15 December 2019 16:40

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SNOW returns with Britain plunged into -2C deep freeze this weekend as Met Office warns of hail and sleet

SNOW is set to sweep into Britain again as subzero temperatures plunge the nation into a deep freeze this weekend. The Met Office has warned heavy rain hail and sleet are also set to lash parts of the UK, according to the latest weather forecast. 7 An area of low pressure sweeping across Britain will bring a cold front causing wintry downpours this upcoming weekend This chart shows a band of rain that is forecast to sweep across much of England this evening, with snow creeping up to Scotland behind it ahead of a wintry day on Saturday WX Charts 7 Britain will plunge into the deep freeze once again this weekend as icy blue and light yellow colours return to the weather map, which shows the scene on Sunday morning Despite warm air from the Atlantic bringing toasty temperatures as high as 18C in some areas yesterday, it's a chilly outlook for the next few days. "It'll actually be bit colder than that on Saturday night with -1C or -2C in parts of northern England and the Scottish borders and possibly the same on Monday night." Later on Friday however that wind and rain does clear southwards — that heavy rain does push into northern England followed by northern and western Wales Aiden McGivern Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern said an area of low pressure moving in will be bring a cold front on Friday morning. He added: "This will bring a wet spell of weather for northern and western Scotland in particular an inch or two over the hills.

"Later on Friday however that wind and rain does clear southwards — that heavy rain does push into northern England followed by northern and western Wales." "By Saturday we are still talking about that cold front: it's lingering, it's slow moving at this stage, so a damp start to the weekend for southern counties in England. "Those showers — rain, hail, sleet and hill snow — so quite lively conditions in the far north of Scotland and feeling quite cold where this occurs. Met Office meteorologist Sarah Kent said: "We have got a cold front sinking southwards on Friday which as well as bringing temperatures will bring widespread rain. 7 Today will see a band of rain moving south, followed by colder air flowing in bringing sleet and snow to parts of Scotland. 7 Temperatures will stay in the double figures in many parts of the South East today, before the colder air from the North comes in.

7 Northern and Western parts of Scotland will already feel the colder air sweeping in at 3pm BBC Weather has forecast falling temperatures across Britain to start this weekend as an area of low pressure pushes out the warm conditions and welcomes back the chilly winter weather. BBC Weather forecaster Simon King said: "Over the weekend it will be cooler with temperatures coming down particularly for England and Wales." "For the weekend, just a heads up, that rain quickly clears the southeast and for southern areas, there will be a lot of dry weather and a fair bit of cloud, some sunny spells. BRITAIN is set to be hit by freezing snow this weekend – and maps show where they will strike. But it is expected to drop in temperature before that with Weather Outlook maps showing where in the UK snow will hit this weekend. The west of Scotland will be hit by snow overnight and into Saturday morning, according to Weather Outlook maps.

COLD: Snow will hit Scotland at 6am on Saturday morning (Pic: WEATHER OUTLOOK) "Quite a widespread frost to start your Sunday morning" Sarah Keith-Lucas Then the wintry showers will strike as low south as Cumbria in the north of England. BBC weather forecaster Sarah Keith-Lucas confirmed Saturday morning will have a chilly start. "For Saturday, it will be sunnier skies for much of the UK but some sleet and snow showers pushing in across parts of Scotland and it will feel rather cool at around 10 to 12 degrees. SHOWERS: By 3pm on Saturday there will even be snow as far south as Cumbria (Pic: WEATHER OUTLOOK) CHILLY: By 6am on Sunday it will be frosty for many with snow still in Scotland (Pic: WEATHER OUTLOOK) And the Met Office confirmed colder temperatures are forecast into the weekend. "After a peak in temperatures during the middle of the week we will see Polar maritime air bringing lower temperatures." The Met Office weather outlook for Saturday to Monday, adds: "Patchy rain in the south clearing Saturday, with some blustery showers in the north.

SOAKING: The snow will turn to rain in most areas on Sunday at 3pm (Pic: WEATHER OUTLOOK) Met Office issues snow warning as Storm Freya brings wintry conditions to northern parts of the UK. A yellow National Severe Weather warning for snow has been issued by the Met Office, covering parts of northern England and southern Scotland. Met Office Chief Meteorologist Dan Suri, said: "As Storm Freya continues to track eastwards tonight, rain will turn to snow over higher ground in some northern parts of England and southern Scotland. "Temperatures will lower in some places tonight as Storm Freya clears into the North Sea," continued Dan, "This means icy patches are likely to form overnight leading to tricky driving conditions for some tomorrow morning." Storm Freya brought winds speeds of 50-60mph widely across England and Wales on Sunday, with severe gales along exposed coasts. Looking ahead to next week, Deputy Chief Meteorologist Jason Kelly, said: "As Storm Freya moves into the North Sea on Monday so too will the strongest winds.

The Met Office has issued three yellow weather warnings as a powerful storm bears down on the UK. Gusts of up to 80mph are set to lash Northern Ireland on Tuesday night before Storm Gareth moves eastwards to southwest Scotland and much of England and Wales. Storm Gareth, caused by a deep area of low pressure, was named on Monday by Irish forecaster Met Eireann. Yellow weather warnings for wind are scheduled remain in place until noon on Wednesday for Northern Ireland and Scotland, and until 3pm for England and Wales. A yellow warning for rain in northwest England has been issued until 10am on Friday, with between 50mm and 60mm rainfall forecast for higher ground in Cumbria. Temperatures will be near average for the time of year but it will often feel colder due to the strong winds, the Met Office said.