11 December 2020 06:51

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  • Epic Games has officially announced that Halo’s Master Chief will be joining Season 5 of Fortnite.

Epic Games has officially announced that Halo’s Master Chief will be joining Season 5 of Fortnite.

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Master Chief, ‘Walking Dead’ characters to join ‘Fortnite’

Epic Games has officially announced that Halo's Master Chief will be joining Season 5 of Fortnite. It's the latest tie-in for the popular battle royale game, which previously added skins based on God Of War's Kratos was revealed on December 4 as well as The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda. The Master Chief skin reveal comes just a week after the skin was leaked. The Master Chief skin will be available later tonight (December 10). The classic Halo map Blood Gulch will also be added to Fortnite Creative tomorrow (December) at 10am ET, alongside a capture the flag game mode.

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Watch the trailer for the Master Chief skin below. Epic Games has also teased the arrival of two The Walking Dead characters in Fortnite. Daryl Dixon and Michonne (played by Norman Reedus and Danai Gurira in the TV series, respectively) will be available in the battle royal game on December 16. Check out the teaser for the two The Walking Dead characters here. Season 5 of Fortnite launched on December 2 with a brand-new storyline.

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In other Fortnite news, Epic Games recently announced that it would be cancelling all in-person events for the game in 2021. The developer said that, in order to focus on the health and safety of the players and staff, there are currently no plans to hold in-person events, including the Fortnite World Cup. A teaser for the next chapter in the Mass Effect universe was shown off tonight during The Game Awards 2020. The next Mass Effect game is in the early stages, but that didn't stop Bioware from teasing us tonight. Next to nothing is known and about the game, and while Bioware wouldn't say more on it when it was announced as in the works last month, the studio said at the time it is "looking forward" to sharing information on it in the future. Until more is shown or revealed, you have Mass Effect Legendary Edition to look forward to.

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It will include single-player content and DLC from the first three games, plus promo weapons, armors, and packs all optimized for 4k Ultra HD. It will be available in spring 2021 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, with forwarding compatibility and targeted enhancements on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Master Chief is now available in Fortnite through the Item Shop. Among this set in Fortnite is the Master Chief Outfit, available individually or in the Master Chief Bundle with the rest of the set. Here's more from Epic Games: Plus, with the traversal Lil' Warthog Emote, you can take a mini-M12 Force Application Vehicle for an off-road or on-road drive in the game.

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When you play a match on Xbox Series X/S after purchasing the Master Chief Outfit, you'll unlock the Outfit's Matte Black Style. Plus, you can also slip into Fortnite Creative for a recreation of the classic multiplayer map Blood Gulch made by Atlas Creative where you can play Capture the Flag. "Is that Vin Diesel?" I asked, watching the announcement trailer for Ark 2. "Have they copied Vin Diesel's face?" Then he grunted. "IS THAT A REAL VIN DIESEL GRUNT?" Then he spoke.

IT IS VIN DIESEL. Yes, Riddick/Groot/Dom stars in the sequel to Studio Wildcard's dinosaur-hunting sandbox survival game, which is… what is this even going to be? They also announced an Ark animated series with a voice cast including Karl Urban, David Tennant, Michelle Yeoh, Elliot Page, and Russell Crowe. Studio Wildcard haven't explained anything about the game yet, so it's a big ol' mystery. The trailer certainly makes it look like a God Of War-sorta dad 'n' kid adventure rather than a survival sandbox, but it is only a trailer. I'm wary of Ark trailers in particular because none have ever captured my experiences with Ark: Survival Evolved – of not having any cool stuff, and needing to turn the draw distance down to five metres so my PC doesn't melt. Weird mysteries. Also weird: the star lineup assembled for Ark: The Animated Series. What a remarkable series of things to spring from a survival sandbox riddled with grinding and griefing. It sure looks like they're trying to redirect its runaway success into something more prestigious. Ark: Survival Evolved gets an animated series David Tennant, Russell Crowe, Vin Diesel, Elliot Page among the cast of show coming in 2022 Rebekah Valentine Senior Staff Writer Friday 11th December 2020 Share this article Share Companies in this article Studio Wildcard Ark: Survival Evolved is getting an animated series, aptly titled Ark: The Animated Series. In an announcement at The Game Awards tonight that came alongside the reveal of Ark 2, the animated series got its first teaser trailer, showing it would follow the story of Ark biologist Helena. A cast of stars was also shown, with Madeleine Madden, Michelle Yeoh, Gerard Butler, Jeffrey Wright, David Tennant, Zahn McClarnon, Devery Jacobs, Ragga Ragnars, Elliot Page, Karl Urban, Malcolm McDowell, Deborah Mailman, Russell Crowe, and Vin Diesel all making appearances. The series does not yet have a release date, but is expected for sometime in 2022. The Game Awards included a number of game trailers and announcements, as well as the awards themselves, which saw The Last of Us Part 2 take home six honors including Game of the Year.