26 March 2020 20:35


GOAT Nike Air Max Day 2020 Celebration

In honor of Air Max Day, GOAT has hidden multiple pairs of sneakers throughout the app for only $3.26 USD. Located in multiple collections from GOAT's in-app Sneakers homepage are the new Nike Air Max 2090 "Pure Platinum" in both men's and women's sizing, as well as 13 pairs of Air Max 90s from over the years. The deal is available only as long as supplies last, so get hunting. The GOAT Air Max Day in-app challenge launches March 26 at 11 a.m. EST. GOAT is available to download on Apple's app store.

While you're here, check out the sneakers HYPEBAE editors are wearing in honor of Air Max Day. Nike's Air Max Day is cause for celebration, so GOAT is throwing a soriee full of discout and deals with its 2020 Air Max Day challenge. Simultaneously saluting the new Air Max 2090 and the 30th anniversary of the Air Max 90, select styles of each silhouette will be available on the GOAT app for a mere $3.26 USD while supplies last. These offerings range from the Air Max 2090 "Pure Platinum" to some of the most memorable Air Max 90 colorways of all time, but securing a pair at such a steep discount isn't as easy as just going to the GOAT app and copping one. You've got to dig: pairs are hidden thorough the GOAT Sneakers homepage, and will require some sleuthing to unearth. There's a limited stock of each style, and when they're gone, they're gone — deals this good don't stick around for long.

Head to the GOAT app to try your luck now until 11:59 PM EST, see the post below for full details, and if you're looking for Maxes of another variety, GOAT has also carefully curated a selection of its favorite Air Max styles both past and present. For more Air Max news, be sure to check out Nike's 'The Story of Air Max: 90-2090' documentary, which traces the lineage of the Air Max 2090 back to the Air Max 90. When I was a kid, my dad used to stay up late the night before my birthday and put together a little cluster of clues as a scavenger hunt for the next day. I would wake up and burst out of bed eagerly anticipating the printed-out notes taped haphazardly to the bathroom doorknob or hallway closet handle, each including some hyper-specific image meant to make me laugh, like a group of men in full peacock regalia congregating by the Pitti Uomo wall, along with a barely-rhyming limerick my dear old pops cooked up indicating where in the house I should head to next. I'm not going to lie, in my rush to gather any and all gifts I would sometimes skip the clues altogether and head straight to the spots I thought were most likely to hide a present, doubling back after I looked over my haul to read the clues in their entirety.

Mea culpa, Pops. I never deserved you. The Air Max 2090 'Pure Platinum.' Well, the good people at GOAT have been cooking up a scavenger hunt of their own to help you get your hands on the latest Air Max Day releases. Ever since 2014, Nike's been celebrating the debut of one of its most beloved sneaker lines with a dedicated holiday each March 26, and this time around GOAT's getting in on the action. If you're a lazy boi like me, fret not: GOAT's in-app scavenger hunt is fairly straightforward.

Starting at 11 AM on March 26 (that's today, in case you were wondering), all you need to do is download the platform's official app, create a user ID, and then search through the Sneakers homepage to track down one of the pairs hidden within the store, including the new Air Max 2090 'Pure Platinum' and 14 additional Air Max 90s, all priced at $3.26. GOAT really out here living up to its name, huh? Happy Air Max Day, folks. And shoutout to our dads, the real GOATs here. It's Air Max Day! To celebrate 30 years of the iconic Air Max, GOAT is offering the new Air Max 2090 "Pure Platinum", WMNS Air Max 2090 "Pure Platinum" and 13 additional Air Max 90s, each for $3.26 while supplies last. Advertisment Beginning on Thursday, March 26th at 8AM PT, the sneakers will be hidden throughout multiple collections from GOAT's Sneakers homepage and will only be accessible through the GOAT app. In addition to the new Air Max 2090 styles, GOAT will offer a selection of various Air Max 90s from over the years for $3.26 each. Check out the new Air Max 2090 and celebrate 30 years of Air Max with GOAT by clicking here. Arsenal legend Nicklas Bendtner weighed into CR7 versus Messi debate by declaring: 'neither of them could lace Lord Bendtner's boots'. Read More: Paddy's Hall of Fame Top 10: Punter Cleans Up With 60,800/1 Acca Viagra legend Pele revived the age-old discussion during an interview with YouTube channel Pilhado today. In an illustrious career, the Brazilian won three World Cups and bagged 1,281 goals – although 600 of those were scored during training. The 79-year-old set tongues wagging when he plumped for Ronaldo ahead of his Argentinian counterpart. 'It's a tough call but if I had to pick one, I'd go for that shy retiring lad Ronaldo'. When asked if his decision was swayed by South American rivalry, Pele replied: 'No, it has nothing to do with Messi being an Argie b*stard at all'. Don't Miss: Paddy's Guide to Any Sport That Hasn't Been Cancelled 5 Footballers Who Were So Good They Didn't Need To Train Paddy's Hall of Fame: Punter wins £80,000 off £2 Racing Acca However, when comparing the duo to the greats of the past, the Brazilian was in no doubt who was the greatest of all: '1281 goals mate. Three World Cups. 10,000 keepy-ups in one day – without Viagra'. But now, former Rosenborg striker Nicklas Bendtner has weighed into the debate by declaring: 'I'm the GOAT'. Bendtner, who has scored 30 goals in 81 international appearances, is viewed as a god in Denmark – and not just by himself. The man who scored an eye-watering 5 goals in one Bundesliga season claims not only is he the greatest of all time, he's better than Messi, Ronaldo and Pele combined!!! 'I have more skill than Messi, score more goals than Cristiano and can maintain an erection longer than Pele', scoffed the 32-year-old. When asked if he thought he was better than Maradona too, Bendtner replied: 'Never heard of her'. However, not everyone shared the Dane's opinion. Bendtner's former manager Arsene Wenger knows a thing or two about crap players having signed the majority of them. 'On a scale of 1 to Francis Jeffers, Nicklas was a 9'. 'I'd like to say I can't believe he said that but I'd be lying'. 'In fact, this might be the stupidest thing he's done since he dropped his shorts at the Euros to reveal the name of a certain bookmaker', said the Frenchman while struggling to zip up his coat.