20 December 2020 12:32

Gavin & Stacey James Corden Christmas Special

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"I just started to feel I was in slow motion all the time," she said in an interview with Wales Online. "I just had no energy. I'd get out of bed, load the washing machine, and then be so drained I'd have to sit around staring into space for the rest of the day." Joanna added: "And I was continually freezing cold. I'd have the central heating on full blast, be wearing three layers of clothing including thermals, and my husband James would have to walk around in shorts because it was so hot in the house." Husband, Emmerdale actor James Thornton, 45, eventually persuaded her to go to the doctor. READ MORE: Simon Gregson health: Coronation street star's 'bl***y awful' coronavirus symptom LONDON, ENGLAND - JANUARY 28: Mathew Horne, Joanna Page and Alison Steadman accepting an Award for Gavin and Stacey, Christmas Special, at the National Television Awards 2020 at The O2 Arena on January 28, 2020 in London, England.

gavin & stacey

(Photo by Dave J Hogan/Getty Images) Gavin and Stacey stars Joanna Page and Mathew Horne have revealed that they kissed the first time they met, with Page admitting they are "like husband and wife". The pair became huge stars when they were cast in the title roles of the BBC sitcom and said the chemistry was there from their very first audition together. In an interview with The Telegraph, Page said: "I kissed Mat on our first meeting back in 2006. Or Stacey kissed Gavin," adding: "It wasn't like a full-on snog or anything." Read more: Gavin and Stacey stars back together for Christmas reunion Horne said: "I've done auditions before where that was meant to happen and there is always that tentative moment when you think, 'Are we going to do it or not?' But this time, I distinctly remember we just did it." Watch: Ruth Jones threatens to leave Gavin and Stacey on Christmas cliffhanger The actor and comedian added that he thought it gave them great believability as a couple because it felt so natural. Page and Horne have stayed close friends and Page said that she viewed Horne as her male best friend, brother...and also something more.

gavin & stacey

She said: "We are sort of like husband and wife. We've got our own partners in the real world, but on telly, even though I've had loads of different husbands and partners in various shows, Mat is the one I clicked with the most." Read more: Ruth Jones on rumour she wrote more Gavin and Stacey in lockdown Page also shared that the show's co-creator Ruth Jones, who played Stacey's best friend Nessa, had to ask her to stop trying to do a Cardiff accent in the audition. The actor, from Swansea, said she had little idea of what a Cardiff accent should sound like and made a guess at it, but that Jones took her out of the audition half way through and said: "Just stop doing it." Page and Horne will reunite for Christmas Day with Joanna Page and Mathew Horne, a pre-recorded show which will air on BBC Radio Wales on Christmas Day. Watch: Find out how Gavin and Stacey are coping with lockdown That evening we were spotted by fans while we were having a drink. (Thank God the pictures weren't taken later on in the evening because Wales wasn't in lockdown at the time, and it was a very good evening, especially after the year everyone has had.) When the first lockdown was announced, a lot of my work was postponed, including a BBC series I was working on at the time. The release of Dream Horse, a film I'd made with Damian Lewis and Toni Collette, was also delayed until 2021.

And, on top of all that, I've been homeschooling my three children [aged four to seven] for so many months, which was just exhausting. I can't do seven year-old maths. In the autumn, I was given a Sunday morning radio show on BBC Wales, which was brilliant. I was in a panic about it before I started, and the first person I rang for advice on presenting was Mat, as he'd had a show of his own on BBC 6 Music. As always, he calmed me down. And now we've presented the Christmas Day special together. I'm an only child, so Mat is not just my best male friend, he is like a brother to me – someone I can confide in and talk to in a way I can't with others. I can tell him absolutely anything. Joanna has also appeared in The Cazalets, Love Actually and The Syndicate. She lives in Oxfordshire with her husband James Thornton, an actor, and their three children Mathew At the audition for Gavin & Stacey, I was slightly intimidated by Jo when she walked in. My route into being an actor had been as a stand-up comedian in a double act in my early 20s, while Jo was not only formally trained, but went to Rada. Somehow, though, it just seemed to work. Finding an unquantifiable chemistry between actors is a total lottery and is actually quite rare, but I felt it right from that first audition with Jo. I knew she was going to be Stacey, though I didn't know definitely at that point that I was going to be Gavin. The producers were quite cruel because in one of the scenes they made us read, the characters had to kiss. I've done auditions before where that was meant to happen and there is always that tentative moment when you think, 'Are we going to do it or not?' But this time, I distinctly remember we just did it. It felt very natural and that gave us a great believability as a couple. As characters, Gavin and Stacey are the glue in the series that brings two families – and two countries – together. If you don't have Gavin and Stacey, you don't have everybody else. And that brought Jo and I closer and has made us such enduring friends. Those two characters will be on our epitaphs. And whether I like it or not, my career is defined by that role. The same is true for her. So, this shared history is part of our friendship. Not just acting in a show, but everything that came, and still comes, with the success of that show, including the public's affection. (You wouldn't believe the various body parts that people have asked me to autograph!) That shared connection is unique to me and her, and it has created a bond where we can tell each other anything. We can be very open and honest and candid with each other.