24 October 2019 02:38

Electric bike

Bike blunder puts Lottie Lion's Apprentice place in jeopardy

Lord Sugar fired another candidate in The Apprentice 2019 results tonight - but who left this week? This evening's episode saw Lubna Farhan become the fourth candidate to be fired from the BBC One business show. In this week's episode, Lord Sugar summoned the candidates to London's Transport Museum. "I want you to design a new electric bike," Lord Sugar instructed. "You need to create a prototype, plan and host your own launch event and pitch your electric bikes to retailers.

Team Unison was led by Thomas Skinner, with Riyonn Farsad, Lottie Lion, Lubna Farhan, Marianne Rawlins, Scarlett Allen-Horton and Riyonn Farsad. Half of each team went to Nottingham to develop their new bikes while the other half of each team stayed in central London to choose accessories and create marketing materials. Team Unison produced a bake called E-Fit and sold lycra clothing accessories while Team Empower created a bike named Aphrodite and sold a smart bicycle helmet. Team Unison made orders from their bike and accessories totalling of £437,700. Team Empower made total orders of an impressive £1,265,210, easily winning the task.

For their treat, Team Empower went go karting while Team Unison stayed to face Lord Sugar in the final boardroom. Delivering his verdict, Lord Sugar said: "Lubna, we haven't seen you do much in the first four weeks and so it is with regret that you're fired." The Apprentice 2019 continues next Wednesday night at 9PM on BBC One. THE Apprentice week four was a bit more technical and there were quite a few components to this one. The two teams on The Apprentice needed to create the best electric bike with an accessory and there were some mixed results. 8 Some of the team members really ballsed it up on The Apprentice Credit: BBC 8 Aphrodite managed to get Empower over a million in sales Credit: BBC I didn't expect Empower's Aphrodite to sell that well because I thought it was a really ugly bike. Iasha (the project manager) did ramble a little bit but she came up with a great story for it.

8 Unison were arguing about their bike Credit: BBC On team Unison, I completely understood why Tom changed the name from Boundary to E-Fit, even though E-Fit does sound a little bit like an E-cigarette. Lubna, when she was trying to sell the attire, I think it all got a bit scrambled. 8 The behind-the-scenes drama surrounding Lottie is obviously affecting how people are treating her Credit: BBC Even down to the project manager and who should be sub-team leader, she was like "my parents have bikes" and was basically the perfect candidate and Tom didn't choose her. 8 Tom was exasperated - but he was leading the team Credit: BBC 8 Marianne and Tom clashed in the boardroom - as Lubna hung back Credit: BBC 8 I felt for Lubna when she tried to sell Credit: BBC I think Marianne defended herself really well in the boardroom and it changed my opinion of her completely. Because she did so well, I think she rambled a little bit, but she created that product and she eventually lead the team to get over a million in sales.

The Apprentice star Lottie Lion and her team are involved in an awkward moment during this weeks task, resulting in them losing out on vital sales. For week four, Lord Sugar summons the candidates to The London Transport Museum, where he reveals that teams will be creating and selling their own range of electric bikes, as well as bike accessories. They must create a prototype, then plan and host their launch event where they'll attempt to sell their products to some of the UK's biggest cycle retailers. Lottie, who is from Devon, along with events manager Riyonn Farsad and risk management consultancy owner Marianne Rawlins try to peddle their teams bikes to retailers at the event. Somerset's hopeful in this years The Apprentice Lottie Lion had a lucky escape from being fired after a shaky performance on tonights show.

Lottie Lion, from Taunton was part of the losing team on tonights Apprentice (Wednesday, 23 October). For week four, Lord Sugar tasked the candidates to create a new range of electric bikes as well as bike accessories. The teams had to create a prototype, then plan and host a launch event where they'll attempt to sell their products to some of the UK's biggest cycle retailers. Along with Riyonn Farsad and risk management consultancy owner Marianne Rawlins attempted to sell their teams red bike to retailers. The price for the bike was set at £1,200 and pushing for sales Lottie agrees to sell 20 units at £1,200 per unit. Lottie, trying to salvage the extra cash, looks set to re-negotiate, saying: "That is something we could consider sir, would you like to do 25 bikes?" The Apprentice contestants had to invent two new electric bikes on this evening's show. Lord Alan Sugar was completely bewildered by the victory and was quick to congratulate Iasha and her team.