15 November 2019 22:33

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It was such a groundbreaking diversion from the usual Disney Princess story that fans find themselves still talking about "Frozen's" Elsa and her love life... or lack thereof. Breaking from tradition, "Frozen" wasn't about Elsa's search for a man, nor did she find one in the end to achieve her "happily ever after." Instead, her happy ending came from reconnecting with her kingdom and her sister Anna, voiced by Kristen Bell. During an appearance on SiriusXM, Idina Menzel, who brought Elsa to life, was asked whether or not her character might find love in the upcoming sequel to the juggernaut animated film, and if that love might be in the arms of a woman. Speculation that Elsa might be gay ran rampant from the moment she didn't fawn over any of the men in the original film.

But according to the actress, Elsa just isn't "focused on romantic love in her life." Hollywood Life reports that Menzel hinted at a continued focus on family and self for her heroine in the sequel. "She's just always on this search for who she is as a person and her finding this love for herself," she said. "The whole movie, in fact, we concentrate on this unconditional love between sisters and family and that's what we're so proud of; that it's not based on [romance]." She did tease that fans might see some "undercurrent of something," or that this might be a story explored in future chapters of Elsa's saga, but insisted "she's just really not in that place right now." Bell joined Menzel for the interview, and agreed with the internet's sentiment that Elsa might be gay after seeing the first film. But she said she came away with an even stronger revelation: "It's none of my business." While she applauds representation, Bell also sees value in the fact that Elsa's love life is just nobody's business but her own, and it's okay to not think about it or worry about it so long as she isn't. "If she's not there yet, you literally don't need to think about it.

It doesn't affect you," Bell insisted. "The better, broader message is that's not our concern, that Elsa's choice and she'll make it when she's ready," Bell continued. And if it doesn't happen in this movie, we're pretty sure fans won't mind a "Frozen 3" or 4 or more! Menzel and Bell are joined by returning and new castmembers including Jonathan Groff, Josh Gad, Santino Fontana, Evan Rachel Wood, Sterling K. Brown, Jason Ritter, Jeremy Sisto, Alfred Molina, Martha Plimpton and Alan Tudyk in "Frozen II," storming into theaters on November 22. Got a story or a tip for us? Email TooFab editors at [email protected] View Photos Getty "Frozen" actress Idina Menzel finally addressed rumors that Elsa will be romantically involved with a new female character in "Frozen 2." Since reports of a new female character joining the cast of "Frozen 2" came out, there have been rumors that Elsa might come out as gay in the upcoming sequel. "Frozen" was one of Disney's biggest hits in 2014. It featured Idina Menzel as Elsa and Kristen Bell as Anna, two sisters who had to live by themselves after their parents met a fatal accident when they were young. While the life of Elsa did not revolve around searching for his prince charming, the film ended with Elsa and Anna finding true love in each other. With sisterhood being the main theme of the first film, many have been wondering if the involvement of a new female character means Elsa will fall in love with a woman in the sequel. This possible twist has earned mixed reactions from fans and has been a hot topic on social media in recent months. Speaking at SiriusXM on Nov. 14 with Bell, Menzel shut down rumors that Elsa might turn out to be a gay in "Frozen 2." According to the actress, the sequel will continue to concentrate on Elsa and Anna's unconditional love for each other. "I think that that's not what they're focusing on, that Elsa's never been focused on romantic love in her life," she said. "She's just always on this search for who she is as a person and her finding this love for herself. The whole movie, in fact, we concentrate on this unconditional love between sisters and family and that's what we're so proud of--that it's not based on that romantic love," she explained. While she clarified that Elsa would not end up with a woman in "Frozen 2," she teased that it doesn't mean viewers will never see that or some undercurrent happen. "She's just really not in that place right now… It's not there yet," she said. Menzel teased that another male character is joining the cast of "Frozen 2," so Elsa will get to "choose whatever she wants to choose." Frozen/Facebook