19 June 2020 22:38

Fans called for a new game to this series for years.

SKATE 4 — or some kind of SKATE sequel / revival — is officially happening. Announced at the very end of EA Play Live on Thursday (Friday in the UK) in a brief message from creative directors Deran Chung and Cruz Parry. The question is, what will everybody post in EA's Instagram comments now that a new SKATE is a reality? In all seriousness, EA's beloved skateboarding franchise has laid dormant for ten years and, in their message, it was almost like Chung and Parry couldn't believe what they were saying. And, if you listen closely, you can practically hear the internet rejoicing.

The pair stressed throughout the video that this was early days yet, so don't expect to see anything soon. However, EA finally listening to the fervent SKATE fanbase is a huge win. There also appears to be a skateboard game revival on the cards with Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 & 2 getting the remake treatment, indie games like Session and Skater XL stepping in to fill the void SKATE left behind and, of course, titles like Skatebird and Skate Story to offer something a little different. Are you excited for a new SKATE game? Let us know in the comments.

EA Play Live 2020 really didn't offer a ton of exciting content. Yes, we got an extended look at the new Star Wars Squadrons game. Yes, people who still play Apex Legends got to see more about season 5. Really, the announcement that stole the show came at the end. When EA closed the show, they promised one final surprise. Thanks to fan outcries, the Skate 4 reveal finally came that everyone was waiting for. Developers from EA made a point to attribute the game to players. In other words, without a fan desire for the series, the game would not be happening. So, let's talk Skate 4 and all about what to expect from a next-gen Skate game. Skate 4 Reveal – Release Window and Details There was very little shared about Skate 4 during the reveal. In fact, they seemed to insist that the game was very far away from release. My best guess is that in late 2019 or early this year, EA decided to greenlight the project. A lot of people are thinking the game is at least 2 years off. My guess would be closer to a 2023 release. I don't want a Skate game that's rushed and unpolished. Take your time, learn the new consoles, and give the people what they want. It's a wild time for skating video games. Without a doubt, the more popular series was Tony Hawk Pro Skater. This series was the arcade experience to Skate's realistic experience. There are perks to both, and when Skate first released, a lot of people didn't like the complexity and realistic gameplay. The Skate games are played with the analog sticks primarily. You guide your skater with the left stick and the right stick is used literally to control the board. It feels unnatural if you've only played a Tony Hawk game before. Once you get a handle on the controls, it's an incredible gameplay mechanic. The Power of Fandom Pressure Image Credit: EA EA seemed proud of the fact that players made Skate 4 happen. Fans called for a new game to this series for years. I was one of the hopeful audience members every E3 waiting for a new announcement. Even last year, I replayed Skate 3 thanks to Xbox One backward compatibility. The game series is a huge favorite of mine and many others. With so much pressure from the fandom of this series, EA seems to feel confident that an audience is there. Yes, the Tony Hawk remasters are coming out this year, but they're not new games. Likewise, as I mentioned above, they are two completely different experiences. You can love both series for different reasons. When I think about the EA Play Live event, I don't really give a ton of credit to EA. While this reveal is wonderful, the other announcements felt lackluster. Probably good to close with Skate 4 when your next most exciting announcement is crossplay. Yeah, we all want crossplay; we just want new games more. Even if Skate 4 is years away, I'm just happy to know we have it coming down the pipeline. Thanks for reading Comic Years for all things gaming, comics, and pop culture.