09 October 2020 04:30

England vs Wales Adam Kovic

Adam Kovic, Ryan Haywood Leave Rooster Teeth Amid Allegations Of Grooming Fans Adam Kovic and Ryan Haywood have exited Funhaus and Rooster Teeth after explicit photos were leaked online alongside allegations the pair were soliciting underage fans. Explicit photos of Haywood were allegedly sent to Tessa Graves, a young fan who states she was 17 years old when she received the photos in 2017. In a video posted to YouTube, Graves explained her side of the story, claiming Haywood believed she was 18 when he sent her the photos and didn't know her real age. At the time, Waywood would have been 36. READ MORE Rooster Teeth Lays Off 50 People Amid Restructure In the video, Graves recounted her experiences, detailing a photograph she accidentally sent to Haywood which kicked off sexual communication with the former host.

Adam Kovic, Ryan Haywood Leave Rooster Teeth Amid Allegations Of Grooming Fans

Graves alleges herself and Haywood made plans to have sex and exchanged nudes during this time. Photographs of both Haywood and former host Adam Kovic were later leaked to 4chan, although the source of the leaks is currently unclear. According to reports, Kovic's photographs were obtained via a catfishing scam but this has yet to be confirmed. In a (now locked) Twitter post Kovic stated he'd been the victim of "an unbelievable breach of privacy." He also apologised for his behaviour and to his wife. In the wake of these leaks, both hosts have been asked to leave Rooster Teeth. They will no longer have anything to do with Achievement Hunter or Funhaus. In a Twitter statement, the company announced they had parted ways with Haywood and Kovic in an effort to uphold their company values, with Rooster Teeth programming set to continue without the pair. The news took the rest of the Rooster Teeth team by shock, with many voicing their surprise, disappointment and disgust. Both Achievement Hunter and Funhaus have temporarily postponed future streaming plans. When the shows return, they're set to look very different.