25 March 2020 15:03

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WITH weeks of coronavirus lockdown ahead of us many of us will be looking to Netflix to keep us entertained over the next few weeks. And now you can put your Netflix binges to the test with a tricky new movie quiz that is driving the web wild. A tricky new quiz will put your movie knowledge to the test The infuriating test challenges players to guess the 24 movie titles from a sequence of emojis. While some will be a doddle to solve others will leave you scratching your head, with only true film buffs coming out on top. Some emojis sequences "spell out" the title, while others contain famous clues from the films.

Think you know your James Bond from your Jaws? Scroll down to take the quiz, answers can be found at the bottom of the page. Answers Silence of the Lambs Four Weddings and a Funeral Castaway E.T. The Sixth Sense Edward Scissorhands Blood Diamond Psycho Les Miserables Brokeback Mountain Moneyball King's Speech Finding Nemo Wolf Of Wall Street Blade Runner The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Raging Bull A Clockwork Orange American Beauty Casino Royale The Blair Witch Project Trainspotting Fight Club Lord of the Rings Most read in Fabulous THE BOOBS ARE BACK Katie Salmon returns to Cheltenham 2 years after BAN for flashing boobs TO CATCH A CHEAT Furious wife beats and strips her husband's suspected mistress in the street - but crowd does nothing TAKING THE PISS Disgusting man PEES from airport seat in front of shocked passengers Exclusive 'WE BECAME CLOSE' The true story behind Prince Charles and his anti-monarchist Welsh tutor JACK BACK Niall Quinn believes Euro 2020 achievement could surpass Jack Charlton glory days COP HATER Shocking moment ex-con ambushes NYPD precinct hours after he shot cop in the neck In other news, we challenged you to spot the bee among the flowers. And can you guess the movie from what the character's home might look like? Plus can you find the EIGHT differences in this brainteaser challenge and beat the 58 second record?

A tricky emoji quiz has been circulating on WhatsApp as bored workers struggle to keep themselves entertained during the coronavirus lockdown. The test, originally created by Nikki Spiers, challenges players to name 24 film titles based on a series of emojis. Some of the emoji sequences 'spell out' the words in the title, while others serve as cryptic clues. The films represent a range of genres so you really will have to be a movie buff to score full marks. Think you have what it takes? Scroll down to take the test and then check your answers at the bottom - but no cheating! ANSWERS