21 May 2020 02:45

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Wigan stabbing: 'Loving' mum, 32, dies in 'catastrophic' knife attack at home

Melissa Belshaw, 32, suffered 'catastrophic' injuries following the attack in Billinge near Wigan, Greater Manchester. Greater Manchester Police say they were called to the scene at around 4.10pm following reports of a stabbing. A 36-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of murder and attempted murder, reports the Manchester Evening News. Devastated friends and family described the mum-of-one as 'caring and lovely'. Close friend Leanne Fairhurst described Ms Belshaw as 'caring and lovely'.


Ms Fairhurst said she was still in shock at the news of her friend's death. A scene remains in place in Upholland Road while investigation work is carried out. A scene remains in place whilst investigation work is carried out. Detective Superintendent Jamie Daniels said: "Firstly our thoughts are with the lady's loved ones after this absolutely tragic incident. A "LOVING" mum in her 30s was stabbed to death and a hero who tried to help her seriously injured in a double knife attack today.


Melissa Belshaw, 32, suffered "catastrophic" injuries when she was fatally stabbed at her home in Wigan, Greater Manchester this afternoon. 6 Melissa Belshaw, 32, suffered catastrophic injuries when she was fatally stabbed in Wigan on Wednesday afternoon Credit: MEN Media 6 Tributes have been paid to Melissa after her horrific killing Credit: MEN Media 6 The young mum was stabbed to death and a man seriously injured in a double stabbing in Wigan today Credit: Zenpix Police believe the injured man, who is in his 40s, was hurt as he tried to intervene on Upholland Road just after 4.10pm. Tributes have been paid to Melissa, a beautician, following Wednesday's horror stabbing. Melissa's stepmother, Lisa Belshaw, said the young mum was "lovely". Ms Belshaw told Manchester Evening News: "She is going to be so sadly missed.

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Close pal Leanne Fairhurst described Melissa as "caring and lovely". Ms Fairhurst said: "She was so outgoing and was always smiling and loved a good time. Greater Manchester Police (GMP) described Melissa's injuries as "catastrophic". Detective Superintendent Jamie Daniels said the killing was "an absolutely tragic incident". MOST READ IN NEWS LIFE'S A BEACH Scots pack beaches despite lockdown restrictions as temperatures soar to 23C Live Blog COVID LIVE Roadmap for pubs opening set out after 50 more Scots die overnight BABY BUFALO Rangers ace Morelos' wife shares first pic of baby girl in red, white & blue 'I WAS TOO HOT' Russian nurse faces sack for wearing only 'lingerie' under transparent PPE ANALYSIS Scotland is NOT 'behind the curve' compared to England, official figures show Exclusive 'ON THE SLY' Glasgow salon boss claims some rival hairdressers still open despite lockdown A crime scene remains in place whilst police investigate.

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6 Forensic officers were seen combing the area after today's horrific double knifing Credit: Zenpix Two veteran NASA astronauts arrived at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida today (May 20) ahead of a much-anticipated test flight on a SpaceX spaceship next week. Astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley, the crew of the first piloted SpaceX Crew Dragon launch for NASA, are scheduled to launch May 27 on a trip to the International Space Station. To gear up for that mission, called Demo-2, the astronauts flew to KSC's Shuttle Landing Facility from the Ellington Field Joint Reserve Base near Houston, Texas this afternoon. The pair will blast off in a SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule atop a Falcon 9 rocket from the historic Launch Pad 39A as part of the Demo-2 mission. In photos: SpaceX's Demo-2 Crew Dragon test flight with astronauts He touched down at this very same location on July 4, 2011, as he and three crewmates prepared to fly the final mission of NASA's space shuttle program.

The upcoming test mission will be the first crewed launch from Florida since that final shuttle launch nearly a decade ago. The Demo-2 crew were welcomed after landing by NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine and Bob Cabana, the director of Kennedy Space Center. "I can't tell you how great it is to welcome Bob and Doug here for this historic mission," Cabana said in a news conference immediately following the crew's arrival. "We are on the cusp of launching American astronauts on American rockets from American soil yet again," Bridenstine said. But tough times are hardly new for NASA milestones, Bridenstine added. The astronauts were just as thrilled about their mission as Bridenstine. "Both Doug and I are really excited to do be here this is an awesome time to be an astronaut with a new spacecraft to get a chance to go and fly," Behnken said. "It's an incredible honor to be back here at Kennedy Space Center," he said, looking back on the last time he arrived for a mission at Kennedy, which was the last shuttle mission in 2011. Hurley's wife, NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg, shared the astronauts' departure from Texas and journey to Florida on Twitter. Demo-2 will mark the first time astronauts have launched to the space station on a U.S. commercial vehicle. Since the space shuttles retired in 2011, astronauts have flown to and from the space station on Russian Soyuz capsules, launching from Kazakhstan. While the Crew Dragon capsule can fit four passengers, only the two astronauts will be on board during this test mission. If Demo-2 is successful, SpaceX will follow with the launch of the Crew-1 mission, which will carry NASA astronauts Michael Hopkins, Victor Glover and Shannon Walker and Japanese astronaut Sôichi Noguchi to the space station. Vice President Mike Pence said he plans to attend the historic SpaceX launch at NASA's Kennedy Space Center next week. President Trump may also attend the launch, officials said. It will also mark the first time astronauts launch into orbit aboard a private company's spacecraft, and it will also be the first launch of American astronauts in an American-made spacecraft since the Space Shuttle program ended in 2011. ASTRONAUTS ARRIVE FOR NASA'S 1ST HOME LAUNCH IN DECADE "I know how important the space enterprise is here in the history of Florida," Pence said during another visit to the state Wednesday. "He's been a great advocate for the space industry, in terms of NASA and also the private sector," he said. Astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley will launch on one of SpaceX's Falcon 9 rockets and pilot the Crew Dragon spacecraft to the International Space Station, where they will remain for an as-yet-unspecified amount of time. Both astronauts are veterans of NASA's Space Shuttle program who are now serving in the Commercial Crew Program, the agency's partnership with private businesses, including SpaceX. PENCE: SPACEX ASTRONAUT LAUNCH MARKS 'NEW ERA'