08 October 2020 08:36

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Share Tweet Share reddit One year after the initial announcement, the Razer credit card is here – and it lights up! Razer, the famous gaming peripherals maker, is venturing into fintech with this initiative and basically launching something like an Apple Card, functionality-wise, but with their own spin. The main quirk? Just like with other Razer devices, the LED lights. Still, this is the world's first credit card with a light-up logo, so that definitely sweetens the deal for the early adopters.

The Razer Credit Card Acts Like Apple Card But It Lights Up When You Pay

When you make a payment with the physical Razer Card (the Premium one), the logo will glow green. However, the regular physical Razer Card just has a regular logo, so don't get too excited. As with Apple Pay, you make digital payments with a virtual card and the associated payment app, in this case Razer Pay. The Razer Pay system gives 1% cashback on some purchases and 5% if you buy more Razer things in the Razer Store. Sounds good, right? Unfortunately, Razer Pay and the Razer Card are a new initiative for the company, so they're limited to Singapore for now. Even there, it's on a very limited beta until December 31st. Only 1337 select users (we see what you did there, Razer) will get both the app and the physical part, with some elite perks thrown in. "To incentivise active testing, beta testers will enjoy increased 10 per cent cashback on RazerStore and Razer Gold purchases, and a slew of gamified Card Beta rewards where testers complete tasks, level up and stand to redeem up to S$2,000 worth of Razer gear and free card upgrades," says Razer. If you're in Singapore, head on to this link and sign up, maybe you'll be in luck. The rest of us will have to patiently wait for Razer to strike deals with more financial institutions.

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