12 December 2019 18:44

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How much attention have you been paying to the more ridiculous and unexpected aspects from the past few days? Quiz: how much do you remember about the final week of the election? We've almost made it. Five weeks of campaigning, and then after 10pm tonight, we never, ever have to mention the 2019 general election ever again. So here is you final election quiz – how much attention have you been paying to the more ridiculous and unexpected aspects of the campaign this week?

Quiz: how much do you remember about the final week of the election?

There are no prizes – well, except for getting bragging rights in the comments. Let us know how you get on… The final Guardian general election quiz of 2019 How many friends did a senior nursing sister at Leeds General Infirmary have on social media this week? None A lot Yes, in the aftermath of the row about the photo of the child on the floor in the hospital, social media was flooded with messages from multiple accounts reading, "Very interesting. A good friend of mine is a senior nursing sister at Leeds hospital – the boy shown on the floor by the media was in fact put there by his mother who then took photos on her mobile phone and uploaded it to media outlets before he climbed back on to his trolley". What a popular anonymous senior nursing sister they are. Christmas must be a nightmare with that many friends How did Michael Gove describe the moment when the prime minister seized a reporter's phone rather than look at a picture of a sick child sleeping on a hospital floor? "Not worth talking about" "A single moment of absent-mindedness" Gove was being interviewed on the Today programme where he was operating a one-man cleanup operation for the peculiar behaviour of Boris Johnson on the campaign trail "The kind of thing that can happen after weeks of campaigning" "A deeply weird and disturbing thing for a human being to do" The Conservative candidate for South Dorset, Richard Drax, apologised after he was photographed doing what, which he later described as a 'moment of thoughtlessness'? Crashing his Draxmobile into a local convenience store Driving the Draxmobile out campaigning after it failed its MOT Leaving his Draxmobile parked across two disabled parking bays Drax had apparently just popped in to pick up some campaign literature when he left the Land Rover straddling two separate parking bays. "It won't happen again," he has promised. He has campaigned alongside Hoey, but nobody has to date apologised for that Campaigning alongside former Labour MP Kate Hoey On TV this week journalist Emma Barnett asked Labour's Angela Rayner if the party planned to nationalise what? Sausages We have no idea either Seagulls Sex shops Shipping The Conservatives released a Boris Johnson video that was a pastiche of a famous scene from a rom-com. Which film? Notting Hill Four Weddings & a Funeral Love Actually It seems like a bold flex to present Boris Johnson in a scene famous for being about someone turning up at their friend's front door hoping to seduce their wife, but what do we know? Bridget Jones's Diary The Conservative video wasn't even an original idea this campaign - which Labour candidate had already done it? Thangam Debbonaire Pavitar Kaur Mann Peymana Assad Rosena Allin-Khan Dr Rosena Allin-Khan is standing in Tooting, and posted her parody of the famous scene on 22 November. Hugh Grant, one of the stars of the original film, was less than impressed. Which card from the original did he specifically say Johnson didn't hold up? "With any luck, by next year" "And at Christmas you tell the truth" "I just wonder if the spin doctors at the Tory party thought that was a card that wouldn't look too good in Boris Johnson's hands" said Hugh. He did praise the advert's production values. "Maybe that's where all the roubles went," said the actor "To me you are perfect" "Are you already the mother of one of my children?" Which Liberal Democrat had this leaflet howler? Nicholas Moohan Eighth witty quiz answer goes in here Nicholas Courtney Nicholas Cott Sir Nicholas Clegg Which Conservative appeared to have this leaflet howler? Lee Anderson James Cleverly Brandon Lewis Michael Gove Stong work from the Conservatives here, as this picture claiming to be a Michael Gove leaflet did the rounds on social media. Unfortunately, there's no obvious joke to make about this stong and stable spelling from the former education secretary Jacob Rees-Mogg objected this week to being described as looking like a 'haunted pencil' in GQ's worst-dressed men of 2020 list. What did he suggest they should have said instead? Haunted ballpoint Haunted typewriter Haunted quill pen Yes, Rees-Mogg actually tweeted: "Flattered to be in such company but surely a haunted quill pen rather than a pencil". In fact, with any luck, he'll just be haunted by people reminding him of his comments about the victims of Grenfell Tower for the rest of his career Haunted ZX Spectrum In an election stunt this week, Boris Johnson drove a digger through a wall of polystyrene bricks. What slogan did the bricks have written on them? Gridlock The digger had "Get Brexit done" on it, bursting through the bricks, which represented the gridlock of the current parliament. It was an extended physical metaphor for the fact that Brexit has been repeatedly delayed, and now only Boris Johnson, who you'll recall voted twice against Theresa May's deal to leave the EU, can make progress Get Brexit done The cost of Corbyn Child Support Agency Which member of the Rainbow team appeared to be supporting Jeremy Corbyn this week? George Zippy A picture of Jeremy Corbyn's rally outside Bristol city council this week appeared to show someone in the front row holding a Zippy, which they had bought along with them to cheer on the Labour leader Bungle Rod, Jane and Freddy Where did Boris Johnson hide when he was ambushed by Good Morning Britain reporter Jonathan Swain in Leeds on Wednesday morning? The back of a van In a wicker laundry basket In a fridge "It's a very frosty reception we've had so far," said Swain, although, in fairness to the prime minister, we can surely all empathise with wanting to avoid talking to Piers Morgan? In a milk float Plaid Cymru's leader, Adam Price, proposed a new law this week which would make what illegal? Political adverts on Facebook Lying by politicians Called the 'Elected representatives (prohibition of deception) bill', under his legislation elected politicians would face criminal charges if they knowingly mislead the public. And you thought the court system was already stretched to capacity Fake news on Twitter Piers Morgan Which 80s pop star tweeted their breakfast looking like this? Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran fame Martyn Ware of Heaven 17/Human League fame Very much aware of the luxury gap between those in the penthouse and those on the pavement, Ware has been a vocal supporter of Jeremy Corybn and the dignity of Labour Limahl of Kajagoogoo fame Gary Numan of Gary Numan fame You got… Not that hot. Like one of those opinion polls where they've only asked people who happen to be in town centres on a wet Tuesday afternoon Terrible result. 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