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Stream It Or Skip It: ‘The Letter for the King’ on Netflix, a YA Fantasy Series About a Kid of Destiny, and All That

The latest fantasy show to make it onto Netflix is The Letter for the King and like many previous series in the genre it is adapted from a popular book. The series focus on Tiuri – a knight-in-training who is tasked with delivering a vitally important letter to King Favian, whose kingdom is under threat from his villainous son Prince Viridian. Given that the 1962 novel was only translated into English as recently as 2013, it's likely that it might not be overly well-known amongst British and Irish audiences, so some fans watching the show might want to know how closely the plot of the book is followed… Get Netflix and on demand news and recommendations direct to your inbox Sign up to receive our newsletter! How different is The Letter for the King from the source novel by Tonke Dragt? Much of Tiuri's own family background is new for the show – the whole storyline concerning he and his mother being refugees from a kingdom where magic has historically been prominent is not in the book, nor is there anything to do with a prophecy or Prince Viridian's conquering of Eviellen.

In the book the character of Piak is Tiuri's best friend and squire accompanying him for the whole of his journey, but he has a different role in the show – as the younger brother of one of Tiuri's fellow knights in training. These knights-in-training are themselves new characters for the show – so even fairly major characters such as Iona are not present in the book. In short, then, the series differs from the book in fairly major ways – and should be a considered a fairly loose adaptation. The Letter for the King is streaming on Netflix now – check out what else is on with our TV Guide Netflix's The Letter for the King follows Tiuri who, in hopes of becoming a knight, goes through some rigorous tests in order to prove himself to the court that he is right for the title. Unfortunately, a visitor causes him to break the vigil that he's supposed to be holding with his fellow soon-to-be-knights and leads him on a journey to send a letter to the king before it's too late.

Now fans are wondering what's next for Tiuri and the rest of his crew after their big adventures in season one. Here's everything you need to know about The Letter for the King season two. *Major spoilers for season 1 of The Letter for the King below!* Is season two of The Letter for the King happening? Since the first season just dropped on Netflix, it's still a little too early to tell if it will be coming back for a second. If enough fans tune in to watch the first season, then there's no doubt that Netflix will be bringing it back for some more adventures.

It should be expected that all of our favorite characters like Tiuri, Lavinia, Iona, and more will be back for some more fun in season two. The season finale gave a big clue that the darkness that Prince Viridian was talking about might not be entirely gone. It also seems like Prince Viridian might not be entirely dead either, especially with his powers allowing him to resurrect. With Lavinia still having her powers, there is no doubt a threat out there that will try to hurt the kingdom of Dagonaut which will cause her and the brand new knights to fight back. Where to Stream: The Letter For The King Powered by Reelgood Is Netflix series The Letter for the King the YA version of Game of Thrones (or, perhaps, The Witcher)? An adaptation of a 1962 novel by Dutch author Tonke Dragt, this six-episode fantasy saga sure seems to be aiming for that designation — although it also begs comparison to Lord of the Rings, especially considering it stars an alum from Peter Jackson's extraordinary film trilogy. THE LETTER FOR THE KING: STREAM IT OR SKIP IT? He stands on a hill and the soldiers roar and Cate Blanchett Lite says something about a prophecy in which a hero will defeat "the coming darkness," probably wrought by this a-hole. Tiuri and some other finalists for knighthood face one final task: sitting in a haunted chapel overnight and not moving, talking, wiggling, scratching or touching their faces the whole time, no matter what happens, whatever that what might be. Evil Viridian's evil Red Riders arrive to kill things and get the letter, but Tiuri takes the black knight's horse off into the woods — and right over a cliff into the river. Surely he's dead, and the series will find some other underdog to fulfill the prophecy. It remains to be seen if Wilson manages to summon some charisma as the series lead, but so far, he's fine, landing a B-, just like the series itself. On the other, there's a scene where other fathers are ripping the kid to bits, and Faramir himself defends the kid, pointing out how young Tiuri was once left for dead and isn't all cynical like the rest of the turds around here. Stream The Letter for the King on Netflix