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As seen in the ITV series White House Farm, Jeremy Bamber (played by Freddie Fox) was found guilty of murdering his family at his adoptive parents home on August 7, 1985, in the village of Tolleshunt D'Arcy, Essex. He was found responsible for the deaths his sister Sheila Caffell (Cressida Bonas) her six-year-old twin sons, Daniel and Nicholas, and his parents, Nevill (Nicholas Farrell) and June Bamber (Amanda Burton). Bamber has always maintained his innocence. Trending Where is Jeremy Bamber today? In October 1986, Bamber was found guilty on five counts of murder.

Initially, he was sentenced to life in prison, with a minimum of 25 years. However, in 2004 this was changed by the Home Secretary to a whole life sentence. As of November 2016, Bamber was one of the 70 prisoners in the UK subject to whole-life order and, according to The Telegraph, the only one of those 70 to continue to assert his innocence. Infamous UK prisoners serving life sentences are Robert Hannibal the Cannibal' Maudsley, John Childs, Arthur Hutchinson, Victor Miller, Anthony Arkwright and Rosemary Wes. READ MORE White House Farm: Where is Jeremy Bamber now? Inside Wakefield prison Jeremy Bamber Jeremy Bamber denies any involvement in the White House Farm murders READ MORE White House Farm ITV: Who is Jeremy Bamber's girlfriend Julie Mugford? Bamber has always maintained his innocence and has launched several appeals for his release. Bamber and his supporters continue to campaign for a new appeal after two appeals, one in 1999 and one in 2002 failed and an application for appeal in 2012 was dismissed. Author Scott Lomax, who wrote Jeremy Bamber: Evil, Almost Beyond Belief? spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about Bamber and his personality. Lomax described him as an "intelligent man" who was "very charming" and "comes across as very confident." Jeremy Bamber is serving a whole life sentence He added: "He has always struck me as someone who is putting on a brave face." Lomax explained: "I have met Jeremy Bamber several times in prison. I have also spoken to him on the phone countless times and exchanged around 200 letters with him, since March 2003. "I first met him at Full Sutton a Prison in October 2004. He is an intelligent man who describes himself as an 'old pro' in terms of campaigning. "He is a very charming man who comes across as very confident but he has always struck me as someone who is putting on a brave face. "It has always been apparent to me that he is very concerned about pleasing other people, including his supporters. From what I understand from those who knew him before his arrest, he has always been like this and has been too trusting of people who have then let him down. DON'T MISS... White House Farm: Who is DCI Taff Jones? What happened to him? [INSIGHT] White House Farm: Who is Dan Renton Skinner? [CAST] White House Farm: Who is Marcus McBride? Why is he important? [FACT CHECK] White House Farm is streaming on ITV Hub now "There is a slightly childish streak to him, but he has been in prison since he was 24 and has never had the experiences that enable us to mature. "He is depicted in the drama [White House Farm] as being very bullish, selfish and reckless. "This is a great exaggeration of his personality although he can certainly be cocky and his public school upbringing gives him an air of arrogance, but no more so than that frequently displayed by senior members of the Government. "I have looked him in the eye and asked him questions about his case. I have scrutinised the evidence and tried to catch him out. "In talking about his case I have to say that I have never doubted his claims of innocence. But I am aware that he has been described as manipulative, and I know his personality well enough to understand why he has been described in that way, but I have relied upon the evidence in reaching my conclusions."