31 May 2019 22:59

Emma Stone hosts a brand new episode of Saturday Night Live with musical guest, Korea’s BTS.

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Tonight, perennial SNL favorite Emma Stone is back at Studio 8-H to host Saturday Night Live for her 4th time! In a season dominated by first-time hosts, tonight at 11:30pm on NBC, SNL EP Lorne Michaels calls on veteran Emma Stone to handle the Saturday Night Live hosting duties. After this evening's edition of the Emmy Award winning variety series, Emma Stone will be just one episode away from membership in the very prestigious Saturday Night Live Five-Timers Club when she will be presented with an even more prestigious SNL 5TC smoking jacket. Emma Stone made her Saturday Night Live hosting debut on Saturday, October 23, 2010 during SNL-Season 36 not long after the release of her movie "Easy A", her first starring role in a film. Emma was back at 30 Rock a year later for SNL-Season 37 to promote her new superhero movie, "The Amazing Spider-Man." Her third Saturday Night Live hosting gig happened in December, 2016 during SNL-Season 42 to plug "La La Land," the film that earned her an Academy Award.

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With three previous SNL shows under her belt, Emma Stone has quickly become part of Saturday Night Live's modern history. She's been in already-classic sketches where she played a sexy Chrissy Knox poster come-to-life, became part of an office cleaning crew who puts on a Christmas spectacular for the employees, performed as member of a clueless, but overly-serious high school drama club trying to prove they're woke by putting on a stage show promoting "Black Lives Matter" and she also played Mary the Mother of the Baby Jesus who while still at the Nativity, isn't too thrilled with all the guests including shepherds and Wise Men, dropping in right after she just gave birth in a barn. You could say that Emma Stone has done it all on Saturday Night Live. Emma Stone has also appeared with some of Saturday Night Live's most popular recurring characters during her SNL appearances. Emma has been hit with a news microphone by former cast member Bill Hader's elderly local TV reporter character Herb Welch and she's played on the 1964 TV game show "Secret Word" versus former SNL cast member Kristen Wiig as starlet Mindy Elise Grayson.


Last week, we saw former Saturday Night Live cast member Jason Sudeikis return to SNL in the form of his recurring character, Veep Joe Biden. Plus, there's the ongoing college admissions scandal and Lori "Aunt Becky" Loughlin's continued negotiations with the D.A. to cut a deal which could be used as comedy material this evening, along with the first-ever photo of a black hole, the alleged Mar-a-Lago Chinese spy trying to sneak into the Winter (and pretty much every weekend too) White House, VP Mike Pence versus Democratic darling Mayor Pete, Delta Airlines refitting their passenger seats so they don't recline as much to avoid in-air conflicts and the Amazon Studios hit original show "Transparent" killing off its former star Jeffrey Tambor's character in its final episode following the actor's sexual misconduct allegations. With Emma Stone being one of SNL's favorites when it comes to current recurring hosts, they put out an extra promo for her this week. She's getting the 15 second montage treatment in the first of the Saturday Night Live promos this week which we have below for you to enjoy. In the next promo, Emma Stone is joined by the ladies of the Saturday Night Live cast, Kate, Melissa, Heidi and Ego (wait, where's Cecily and Lil' Baby Aidy?) for a slumber party and some girl talk about this week's musical guest BTS, the worldwide boy band sensation from South Korea.

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In the third promo, the stage gets a little crowded when Emma Stone is joined by cast member Cecily Strong (oh, there she is) and musical guest BTS as the women try their best to contain their fandom. Emma Stone hosts a brand new episode of Saturday Night Live with musical guest, Korea's BTS. And SNL returns live in two weeks on Saturday, May 3rd with former cast member turned comedy movie star Adam Sandler hosting for the very first time! Perfect in purple: Taylor Swift looked lovely in lilac as she lead the best dressed stars on the red carpet of The Billboard Music Awards Wednesday Whether you're here for BTS or Emma Stone, here's how to watch the Saturday Night Live season 44 episode 18 live stream online later tonight. I am also very much not in the key BTS demographic, however, as they might arguably be one of the few Saturday Night Live musical guests that outrank such a host as Emma Stone.

Yes, the promos for this week's SNL even have some of the female cast members dressing up as girls at a slumber party camping out until BTS shows up at 30 Rock to perform. The BTS ARMY being reduced to high-pitched, nasally girls aside (something they've already shown displeasure for), we shouldn't be distracted from the fact that this is Emma Stone's fourth time hosting Saturday Night Live.

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