Joe to the hotel, viewers saw a very awkward encounter between the mother and son, who haven't spoken for almost two years. Joe under suspicion of murdering his girlfriend's father and stepmother, so Elizabeth stepped in to try and work out where her son's head was at. Annabelle's parents were both murdered and left after a bloody slaying but viewers have decided the girlfriend might not be as innocent as she appears.

Bancroft: 'Disgusting' Fans left horrified by Elizabeth's son's sex scene

And Bancroft was keen to find out more about the new lovers which led to viewers being left horrified by one scene in particular. READ MORE: Coronation Street spoilers: Jade Rowan to abduct Hope Stape