13 October 2019 18:04

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How to watch The End in Fortnite: Season 10 event countdown and location

'The End' is nearly upon us in Fortnite Battle Royale, as the Season 10 event is set to end with a bang on Sunday, October 13 – here's everything you need to know to get ready for Chapter 2 (or Season 11). The Season 10 event is possibly the most highly anticipated in-game event ever in Fortnite, as it is expected to bring in a brand new map for the first time. Although many of the details remain unconfirmed, leaks and rumors suggest that whatever happens during the event, it will trigger the start of the leaked 'Chapter 2' and transport players to a new location. The Fortnite Season 10 event will start at 2pm EST on Sunday, October 13 (11am PST, 7pm BST). Epic Games confirmed this time thanks to the countdown in the sky above Dusty Depot, which appeared about a week before the event is scheduled to take place.

How to Watch Season 10 event Like with previous events, it's expected that there will be a new playlist for players to enter, which will hopefully be protected from enemies, meaning you can watch the event in peace. Read More: 5 things we learned from Fortnite Chapter 2 map leak If you can't watch in-game for whatever reason, countless livestreamers will also be broadcasting the action, and you can check out top streamers like Ninja, NickEh30, and Ali-A on Mixer, Twitch, and YouTube respectively. Following leaks of 'Fortnite Chapter 2' which appeared to show a brand new map, it seems all but certain that this is coming following the season-ending event. One of the biggest hints for this comes from Epic Games themselves, with a teaser image appearing to show characters waving goodbye to the battle bus – presumably as it goes to the new map. Epic Games This teaser image hints at the new map.

Theories suggest that the current map will be rendered inhabitable, as players are 'sucked into a zero point' and frozen, just like in the previous Butterfly event. At some point during the event, players will be transported outside of the current map. Some leakers have theorized that downtime for the v11.00 update will begin immediately after the event ends. The event will apparently last around three minutes, with an extended cinematic playing to take us into the new season. In addition to the iOS store leak, which showed 'Chapter 2', the main we have for a new map claims to reveal a host of named locations or 'POIs'.

The Fortnite event is now just under two hours away, but according to some of the core Fortnite leakers, now might be a good time to go dark if you want to avoid spoilers. "Leaks for the #Fortnite Season X The End event are going to begin trickling in as the files have just been decrypted in preparation," explained @FNMasterCom. Equally, Fortnite leaker @Lucas7yoshi has also teased what sounds like a pretty amazing new event. The Fortnite Event Countdown is on as Epic Games once again prepare for a big update today. And in usual Fortnite/Epic Games style, there will be a massive, map-changing live event to mark the end of Season 10 and the arrival of Season 11. This will follow on past successful events such as the rocket launch that split the sky in two, the big cube explosion, that weird time/space butterfly thing, the volcano eruption and last seasons big Robot vs Monster battle.

Epic Games will no doubt be doing something massive today, and it's quite possible the event will triggering the start of Season 11. And it's quite possible that will involve a brand new map following the leak of Fortnite Chapter 2 on Friday night. Exactly what will happen when the rocket launches (again) isn't clear, it's no doubt going to be a massive talking point and by now we know Epic Games are aware of just how 'big' these in-game events are to fans. The countdown timers in the sky suggest that the new event will take place today, October 13 at 7pm UK time. These Fortnite live events will typically last between five to 10 minutes in-game, but who knows, with this event seemingly being 'bigger' its possible it could be longer.

Especially if, as some predicte, the event is going to trigger more than a simple event, but a full scale map change and the start of season 11 almost immediatly. Here's when we'll likely see Fortnite Season 11 (v11.00) update go live. The "The End" live event will take place at 2 PM ET which will likely conclude the season. There hasn't been any official word from Epic as to when the Fortnite Season 11 will go live, but there is some information that go on. Epic Games have decided not to release any information regarding the time and date we'll get Fortnite Seson 11. However, with Epic confirming that Season 10 will end today, October 13th, and with the Overtime "Out of Time" challenges available until 2pm ET, it's more than likely that's when the season will end. It's possible that after the live event concludes, Epic will tweet that downtime will begin in preparation for season 11. When a new Fortnite season begins, downtime for the update is usually much longer than the biweekly patch/client update. It's possible we'll see more than 3 hours or downtime for the season 11 update. With season 10 the end of chapter 1 for Fortnite Battle Royale, we could be in for some major changes for chapter 2. We'll be covering the live event after it's concluded along with the Fortnite Season 11 leaks, patch notes, and other news. There's been a lot of buildup and hype heading into FCS's Season 11 of Fortnite: Battle Royale. The past 10 seasons have provided some record-breaking numbers and more hours of content watching than Epic can shake a stick at. A few tidbits from the last two years include the rise of Tyler "Ninja" Blevins from small-time streamer to the face of Twitch, Ninja's surprising transition from Twitch to Mixer, a huge number of LAN events, brand-new and returning locations and, finally, the first-ever Fortnite World Cup. Leaks and predictions for Season 11 indicate that fans will likely experience an entirely new map, and many professional players and personalities around the competitive Fortnite scene are predicting this to be the best season yet. Early in Season X, it seemed as though Epic was busy digging a grave for one of the most successful video game titles in recent history. Epic's Season X even saw long-time Fortnite supporters jump ship, including personalities such as Blevins, Jack "CourageJD" Dunlop and Turner "Tfue" Tenney as they chose to work Minecraft titles and other game developers into their streaming rotation. The overpowered mech suits strangled the innate strategy of Fortnite, dumbing it down to a level where many players and streamers felt as though they couldn't enjoy the game. Each of Fortnite Season X's patches ended up leaving the game substantially worse off than prior to the patch. One of the brighter points of Fortnite Season X was the Batman and Borderlands co-branding. Another positive take away from Season X was the implementation of a Zone Wars playlist into Fortnite: Battle Royale. Up to 15 players can participate in Zone Wars at a time and both casual and hardcore players were able to experience the intensity of a tightly knit end game. Season 11 is just around the corner, but Epic Games has refused to confirm any rumors or leaks related to the brand-new season. There are some indications that players will enjoy an entirely new map and landscape. Fortnite's Live Event, called "The End," will give fans a peek at Season XI and kicks off at 2 P.M. EDT or 11 A.M. PDT on Fortnite's official channels. Today, Fortnite season X's highly-anticipated live event titled The End will be happening worldwide at 1pm CT. Players suspect that this will be the start of a transition into season 11 which is rumored to be titled Fortnite Chapter 2. To watch today's event, players will have to log in to Fortnite up to half an hour before 1pm CT to avoid queues and possible errors. Around 10 minutes before the event is scheduled to begin, all playlists will be disabled and players will be given the option to play "The End." Early speculation suggests that the event will destroy the Fortnite island and take all players to a new map which will then begin the transition into the rumored Fortnite Chapter 2. It's important that players remember to log into Fortnite earlier to avoid queues or any possible matchmaking errors. Epic Games has set up a social media account specifically for reporting server errors in anticipation of this live event.