25 March 2020 04:30

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Facebook Messenger Tackles Coronavirus From Two Angles

Facebook Messenger has now announced a two-part approach to provide assistance during coronavirus pandemic and future outbreaks. Namely, Facebook has partnered with its developer community to offer free services to government and UN health agencies. Messenger will connect government health organizations and UN health agencies to developers who are offering cost-free services. Those developers will assist the given organizations in finding the most effective way to share timely, accurate, official coronavirus information rapidly. Not only has Argentina's Ministry of Health teamed up with Botmaker.com to launch a new 24-hour question and answer Messenger 'experience'.

UNICEF and Pakistan's Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations & Coordination (NHSRC) are using Messenger to keep people informed as well. Facebook is challenging developers to actively find coronavirus solutions The second initiative put forward by Facebook Messenger on coronavirus may be more far-reaching. Partnering with hackathon provider Devpost, the company is asking developers globally to take part in a Messenger-specific hackathon online. Those solutions can be global or localized and participants will be given special access to Messenger-related content. For instance, the company is giving free access to Facebook Live tutorials provided by product experts.

The proposed Messenger-based solution-building exercise will undoubtedly prove useful to address ongoing issues associated with coronavirus. But it could also pave the way for more useful responses to future crises going forward since it is building a network between governing bodies and developers. By putting forward one of the world's best messengers, Facebook is offering a wide-reaching platform that can more quickly reach a wider audience. Have you listened to our podcast? Listen now Now, it has announced a new plan in which it will be helping the organisations and government in delivering information about coronavirus to its users.As reported by Engadget, Facebook has entered into a new partnership with the UN and UNICEF in order to help them in delivering fast and reliable information about coronavirus to the general public.

The report adds that after this association the aforementioned organisations will be able to send messages to users who have connected with them via Messenger.The report also adds that Facebook has also partnered with the hackathon provider Devpost in order to organise a special online contest for developers with an objective to bring new messaging solutions for the Messenger platform, and tackling various issues surrounding coronavirus.On the news of the official Messenger website, Facebook wrote, "Organizations like UNICEF and Pakistan's Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations & Coordination (NHSRC) are also using Messenger to ensure people have the latest information about COVID-19."Recently, Facebook also announced that it has decided to put a coronavirus information centre at the top of the News Feed. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a call with reporters said that the information centre will consist of information from the World Health Organisation and Centers for Disease Control. Facebook is partnering with its developer community to provide free services to help fight the coronavirus outbreak. The company will help government health organisations and recognised agencies like the UN to connect with Facebook's developer community to scale their responses to the pandemic. Facebook says its developer partners are offering their services to such organisations for free during this crisis to help tackle it and save lives.

Among the examples of services being offered by developers is for things like help with automating responses to common questions, which should help to free up resources. "Facebook's support on the global coronavirus crisis will be crucial for strengthening public awareness and empowering our citizens with key health tips that will keep communities safe in Pakistan and around the world. The Messenger experience allows our Ministry to scale our support and serve citizens seeking up to date information on the coronavirus, while keeping our helpline open for more critical cases." Facebook Messenger allows for a vast number of people to be quickly reached with the latest information in a crisis. Our mission to help people connect and be closer together is more important than ever, and it's critical we provide people with full access to the latest and most reliable information. As is common in any crisis, people are using digital channels like Messenger to stay connected and get information from trusted health authorities that are on the front lines fighting this global pandemic." Facebook invites developers "to build messaging solutions that address challenges related to the coronavirus such as social distancing and keeping people educated and informed." Argentina's Ministry of Health and Ministry of Innovation has already launched a Messenger-powered experience which provides reliable updates on the government's response to the coronavirus pandemic.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Facebook announced Monday (March 23) that it is launching a new program that will enable governments around the world to share accurate information on the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic via Messenger. According to Yahoo News, Facebook said its messaging platform, which is used by more than 1.3 billion worldwide, can be used by global health professionals to facilitate better communication during the outbreak. He said Messenger could help governments automatically answer common questions from the public, buying them more time to tend to more urgent tasks. Chudnovsky said many organizations, including the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and the Pakistani Ministry of National Health Services, Regulation and Coordination (NHSRC), have already been using Messenger to provide pandemic-related updates. He said Argentina's Ministry of Health has also introduced a 24-hour online service to provide professional advice to its citizens through Messenger, reported Knowing News. In addition, Chudnovsky said Facebook is planning to hold a virtual hackathon with Devpost, encouraging developers to generate ideas for more efficient communication between the governments and their people.