23 March 2020 16:31

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Hospitality Action has launched a one-off emergency Covid-19 grant scheme of £250 per household to support eligible hospitality workers experiencing financial issues due to coronavirus. Applications to receive the grant can be submitted on Hospitality Action's website - which also provides a 24/7 helpline - and aims to reach as many people as the fund allows. To be eligible workers must be currently working within the UK hospitality industry or have worked in the industry within the last month and have savings of less than £1,000 per person or £2,000 per couple. As this is an emergency grant, Hospitality Action has waived the standard criteria for applications, so even if workers have applied for grants in the last two years, they are still eligible to apply. Applications which meet the criteria will be processed on a "first come first served basis" and grants will be paid the next working day, after being approved.

The grant is eligible to both employees and those who are self-employed – for example chefs and owners of independent hospitality business – as well as those who work on a casual or freelance basis. Demand for the grant is already high and it is anticipated that funds will quickly run out so workers are urged to apply with all relevant supporting documents as soon as possible. Hospitality Action was established in 1837 and offers vital assistance to people who work or have worked in the UK hospitality industry. Hospitality workers can apply for a one-off grant of £250 per household to help them at this time of need. Applicants must be working within the UK hospitality industry or have worked in the industry within the last month.

They will also need a full month's bank statement and evidence from their employer that their job has been ended or their working hours have been reduced. They must also have savings of less than £1,000 per person or £2,000 for a family or couple. The charity says it does not take into account any income people receive from state benefits. Anyone looking to submit an application can do so via the charity's website. Applications will be considered from the 23 March 2020 and the grant scheme will be paid out from the 27 March until funds are exhausted. To apply for the grant, you can fill in an online application here​​