14 September 2020 20:34

Finding that red beam from the sky will help players get to Gatherers that fulfill two weekly challenges.

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With the introduction of the latest Fortnite patch this past week, Epic Games drew a lot of attention to the Stark Industries POI. But one of the less talked about additions to the game was drones that can be found around the map. Spawning from red beams of light that will appear randomly on the map, Galactus releases giant "Gorger" drones onto the Fortnite map each game. And from those drones, there are smaller spawns released called "Gatherer drones." As one might expect, these drones roam around after being released by the Gorger in search of loose loot laying around the map. After picking up loot, they return to the Gorger to give that loot to it.

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When killed, Gatherers serve a few purposes to a player. They drop loot that was picked up and turn into a lootable weapon themselves for a period of time. If you plan to use one as a weapon, though, it should be picked up quickly. After being deactivated, they explode following a short time window. As a weapon, these Gatherers can be used just like any other semi-automatic Fortnite weapon.

But they can also charge a larger, more powerful shot as well. With week four of the season approaching, Gorgers are about to be a hotspot for players looking to finish their weekly challenges. Finding that red beam from the sky will help players get to Gatherers that fulfill two weekly challenges. One challenge is to destroy 20 Gatherers, while the other is to deal 10,000 damage with a deactivated Gatherer. Those challenges reward 25,000 and 50,000 XP, respectively. There doesn't seem to be a set spawn location for Gorgers. Finding them will be partially random but also relies on players to be looking to the sky for any red beam of light to follow. Once you find a Gorger, it's important to not kill it immediately. The Gorger can spawn Gatherers, and if it released any prior to you finding it, those drones might come back or be nearby. Galactus started sending his drones to the Fortnite map in the latest patch that was released this past week. And this week, there are a few challenges that require you to locate them. Called Gorgers, these dangerous red and black drones don't have any set spawn location and require players to have nimble feet to get to them. After any match of Fortnite starts, Gorgers appear in a location shortly after a beam of red light strikes down from the sky. The red light lasts just a few seconds, so it's important for players to start a match by dropping in a location that gives them a good view of the sky. Ideally, players will want to find a location that they can quickly move from as well since these Gorgers will be highly sought after. The Gorgers themselves don't have any challenges this week, but players are tasked with eliminating the smaller drones that Gorgers spawn called Gatherers. On top of eliminating Gatherers, players can pick up a recently eliminated Gatherer and use it as a weapon. One of the other challenges this week is to do 10,000 damage with a deactivated Gatherer. Since players will be looking to complete their weekly challenges, it could be tough to get any alone time with a Gorger this week. But even if you do, the drone has some abilities to beware of. For starters, you won't be able to damage it by shooting anywhere you'd like. Gorgers only take damage when shot in the eye or the glowing yellow part of their body that's only exposed when they're deploying Gatherer drones. In terms of attacks, Gorgers will charge up a red beam that locks onto a player. If you keep enough space between yourself and the Gorger, you shouldn't have too much trouble dodging the beam, but using some sort of line-of-sight or a hill could help. Additionally, if not taken care of, Gatherers will start attacking you as well, so it's probably a good idea to take them out even if you've completed your weekly challenges. Using a deactivated Gatherer drone as a weapon against a Gorger could prove to be lucrative too if your aim isn't strong. For some reason, the deactivated Gatherer weapons can deal damage to a Gorger even if you don't hit them in the eye or exposed shoulder area.