22 November 2019 10:34

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Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals will launch soon, but with a newer model out and the Lite version in the mix too, what should you be looking for? The regular Nintendo Switch will be on offer with a range of bundles and prices as well as the new Nintendo Switch Lite should be included in the deals too through to Cyber Monday. Whether you're looking for the cheapest Nintendo Switch bundles or just a great deal to get that early Christmas gift Black Friday is a good time to snap up the console. Amazon's Nintendo Switch bundle deals page has a range of early offers already with Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening, Luigi's Mansion 3, Just Dance and Mario Kart Deluxe 8 are all available in bundles as well as Pokemon: Let's Go Pickachu. You can also get the Nintendo Switch in a Pokemon Sword bundle for £279, a saving of £44.99, which is a great offer on a new game.

We'll be updating this page with the latest best Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals in the lead up to the event, on Black Friday and right through to Cyber Monday – so bookmark the page to stay in the loop. It's not all Black Friday fun either, there will be early deals so remember to check back as early as two weeks before the big event. Will Nintendo Switch have Black Friday deals? However, Black Friday deals start to launch as early as two weeks before the official day and brands like Currys and Amazon run early deals to draw in customers. Nintendo Switch was the one to watch last year, and it was the most searched for item across Amazon on Prime Day so expect the brands to go hard on offers to part you from your cash.

With the Nintendo Switch Lite hot off the press too we can expect to see the older model discounted. There will also be accessories on offer, which we've highlighted below along with deals you can buy now, tips on what to look for and bundle offers. Will there be Nintendo Switch Black Friday bundles? Last year, the Switch was bundled with a recent game for about £250, so we can expect something similar in the UK this year. If you see a bundle for £300 with a few other bits added in like accessories and software that's also a pretty good deal. If you look for bundles with third-party games, like Crash Team Racing, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate and NBA 2k20 you may get a few thrown in for about the same price. Also, keep an eye out for Nintendo Switch bundles with either of the new versions of Pokemon RPG. They may be a bit new, but you never know…Amazon put together a Switch and Mario Odyssey last year in its Lightning Deals. Amazon's Nintendo Switch bundles page already has early offers with Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening, Just Dance, Luigi's Mansion 3, Pokemon: Let's Go Pickachu and Mario Kart Deluxe 8 are all available in bundle deals. How much will Nintendo Switch cost on Black Friday? We expect John Lewis, Currys, Argos, AO.com, GAME and eBay to all offer Black Friday deals on Nintendo Switch in 2019. Nintendo Switch is a top selling console too so there isn't massive need to drop prices, but if you keep your eye out you can snap up a great deal still. That also means if you're not settled on the Switch take a look at the PS4 Slim deals and Xbox One S deals as they'll see a nice price drop over Black Friday in anticipation of the newer models hitting the shelves. Will there be Nintendo Switch Lite Black Friday deals? The Nintendo Switch Lite costs £199 ($199 in the US) without games. Don't expect to see a discount off that price during Black Friday and Cyber Monday as it's a new product. There may be the odd bundle though, so look out for games that are packaged up with the Lite. The price is the same, so check you're getting the new model when buying the Switch. Black Friday Nintendo Switch accessories deals This can be costly, it's Pro after all, but waiting to get a Black Friday deal can mean you get it cheaper. Very sells the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller for £49.99 down from £54.99 already, Amazon has it for £51.99 in black. If you're going to be adding new games and digital downloads then yes you probably should invest in an SD card. Will there be NES Mini and SNES Mini Black Friday deals? We'll update this page in the lead up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019 so bookmark and check back for the latest deals and updates. The gaming console is likely to be at the top of plenty of Christmas lists this year and the price tag is £279.99 at Curry's. The price cut is on a bundle deal that gets you the latest version of the Nintendo Switch as well as a free copy of either Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield and six months free on Spotify Premium. On Amazon the console alone will set you back £279, meaning the added Pokemon game will cost you just 99p with Curry's. So if you purchased the Nintendo Switch console and Pokemon game separately you'd be be paying £323.99, so this Black Friday offer makes a saving of £44. As part of its Black Tag savings event you can get the game for an extra £20 on top of the console's price of £199 for £219 for the bundle.