05 November 2020 18:45

Elsa Raven Back to the Future Titanic

Elsa Raven, an actress who appeared in "Back to the Future" and "Amen," died Monday at the age of 91, according to reports. Perhaps Raven's most notable role came in "Back to the Future," where she played the memorable character of the woman who pushes to save the clocktower. She also appeared in "Titanic" as Ida Strauss, although most of her scenes were cut from the final movie. She was still featured in Celene Dion's music video for "My Heart will Go On." Raven also appeared in the movie "Amenity Horror." She made several appearances on television as well. In "Amen," she played a maid named Inga who appeared in several seasons on the show.

Elsa Raven, ‘Back to the Future’, ‘Titanic’ actress, dead at 91

She also was known for her roles on shows like "Wiseguy," "Days of Our Lives" and "Seinfeld." The actress was born as Elsa Rabinowitz, but used Raven as a stage name when she began her acting career. She got her first movie role in 1970 in "The Honeymoon Killers."