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'Thor: Love and Thunder' will introduce us to formidable foes, new allies, a new Thor, and hopefully, a jacked Chris Hemsworth as the God of Thunder that we know and love. In Natalie Portman's Jane Foster, we're all set to see the first female Thor in the MCU and as far as we know Thors are particular about their weapons. Speaking of which, Hemsworth's Thor needn't be worried. He's got the Stormbreaker and he's still worthy of wielding Mjolnir, his trusty hammer. However, there are questions about how Foster got the hammer.


Last we saw, Steve Rogers aka Captain America (Chris Evans) wielded the hammer and handed Thanos (Josh Brolin) a walloping in 'Avengers: Endgame'. As much as an unforgettable scene that was, it also proved Rogers was worthy of lifting Mjolnir and the man did more than just lift. The hammer and the shield were used in tandem to peg Thanos on the backfoot. All the while, Thor was busy lighting up the rest of mad Titan's army. You can relive the Cap lifting Mjolnir scene here: The final few minutes of the movie sees Cap take Mjolnir with him when he goes back in time to return the Infinity Stones to their original timelines.

This explains how Foster got her hands on Mjolnir unless Marvel decides to hand her a different weapon. If we were to break down Mjolnir's presence in 'Love and Thunder' in detail, we have to trace its timeline all the way back to 'Thor: Ragnarok'. The indestructible hammer, or at least that's what it looked like, was blown to smithereens by Hela, the Goddess of Death. The Mjolnir from 'Avengers: Endgame' was from 2013, which after the battle looks to have been safely replaced by Cap after the battle with Thanos. Now, this is the working theory of how Foster gets to wield her hammer. Should the MCU decide to forge a new hammer just for the new Queen of Asgard, then that's a different story altogether. That essentially gives us the possibility of Mjolnir's rebirth— a more stronger, powerful version than its predecessor. The latest comics reveal the truth behind the hammer. Mjolnir contained Tempest, or better known as 'The Mother of Storms'— a cosmic force which Thor wielded through Mjolnir. After the old one gets destroyed, Thor proves himself worthy again and Tempest collects the fragments and slivers of the shattered weapon to forge a much powerful Mjolnir. This could probably happen in 'Thor: Love and Thunder'. If this is the case, it also means Thor, or at least the person chosen will be the most powerful God of Thunder in the MCU. It still remains to be seen if we see Foster wielding the old Mjolnir or a newly forged one. 'Thor: Love and Thunder' hits cinemas on November 5, 2021. If you have an entertainment scoop or a story for us, please reach out to us on (323) 421-7515 Here's where players can find Mjolnir in Fortnite in order to prove your worth by picking up Mjolnir as Thor. We have a brand new Fortnite battle pass for season 4 and it's probably one of the best battle passes we've seen. All The cosmetics available in the battle pass are Marvel-themed, and players can unlock Thor right from the get go. As soon as you buy the battle pass, you'll unlock Thor. However, his other cosmetics are unlocked at slightly higher tiers. Thor's hammer, Mjolnir is available at level 8 in the battle pass. However, in order to actually unlock it, players need to complete one of the Thor Awakening challenges for Mjolnir. The challenge is to prove your worth by picking up Mjolnir as Thor. Here's a quick guide on how you can complete this challenge within seconds of landing from the battle bus. Fortnite Mjolnir Location Mjolnir can be found within walking distance of Salty Springs. You'll find the Mjolnir on the ground south-west of Salty Springs. Prove your worth by picking up Mjolnir as Thor In order to complete this challenge, players simply need to remember to be using the Thor skin and then head to the crater that's marked on the Fortnite map. If you're still not sure where Mjolnir is, here is the location on the map: Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 Quiz Start the Quiz Fortnite Quiz - Test your Fortnite Knowledge Start the Quiz Once you're there, you'll see Mjolnir on the ground. All you have to do is walk up to the hammer and interact with it when you're told to do so. Once you've picked it up, you'll then be wielding the Mjolnir pickaxe in-game. It's quite a quick challenge to complete and players get a pickaxe that shoots out bolts of lightning upon swinging it. Here's what the Mjolnir pickaxe looks like for those that haven't seen it yet: