12 November 2020 02:31

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A cordon was up around the police station in Fore Street, Edmonton, in north London, after the crash took place at 6.58pm this evening. Sirens were seen flashing around the station, while officers circled the scene to ensure members of the public did not get too close. A London police station was evacuated after a car crashed into the front of the building, with the driver getting out and setting fire to the road. Metropolitan Police said a car "collided with the station office" in Edmonton at 6.58pm and that a man in his forties had been arrested on suspicion of arson and other offences. No injuries have been reported, but specialist officers were called to the scene to examine the car while a cordon was put in place.

Please use Chrome browser for a more accessible video player Man pours liquid and sets fire to road in Edmonton Met Police said on Wednesday night that it was "a local investigation but is being supported by counter-terrorism officers". Video shows a man leaving the crashed car, walking a short distance and pouring liquid on a busy road before setting it alight. Another video shows police pull up and pin the suspect to the ground, as buses wait in the busy north London street. Ogur Mazlum, 34, works nearby and witnessed the the car hitting the police station on Fore Street. Mrs Mazlum said another man ran across the street to intervene after the suspect started the fire.

By 10.15pm the cordon around the station had been reduced and police officers were allowed back in. Mr Khan tweeted: "I'm grateful to the police officers and other emergency services who brought the situation under control and continue to investigate the incident." ANTI-TERROR cops are investigating after a man smashed a car into a North London police station, resulting in a mass evacuation. Police arrested the driver, in his 40s, after he doused a street in flammable liquid and set it ablaze outside Edmonton Police station on Wednesday. 19 The car crashed into the entrance of the Edmonton Police Station 19 Flammable liquid was set alight in the middle of the road Credit: Splash News 19 A man was arrested at the scene in North London after the flames were doused by cops Credit: Splash News 19 Above: police arresting a man near the bus stop while to the left, flames can be seen on the road Credit: Twitter 19 A man was arrested at the scene (near bus stop, right), say Met Police, after flames were extinguished in front of onlookers (left) Credit: PA:Press Association The Met Police have confirmed that at about 7pm, "a vehicle was driven at the station office at Edmonton Police Station in Fore Street, Edmonton. "He is now in custody at a north London police station." The spokesperson added that the crashed car remains in front of the cop shop, where it has been examined by specialist officers. Counter-terrorism officers are "supporting the investigation", added the Met Police. Video footage shows the man pouring a liquid from a container onto the busy street moments after a car crashed into the police station at 7pm. Witnesses can be heard shouting as a police car pulls up and officers run out to tackle the man at a bus stop metres away. The man is then wrestled to the floor and officers are heard shouting "get back" before dousing the flames in the road using a fire extinguisher. In a further update overnight, the Met Police said that, as of 10.30pm, officers have now returned to Edmonton station "and residents who were evacuated as a precaution have returned home. Peter Allimadi, 30, from Edmonton, who works in Whitehall, told the Press Association (PA) news agency he heard "shouting, a loud crash and sirens from everywhere". 19 Edmonton Green Station was also cordoned off on Wednesday night Credit: @999London 19 The vehicle 'collided into the station' at about 7pm, say cops Credit: London News Pictures 19 Edmonton Police Station was evacuated as a result of the crash Credit: Gary Stone - The Sun 19 A man doused the busy road with flammable liquid Credit: Splash News 19 It was soon set alight in the middle of the road, near buses, cars and vans Credit: Splash News 19 The scene in North London, with the car on the footpath on Wednesday Credit: Twitter Store manager Ogur Mazlum, 34, works nearby and witnessed the moment the car crashed into the cop shop. "Then he said I have to shut the phone quickly… that was when the car crashed into the front of the police station." Mrs Mazlum said her shocked husband realised that the vehicle had crashed through an exterior glass entrance to the police station, and a man was unable to enter through a second barrier despite his attempts. "He poured it down from the car into the middle of the road and then he just set it on fire." Mrs Mazlum, 32, added that "luckily" the man had "missed a spot" and the flaming petrol did not reach traffic which had stopped on the road nearby. Sadiq Khan, mayor of London, said on Twitter: "I'm grateful to the police officers and other emergency services who brought the situation under control and continue to investigate the incident." 19 Police officers secure the cordon around Edmonton police station Credit: Getty Images - Getty 19 There's a huge police presence in the area, after a car was reported to have smashed into the Edmonton Police Station Credit: @999London 19 Police officers and a forensic investigator cover a vehicle at the entrance of Edmonton Police station Credit: London News Pictures