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  • For the cheapest and latest Black Friday offers still in stock, read our Cyber Monday deals guide.

For the cheapest and latest Black Friday offers still in stock, read our Cyber Monday deals guide.


All The Best Cyber Monday Tech Deals in One Place

Pellet and Gas: What Grill Should you Prefer and Why Read on to find out which grill you should buy and why. Critical differences between pellet grills and gas grills While both of them can be used for your convenience, pellet grills act like an outdoor oven. On the other hand, gas grills are perfect for those who prefer cooking at high or mid temperatures. Also, gas grills heat up fast. When it comes to the price, pellet grills are costlier and do not have the same availability as gas grills.

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As for functionality, gas grills are known to be highly efficient. Therefore, those who prefer to have the food on their plates quickly may consider gas grills options. Pellet grills or "pellet smokers" are the same thing. As you may have guessed, gas grills are not suitable for cooking at lower temperatures, and vice-versa. Smoking in a gas grill is almost impossible, so that is why you must think for a while about what you want to do for your next grilling session.

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Pellet Grills It's a bit misleading that people got used to calling these cookers "grills" when their function differs from what is usually expected for a grill. That is why there aren't as many manufacturers for them as with regular gas grills. As for their functioning, your food is ready due to the indirect heat and the convection fan. Another key difference is that pellet grills need electricity to function. This is something you don't need to worry about too much when using a pellet grill.

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You can do several things with a pellet grill. Your options are not limited to only grilling, but you can also opt for roasting, smoking, baking, and a delicious barbecue. Please note that grilling in a pellet grill isn't as good as doing it in a gas grill. Smoking pellets are the fuel of these grills, which is composed of compressed wood sawdust. However, this is another thing to consider, as different pellets use different wood, meaning that you can add a different flavor to your food.


However, pellets can only be purchased online or in a barbecue specialty store. Also, don't use heating pellets; there are not made for cooking. Pellet grills use electricity, meaning that you need an outlet so they can function. Gas grills can work anywhere since they rely on a propane tank to work. Pellet grills may be great for smoking, but they're essentially costlier than gas grills.

Gas Grills Unlike pellet grills, gas grills are perfect for cooking at higher temperatures. Gas grills use the same principles to function, essentially. However, different models come with distinct functions and features. They're specially made for grilling. This is something obvious, but it's worth noting since pellet grills aren't capable of providing those remarkable sear marks on your food. They can be used for smoking, but they will not provide the same quality that a pellet grill would. There is a gas grill available for everyone. This means you can find cheap gas grills that work just as good as an expensive one would. If you have a full gas bottle, you can start cooking in five minutes. These grills use high temperatures to do their work, so you can trust that you'll food will be ready in just a few minutes. Heat retention is a massive disadvantage of gas grills, especially if you want to use them for smoking. They don't retain as much heat as a pellet grill would. You can't use a gas grill indoors because of fire risk. Also, in some places, the use of gas grills is prohibited. The top Cyber Monday HTC VIVE deals for 2020, including bundle sales Find the latest HTC VIVE deals for Cyber Monday 2020, including all the top VR headset, bundles & accessory offers. Best HTC VIVE Deals: Best VR Headset Deals: With their Price Match Promise and early sales, Currys PC World has always been a great choice for Black Friday deals – and their 2020 sale did not disappoint. Their 'Black Fri-yay sale saw 60% off a whole assortment of items from TVs to Nintendo Switches to speakers, with deals so popular there were queues to get into their site. While Black Friday weekend may be ending, Cyber Monday is only just beginning – and so too are the Cyber Monday deals. As is usually the case with Cyber Monday, some deals will no longer be live, some will be out of stock, and some deals will be completely new – we'll keep you updated with the latest news, deals, and offers right here. Best Currys PC World Cyber Monday deals 2020 Some of the hottest deals from Currys PC World on Black Friday were Samsung TVs, Shark vacuums, and coffee machines – and the great home appliance deals have carried on into Cyber Monday: Samsung 65-inch Smart 4K TV (UE65TU7020KXXU) | £699 now £499 from Currys (save £200 or 28%) Shark has been one of the hottest brands this Black Friday, and with these savings, it's easy to see why. SONOS Move Portable Wireless Multi-room Speaker with Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa | £399 now £299 Fitbit Inspire 2 with free Google Mini | £138.99 now £79.99 (save £59 or 42%) Samsung Galaxy Watch| £259.99 now £159.99 (save £100 or 38%) For those who do prefer all the nifty smartwatch features, the Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch offers smartphone notifications, contactless payment, and fitness tracking – and works with both iOS and Android. Delonghi Autentica ETAM 29.510.SB Bean to Cup Coffee Machine | £699.99 now £349 from Currys (save £350.99 or 50%) There's no shortage of coffee machine deals this weekend – but few offer a saving like this model from De'Longhi. You can still grab one on offer this Black Friday – there's no need for a lockdown to get into making banana bread. Doom Eternal was one of 2020's biggest games, and it's already dropped to £16.99 as part of Currys Cyber Monday sale. Currys has had a good run with gaming deals this year – you can also save £30 on Death Stranding and Days Gone for PS4. Our experts are working hard to source and research the best deals for you. For the cheapest and latest Black Friday offers still in stock, read our Cyber Monday deals guide. All The Best Cyber Monday Tech Deals in One Place Just when you thought your wallet was safe after a weekend of huge Black Friday deals, Cyber Monday has arrived to further tempt you with all manner of tech-y goodness and bargains galore. From 4K TVs to noise cancelling headphones and Nintendo Switch bundles, now's your last chance to grab some of these sweet, sweet deals before Christmas. Cyber Monday computer and laptop deals Cyber Monday home entertainment deals Cyber Monday gadget deals Cyber Monday game deals Cyber Monday phone deals You can find our full round up of Cyber Monday phone plan and handset deals here. You can follow the rest of our Cyber Monday coverage here. We're seeing a lot of great Cyber Monday deals on Nintendo Switch consoles, games and accessories. This is one of the best affordable deals we've seen on a Switch controller though. The PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch is just $29 at Walmart. That's $15 off its regular price and less than half the cost of the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller which is now $59 at Best Buy. PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch Cyber Monday deal The PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller is the cheaper alternative to the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. If you're planning to purchase a Nintendo Switch this holiday season, be sure to check out our Nintendo Switch Cyber Monday deals hub for the latest discounts and availability. Cyber Monday weekend is here and we expect to see a plethora of deals on today's best mobile gadgets. Be sure to keep an eye on our Cyber Monday hub for the best sales of the season.

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