18 November 2019 00:37

Eleanor Tomlinson as Amy in War Of The Worlds (Picture: BBC)

the war of the worlds

The writers, led by the creator Jesse Armstrong, who also gave us Peep Show, weave just-about-plausible and sympathetic characters from a web of insults and backstabbing, and tight editing and camerawork ratchets up tension from a slow-moving plot." HBO 33/47 Kathy Burke's All Woman "In Kathy Burke's All Women on Channel 4, the unapologetic, effing-and-blinding, salt-of-the-earth actor meets lots of different women – from nuns to reality stars – to understand what it means to be a member of the fairer sex, so to speak, in 2019." Channel 4 34/47 The Capture "So here we have an intriguing, but rather flawed sort of Big Brother thriller set in our contemporary world of digital snooping, near constant surveillance and (a topical touch) widespread use of facial recognition technology." BBC/Heyday Films/Nick Wall 35/47 Top Boy "Top Boy can be bleak and violent, with dialogue so naturalistic that it verges on the impenetrable, but in telling stories that rarely get heard, it asks us to think differently about the city we live in." Netflix 36/47 Criminal "Criminal uses its small canvas to ask big questions. The foul language; the visceral hatred; the unbearable tensions; the violence being inflicted on ancient institutions and this poor old knackered country by the Tories, as if with chainsaws and zombie knives – it was like watching my first Saw movie." Pro Co 38/47 World on Fire "In a TV world where too often we are encouraged to see the Nazis as warm and cuddly real people with emotions, it's refreshing that they are here relegated back to pure baddies, strafing cafes, shooting surrendering fathers and generally being Nazi-ish about things." BBC/Mammoth Screen 39/47 Catherine the Great "At last, an answer to the question, what could be more fabulous than Helen Mirren playing The Queen? Modern Love is adapted from a New York Times column (it also spawned a hit podcast) and is as much a valentine to a fantasia vision of Manhattan as it is a dissection of the human heart." Amazon Studios 42/47 Watchmen "Damon Lindelof's version of the beloved graphic novel is a compelling demonstration of what can happen when source material is treated with sensitivity and imagination." HBO 43/47 Warrior Women "Arriving in the wake of Marvel's Black Panther, the film highlights the links between the saga of the real-life Agoji women, who fought in the former Kingdom of Dahomey (located in modern-day Benin), and the all-women comic-book world protectors known as Dora Milaje." Channel 4 44/47 The Accident "The writer Jack Thorne says his latest four-part drama, which explores the aftermath of a disaster on a small community, was shaped by the Grenfell Tower fire. Eleanor Tomlinson as Amy in War Of The Worlds (Picture: BBC)

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