29 July 2020 08:30


Grounded enjoys solid opening day with large viewership on Twitch, is the best selling game on Steam

Update, July 28, 2020 (4 pm CT): Grounded has now taken the top of the sales charts on Steam, making it the best-selling game in the world currently. While Grounded continues to rise in views on Twitch, maintaining a strong second position, it is dominating the sales charts on Steam, taking the first spot on the best-selling chart. Steam being the largest single platform for purchasing games, it's not that much of a stretch to call Grounded the current best-seller in the world, which is incredible given Grounded's early access and relatively modest ambitions. Grounded appears to be making the most of its debut into Early Access and Game Preview, and is busy hoarding views on Twitch and other streaming platforms. Despite only being out for a few hours now, Grounded has already surpassed heavy hitters like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and even Minecraft for concurrent views, which is a seriously impressive feat for a game developed by a small team at Obsidian Entertainment.

If Grounded continues to grow in views, it could very well surpass the top categories on all of Twitch, including Fortnite (the long time champion). It'll be interesting to see if Grounded can keep this momentum up as it continues on to release. If you're interested, you can check out Grounded starting right now, as part of the Xbox Game Preview program. It's even included in Xbox Game Pass! Are you catching Grounded in a Twitch stream?

In Obsidian's new survival game Grounded, you play as shrunken down kids lost in their own backyard. Because you're so small, everything else seems way bigger by comparison. Spiders are no exception to this rule, and people with arachnophobia might not want to play Grounded because of that. Obsidian thought ahead though, because Grounded features an arachnophobia safe mode in its settings that allows you to customize the appearance of the giant spiders to make the experience more enjoyable. What is the Arachnophobia Safe Mode Setting in Grounded?

Grounded's arachnophobia safe mode alters the appearance of the giant spiders to make the game more palatable for those with a deep fear of spiders. The arachnophobia mode does not affect gameplay in any way; the spiders will still be just as deadly. It also only affects your game, so your friends will still see the spiders in all their horrific glory if you play Grounded multiplayer with friends. How to Use Arachnophobia Safe Mode To turn on Grounded's arachnophobia mode, pause the game and enter the options menu. Navigate to the Accessibility tab on the far right and the arachnophobia safe mode slider should be the first option on the list.

It operates on a scale from one to five, and you can even see a visual representation of what the spiders will look like on the right-hand side of the screen. If you have arachnophobia then why would you even want to see a preview of what the spiders look like when you're adjusting the arachnophobia setting? Thankfully, Obsidian thought this through, so you don't have to look at the preview spider until you press a specific button to see it. You never have to lay your eyes on a single spider if you're not comfortable doing so. The reveal of Obsidian's Grounded came as a shock to fans of the studio's classic RPG games, but despite that it seems there's plenty of interest.

Grounded launched into Early Access today, and it's already hit the top of the Steam best-sellers list and near the peak of the Twitch charts. The Honey, I Shrunk the Kids take on survival games has a long way to go yet, but the early response is promising. Grounded has been perched atop the Steam Top Sellers ranking all day, ahead of other new and recent releases like Destroy All Humans, Othercide, Death Stranding, and Sea of Thieves. The game hit a concurrent player peak of 12,543, as SteamDB shows. That's comparable to the day one Steam numbers for Sea of Thieves, and it doesn't even count the players who've jumped in through the Windows Store or Game Pass. Twitch fans have also been extremely interested, and Grounded has hovered above 200,00 viewers since launch. If you've missed it so far, you can get a look at Grounded in the trailer below. It looks like the experiment of Grounded is going to pay off, however. After completing Grounded's limited story content, you'll meet the lovable robot BURG.L, who will serve as your mission giver until there's a new story update. BURG.L offers three missions each day that reward Raw Science upon completion. Raw Science is an important currency in Grounded, so it's important to visit your robot buddy every day to grab your set of daily objectives. Some of these missions task you with completing a marker at a certain location, but there's no way to see where the location is on your map unless you've already been there. One of these Grounded missions asks you to complete a marker at Great Oak Beacon, which is actually closer to the Oak Lab than you might think. Great Oak Beacon Location Great Oak Beacon is located just outside of the big oak tree. Despite the fancy name, the Great Oak Beacon is actually just the garden lantern that you probably passed on the way to the Oak Lab. If you can't find it, it's on the side of the oak tree that faces the Mysterious Machine and the lasers. You can also head to the location on the map below if you're struggling to locate the Great Oak Beacon. The marker location is on top of the lantern, and there's an easy way to climb up. The marker location is on the corner of the lantern. Walk up to the highlighted area and construct a Trail Marker to complete the quest. You will need the required materials to construct the marker, but it doesn't require any rare items. After building the marker, you'll be done with the mission! The Great Oak Beacon mission is just one of the daily missions in Grounded, but most of them will involve either scouting a location like this one or killing a certain number of enemies. After you get the Mysterious Machine up and running in Grounded, you will witness an explosion near the Oak Tree on the far side of the map. This is tough, as there are many spiders in the area, and they will kill you very quickly. Thankfully, there is a place that will allow you to enter the area, you just need to make your way to a specific place on the map, shown above. Here, you will find a long tree root that runs from the Oat Tree to the edge of the grass, and you can run along it, bypassing the vast majority of the spiders in the area. Head inside to find the Oat Tree Lab. Venture down the hallway, and you will come to a room with two locked doors. You need to turn all the six buttons green, then open the door by flicking the switch. Unfortunately, there is no way to reset the buttons, so we cannot tell you exactly what order to hit them in to open the door. When the door opens, a small robot will attack you, and you can easily defeat it.