30 November 2019 16:38

England national football team UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying Tom Heaton

Euro 2020 finals draw: What time does it start today, which teams have qualified and how can I watch it live?

England and Wales will find out their fate at the Euro 2020 draw this afternoon as the 20 qualified teams and four yet to be decided play-off places are grouped. The group stage draw will take place in Bucharest on Saturday 30 November at 5pm GMT. Belgium, Italy, Poland, Russia, Spain, Ukraine, France, Turkey, England, Czech Republic, Finland, Sweden, Croatia, Austria, Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland, Denmark and Wales have already qualified for next summer's tournament. Euro 2020 will be the first championships to be hosted by multiple countries – 12 in total, including England, Scotland and the Republic of Ireland. 'Host nations' are not guaranteed to qualify for the tournament, but those who do will play at least two group stage games in their own country.

The draw for the play-offs will take place on 22 November in Nyon, with the 16 nations split into four paths based on Nations League performances. This means that the identity of the four play-off winners will not be known at the time of the finals draw on 30 November. The draw for the 2020 European Championship takes place tonight as the nations who have sealed their spot at next summer's finals discover their group stage opponents. The draw for the finals of Euro 2020 will take place in Bucharest, Romania tonight They are as follows: Belgium, Italy, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Spain, France, Turkey, Czech Republic, England, Finland, Sweden, Croatia, Austria, Holland, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland, Denmark and Wales. The other four finalists will be decided by the play-offs in March, which consist of one-legged semi-finals and finals linked to performance in the UEFA Nations League, which ran prior to the qualification group stage starting.

The six best-performing nations from the qualifiers - Belgium, Italy, England, Germany, Spain and Ukraine - are therefore in Pot One. POTS FOR EURO 2020 DRAW Pot 1 Belgium, Italy (hosts), England (hosts), Germany (hosts), Spain (hosts), Ukraine Pot 2 France, Poland, Switzerland, Croatia, Holland (hosts), Russia (hosts) Pot 3 Portugal, Turkey, Denmark (hosts), Austria, Sweden, Czech Republic Pot 4 Wales, Finland, Winner play-off Path A (Iceland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania), Winner play-off Path B (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland), Winner play-off Path C (Scotland, Norway, Serbia, Israel), Winner play-off Path D (Georgia, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Belarus) And therefore, the host nations that have qualified have already been placed in the relevant groups. It was decided at the Euro 2020 play-off draw earlier this month that Denmark will play all three of their group games in Copenhagen, while Russia will play two in Saint Petersburg and travel to Copenhagen to face Denmark. If the host nations in the play-offs in March - Romania, Scotland, Republic of Ireland and Hungary - get through, they will play two group matches at home. POSSIBILITIES FOR EACH GROUP Group A (hosts: Rome, Baku) Italy France/Poland/Switzerland/Croatia Portugal/Turkey/Austria/Sweden/Czech Republic Finland/Wales Group B (Saint Petersburg, Copenhagen) Belgium Russia Denmark Finland/Wales Group C (Amsterdam, Bucharest) Ukraine Holland Portugal/Turkey/Austria/Sweden/Czech Republic Winner play-off path A or D* Group D (London, Glasgow) England France/Poland/Switzerland/Croatia Portugal/Turkey/Austria/Sweden/Czech Republic Winner play-off path C Group E (Bilbao, Dublin) Spain France/Poland/Switzerland/Croatia Portugal/Turkey/Austria/Sweden/Czech Republic Winner play-off path B Group F (Munich, Budapest) Germany France/Poland/Switzerland/Croatia Portugal/Turkey/Austria/Sweden/Czech Republic Winner play-off path A or D* * The Path for the team from Pot 4 will be determined as follows: If Iceland, Bulgaria or Hungary win Path A then they go in Group F; the winner of Path D complete Group C. They can't go into Groups D, E or F because England, Spain and Germany are also both hosts and top seeds.

We know it will contain Belgium, Russia and Denmark plus either Finland or Wales from pot four. So Group A has Italy in it and one of France/Poland/Switzerland/Croatia from Pot Two, one of Portugal/Turkey/Austria/Sweden/Czech Republic from Pot Three, and either Finland/Wales from Pot Four. Probably the worst draw England can get in Group D is the reigning world champions France, the reigning European champions Portugal and then Serbia from Play-off Path C. Both Romania and Hungary are hosts and therefore have a right to play most of their group games at home, but they've both ended up in Play-off Path A along with Iceland and Bulgaria. The draw for the group stages of next year's Euro 2020 Championships.

So far England, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Portugal, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Denmark, Croatia, Spain, Sweden, Poland, Austria, France, Turkey, Belgium, Russia, Italy, Finland and Wales have already confirmed their places. There are still four places up for grabs through the play-offs, which will be contested by the following 16 teams: Iceland, Bosnia, Slovakia, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Serbia, Bulgaria, Israel, Hungary, Romania, Georgia, North Macedonia, Kosovo and Belarus. That's because the tournament is spread across 12 different European cities with Wembley set to host the semi-finals and final as well as England's three group stage games. The day has finally arrived as the Euro 2020 draw is held and Wales and the rest discover who they will be playing next summer. Pot 3: Portugal, Turkey, Denmark (hosts), Austria, Sweden, Czech Republic If Wales go into group A, their matches will be played in Rome, Italy and Baku, Azerbaijan.

If they are placed in group B, Ryan Giggs' troops will play their games in Saint Petersburg, Russia and Copenhagen, Denmark.